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“Why don't you love me like I love you?” - Slash/Duff

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Duff winced when rough lips ran down his neck, biting softly on his collarbone all while trying to rid his body of his Ramones t-shirt. He tried to push the stronger body away from his but he wasn't having any success, the lead guitarist pinned his body further into the wall.

Duff begged and pleaded, breathing in sharply when a hand started stroking and cupping him through his trousers. Fingers ran over the front, trying to wake up the member inside. Hands ran back up his chest and moved through his long hair.

“P-Please stop....I don't want this.”

A slow, menacing chuckle came from his neck, and it made his blood run cold. The bass player tried to bat away the exploring hands but didn't manage to dodge the persistent man. Slash fought off his hands, continuing to touch him, whispering what he wanted to do to the blonde in his ear. Teeth grasped the lobe, sucking like it was candy.

Duff bit the lip, drawing blood, trying to yank himself away from the shorter man. He didn't want it, never wanted this, he didn't know what happened to his friend. He had never seen this side to Slash, he saw the caring, gentle kind that he loved like an older brother.

“C'mon,” Slash mumbled, tongue running along his lip.

“Come play. It wont hurt as much if you would.”

The guitarist looked up at Duff, smiling at him, lust and persistence in his eyes before he leaned forward and mashed their lips together. Duff refused, trying to pull his lips and head away from the unwelcoming guest in his mouth. But, like he sensed this, Slash's hands came up and he held Duff's head in his hands, forcing his tongue back into the blondes mouth.

Hands cupped his face and a leg wedged between his thighs and when Duff refused to spread, Slash's hands grasped them and forced them apart. He whined in pain when finger nails dug into his skin, and his tongue explored his mouth.

Duff whimpered in pain as teeth and nails dug into his skin and bottom lip, Slash trying to get a reaction from Duff but the blonde still refused to join in. He didn't want Slash to do this. Finally, Slash pulled back and Duff fell against the wall, hitting his head.

But then he felt a hand running down his chest again, and Duff, judging by Slash's lusty look, knew things were going to get worse. So he just shut his eyes and replaced Slash with the cute girl from the local bar he met a week earlier.

Slash's fingers lowered Duff's zipper on his leather trousers, struggling with the laces that held them together. Duff pleaded with Slash again, feeling like all the air had been sucked away from his lungs. Slash's hand dove into his trousers, passing the barrier of his underwear and started pumping him. Duff tried over and over to get Slash to stop but it was like fighting a lion.

The more exited Slash got, the stronger he became and the more Duff fought the weaker he got. Duff felt hot breath on his face, and his body began to shake as Slash's touches caused butterflies to flutter in his stomach. He didn't want this, but somehow his body began to respond to him.

Slash's lips planted kisses on his nose and chin, trying to coax him out of his shell,” You know you want release, just give in, Duffy.”

“Fuck you!”

Slash smirked and grabbed Duff's hand, leading him to the closest bedroom which happened to be Steven's. Kicking the door shut, Slash pushed Duff onto the bed before he crawled on top of him. Duff tried to shove him off again, but the brunette grabbed his wrists and pinned them above his head. Ripping open Duff's shirt, Slash started kissing down his chest, tongue flicking out to circle his navel.

The wet tongue got lower before Slash yanked down his trousers, licking his lips before opening his mouth and leaning down, taking Duff into his mouth. Duff gasped when he felt warmness and Slash's tongue surround him.

But he still felt sick, still wanted this to stop. He felt violated and all he wanted was to be in the safeness of his own bed by himself. Looking down, he saw Slash's dark curls covering his stomach as he bobbed his head, determined to bring Duff to release.

“Slash, please get off of me.” He moaned, already knowing that it was no use.

Slash's mouth kept on satisfying his unwanted needs and he felt his body shake a few minutes later before he exploded, unleashing into Slash's willing, open mouth. He bit his tongue to keep himself quiet, but he saw stars in front of his eyes, and felt tired.

He looked up at the guitarist straddling his waist, no remorse in his eyes but they were lit up with child-like amusement. Sucking in breath as Slash leaned down, Duff quickly looked at the bruises that were forming on his pale arms. He knew that if he didn't take part, Slash would become rougher.

Unwillingly opening his mouth, Duff accepted the tongue that met his, sliding around his like a snake. Arms locked around his neck, and Duff kept still, not knowing what to do.

Slash didn't say a word, but he continued to let Slash do what he wanted with him. He didn't want this, but there was no-one in the house to save him. For the first time he was scared of Slash, scared of what he could do to him.

Slash pulled back, the normal Slash looking down at Duff and the blonde let out a sigh of relief.

“Why don't you love me like I love you?” Slash whispered, rubbing against him slowly.

Duff turned his head, his cheek resting against the softness of the bedding. Slash's lips moved down his cheek to his neck, lips closing over his lobe. His breathing hitched when teeth bit down harshly and a hand roamed down his chest again. Brown eyes looked down at him again before Slash gave him a sad smile.

“Why do you have to make me hurt you?”

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