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All the info on my killjoy,just in case you want me in all ya killjoy fics.

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So,here is the info y'all will need if you want me in any of your killjoy fics.

Killjoy Name - Syanide Skull.
Real name - Sadie Hobbs.
Hair - Shoulder length,brown with dark blue tips.
Eyes - Dark green.
Eyeliner? - Yep.My eyeliner looks like Andy Biersack's makeup from the Fallen Angels video by Black Veil Brides.
Peircings? - Aw hell no! Fear of needles.
Scars - Self harm ones from my elbow to my wrists,that are slightly healing.
Clothing - Party Poison's jacket,but red and black.Ripped,black skinny jeans and black boots that go up near my kneecap.My mask is a skeleton eye mask,and my gun is pure white with black streaks.
How long have I been a Killjoy - 7 months.I'm self trained too,if you count black ops..
Opinion on Killjoys - They are my family now.
Opinion on BL/ind - Evil mother fuckers.Gonna kill 'em all!
Which killjoy do you wanna be paired with the most? - Gerard.But,in Christy's fic he's taken.So,I'll go for Mikey.Or..I could do a killjoy bio thing for my second band member crush Andy Biersack..Yeah,I'll do that.Just for Christy's fic.
History/Background - Well.I saw my family die right in front of me,in Blind's radiation chambers.My mother,my father and my brother.Blind had captured me,along with my family,because we disobeyed their commands in Battery City.Then,the killjoys saved me and you get the rest..blah blah..fell for Party Poison (but for Christy's fic it'll be Andy..)..blah blah you get the rest.

Now,for Andy.

Killjoy Name - Fallen Angel. (came from the song 'Fallen Angels')
Real Name - Andy Biersack.
Hair - Black,looks like he did in the video for Fallen Angels.
Eyes - Blue,light with a hint of dark blue.
Eyeliner - his make up from the video for In The End (also by BVB.)
Peircings - a lip piercing,which is silver.
Scars - not that I know of..
Clothing - his clothing from the Wretched and Divine era.
How long has he been a killjoy - 8 months.Self trained too.
his Opinion on Killjoys - They're awesome,he thinks.
his Opinion on BL/ind - They killed his family,and he swears revenge.
Which killjoy does he wanna be paired with the most? - well for Christy's fic,it'll be me,but if you want Andy in other Killjoy fics he can be with who ever you want.
History/Background - Same as mine.

Yeah,so that's it.

Also,thank you all for caring about me.
I'm not gonna do it.
I managed to get my music back,since my phone is now fully charged and I listened to my music and it is all smileys!

So,that's all!

xo Cupcake
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