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I Can't Go On Without Your Love,You Lost You Never Held On

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You promised to stay. You promised.

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I Can't Go On Without Your Love,You Lost,You Never Held On

Do you remember the first time we met?
That hot,summer's day in the park?
You were sat under the tree,I was on the swing?
Don't you remember?

How about when you first talked to me?
Don't you remember that?
We talked about our life,our hobbies?
You promised to meet me again,remember?

Do you know,how long I had waited for you?
How long I was in that one same place?
You never showed.

But,you said your reason why,and I forgave you.
Of course I would,you knew that.

I still remember when you said you loved me.
Three weeks after we had met.
In that same place,at the same time.
You promised you'd stay around forever,remember?

Of course you don't remember.
Because you never did stay.
You slipped right from my grasp.
You died.

Yet,I still wait for you.

Okay,so I got the title for this poem from Knives And Pens by Black Veil Brides.I was going to use it as a oneshot,but when I read that line,which is the title,I got to thinking about making it into a poem.I will do my oneshots today,don't you worry.I'll also update on My Heart Attack In Black Hair Dye and They'll Tear Us Apart If You Give Them The Chance,that is,if I can think of an idea for that chapter.I don't know,we'll see.
Also,I'm thinking of re-writing one of my old fics on here,and changing it..should I?
Anywho,rate and review guys! bye!

xo Sadie ;)
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