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DarkWatch Potter

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This came from an idea I read where Umbridge had sent Harry and Hermione through the 'Veil of Death' and they appeared in the 'Old West' This is a cross with the game 'Darkwatch' and what happened ...

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DarkWatch Potter

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter or DarkWatch. As a matter of fact the idea came from a guy who had done a story where Harry and Hermione had been thrown in to the Veil by Umbridge.

In the Veil room at the Department of Mysteries, Deloris Umbridge had pushed Hermione in to a Veil and as she went through Harry followed her in. “YES, I got rid of that damned lying brat!” She said, just then she was hit in the back and was knocked down. Just then everyone looked to see where the shots came from. Sirius had seen them; they were dressed in long dusters and boots. The male was dressed in jeans, chaps, a shirt and Stetson hat.

Both had badges on their right pec, holsters on their hips. The male had a Modified S&W 500 in his right hand while the other one was still holstered. The female was in a black bodysuit and a Lady Stetson hat she also had twin modified S&W 500 holstered she knew the male had everything under control. “Don’t you know who I am?” Said Umbridge, “I am Undersectary Deloris Jane Umbri-!”


The bullet barely missed her grazing her cheek, “and I’m the head of DarkWatch.” He said as he slowly lifted his hand to his hat to lift it up. To reveal just who he was, “the one you sent through the Veil. Harry James Potter.” He slowly started to walk through the room. He nodded to the woman that was with him. “That’s my wife, the one you set this trap for.” She lifted her hat revealing, “Hermione Jane Potter nee Granger,” she grinned to them.

“Hello all,” she said.

“I can’t believe it,” said Sirius. “I thought I had failed you pup.” Just then Lucius had got up and was about to attack them when Hermione fired on him putting a bullet in to his wand arm, making him drop it. Then Bella was about to attack them when he fired on her clipping her leg. Then he twirled the gun and holstered it.

“Don’t call him ‘Quick Gun’ for nothing.” Said Hermione.

“What happened?” Asked Remus.

“We'll explain later, but first we better go and help the others.” Said Harry that was when Voldermort had showed up. “Before Tommy shows up,” he sighed. “Alright let’s do this Tommy, before…”

“I’m here, Tom!” Said Dumbledore.

“Crap,” as Harry face-palmed. “Here we go, what the hell are you doing here old man?” Dumbledore looked over and saw Harry and Hermione.

“Harry what are you doing here?”

“I just asked you the same thing Dumbledore.”

“That's Professor…”

“We’re almost the same age,” said Hermione. Then she started to kiss Harry on the lips. “But we look better.”

“Albus,” started Harry. “Why don’t you step aside and let us handle it.” Voldermort just roared in laughter.

“You? Handle it? Boy, you cannot defeat me!” Harry just looked at the ‘Dark Lord’ and quick drew on him. Voldermort’s black heart went right out of his chest and his blood splattered on to Lucius Malfoy. Harry twirled his gun and put it away. “You… actually … SHOT ME!”

“Yeah I did, with that your horcruxi are destroyed and you and your followers are going to die. Darling, finish him.”

“But, Harry…” started Dumbledore.

“Oh come on Al, you and I both know that she was a whack nut job.” He pulled out the prophecy orb and smashed it. The prophecy was revealed to everyone, “the only thing she got right was my birthdate. Prove it, darlin’!” Hermione pulled out one of her guns and blew Tom Riddle’s face off. Then the Death Eaters started to die. Harry walked over to Lucius and put a bullet in his face.

“Now it’s done, if you excuse us. My parents had invited us to the manor for dinner. Oh yeah Fudge, that’s the body of Tom Riddle by the way.”

“POTTER you are hereby under arrest…” He started, and then they pointed to their badges.

“We don’t answer to you,” he said. “We answer to Madame Bones and the Queen herself.” With that they were about to leave when Sirius, Remus and Tonks caught up with them. The rest of the group left as well, leaving Dumbledore to think about what happened.


Note: I'm sorry I meant to say it is loosely inspired by the DarkWatch' game. Meaning the only thing that's from the game is the 'Immortal Western Gunslinger that joined the group' or in this case, leads the group.
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