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Misery Loves Company

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Patrick has no friends, Pete is new. Eventual Peterick

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I let out a pain induced groan as my body is pushed onto the floor, my stack of books flying around me, on hitting my chest.

“Watch where you’re going, Patty.” Jacob sneers.

I roll my eyes and sit up, adjusting my glasses.

“If you’re going for “strong and silent” you’re missing the first one.” He smirks and kicks one of my books across the hall, not doing much damage than bending a few of the pages.

I look up at him with a bored expression. It isn’t that I can’t talk, I just see no reason to say anything. If I tell them to quit, they’ll laugh and continue. If I tell them to fuck off, I’ll probably get hurt. I begin gathering my books before heading off to class as they comment on my weight. Good for them, they know the difference between skinny and fat. I sit in my desk and straighten out the pages in my literacy book as the teacher walks in, giving me a sympathetic look, that frankly, she can shove up her ass. I don’t need her sympathy. I’d be a lot happier if she actually did something besides talking to me in a nice voice and offering to let me skip out on homework. Homework isn’t the problem, bullies are.

“Turn to page 394 and we’ll continue reading out loud.” she sits at her desk, turning her own book to the page. Right now, we’re reading The Great Gatsby, or a few chapters of it that are in our text books. John begins reading, as I read silently to myself, much faster than he is aloud. I’m not saying he’s slow, I’m just a quick reader. A few pages ahead, I notice he’s stopped reading and Mrs. Lantern is speaking. I look up and see that she is speaking to a new student, or so I assume.

“Just take any seat you like.” she smiles at the book, black hair covering part of his face.

He nods and looks around the room, probably to find someone that isn’t intimidating to sit next to, or perhaps a hot girl. I look back down at my book, feeling someone tap my shoulder. I look up and see the new guy.

“Hey um.. mind if I share your book?” he nervously pulls at the strings of his black hoodie.

I nod and push it over between us on the two-person table, flipping the pages back to where they are reading. He scoots closer, reading along. He looks up once he’s finished the page and waits, glancing at me before getting a sheet of notebook paper, sliding it over to me.

Could he read any slower?

I smile a little before replying.

I thought I just read fast.

Well that may be it, but damn.

I’m already a few pages ahead of them.

Really? When do you think I’ll get a book?

Who knows, she barely had enough for this class. I think two students are already sharing a book, have been all year.

So I’ll take that as a never... can I keep sharing yours?

He glances up to me hopefully.

I nod before writing back.

Yeah, that’d be okay.

Thanks, because I’d be afraid to ask anyone else. They all look kind of scary.

Says the boy dressed like a vampire.

Haha, no. Says the gay boy who is pretty sure this room reeks of homophobia.

I don’t seem homophobic?

Are you?

No but that isn’t the point.

You seem too nice to give a damn if I kiss boys or girls.

Do I just radiate niceness or did someone put another Kick Me sign on my back?

They do that to you?


Before he can write back, Mrs. Lantern walks over to our desk, “Put the note up, or you can read it aloud.”

Pete nods and quickly balls up the note.

“Since you two are paying such good attention, why don’t you start, Patrick?”

I bite my lip, “I-I wasn’t keeping up I.. I finished.”

“The whole thing?” she raises an eyebrow.

I nod, “The rest of this chapter.”

She shakes her head, “Marcus keep reading, you two find out where he is and keep with the class.”

We both nod.

Since Literacy, I haven’t seen the new kid, and now it’s lunch. I half hope to find him, but at the same time would rather remain invisible, and sit alone. I want to be friends with him, but I don’t want to be his temporary friend until some group accepts him. I’m an outcast, among the outcasts. The reason I’m not in a popular group, is obvious. But I’m not good enough at math to be a geek, I don’t watch Startrek so I’m shunned by the nerds, I’m depressed, but I don’t wear enough black to hang out with the emo/goths. I love music, but I’m not in the school band. I like The Beatles, and peace signs are cool but I don’t want to go home smelling like pot, so I can’t hang out with the Hippies. So I’m alone.

I sit with my lunch tray outside under a large tree. Almost no one eats outside of the cafeteria, so it’s a peaceful place for me to eat, for the first twenty minutes of our hour-long lunch. After the twenty minutes though, people start coming outside. I take a bite out of, what the school claims is, spaghetti and force myself to swallow it. It’s repulsive, as most school food is, but I really don’t want to sit through the rest of my classes with my stomach growling. I get enough fat jokes as it is. I quickly finish what I can stand to eat before throwing it away and walking to the library. At lunch, it’s the safest place for me. Popular kids avoid this place like it’s plagued, which suits me just fine. I sit in a corner behind many bookshelves and work on my homework assignments, sneaking glances at the groups of friends talking quietly among themselves. Jealousy hits the pit of my stomach as I close my math book, moving on to biology. The day is half over. It’s okay, I’ll get through this. Then I can go home and...not text my friends. I can not go to Derrick’s party tonight. I can not spend the weekend at a friend’s house. I can, however, sit at home, read my textbooks, finish my homework, and take a few too many sips of Nyquil. I bite my lip and close my book. I can’t concentrate, plus if I do my homework now, I’m ruining my weekend plans.

I take my usual seat in World History, feeling desperately on edge. I must be showing it too, because ten minutes into the class, Mr. Jenson asks if I’m feeling sick. I nod and hurry out of the room with the Nurse Pass. I walk in and take a seat beside Jessica, who quickly moves a seat away. I roll my eyes and stare at the floor.


I look up to see the boy from Literacy, with his head tilted back as he covers his nose with a bloody paper towel.

“What happened?” I frown.

He shrugs, “Homophobia.”


“At lunch... I was looking for you and asked someone where you sit...he decided to call me a fag and punch me instead.” he shrugs again.

“You were..looking for me?”

He chuckles and moves the paper towel once the bleeding has stopped, “That’s all you got out of that?”

I blush lightly and look down with a shrug, “Sorry, are you okay?”

“I’ve suffered worse... it’s why we moved, actually. Got put into a hospital. By the way, I’m Pete W-”

“You got put into a hospital!?”

“Yes, but I’m okay.” he smiles reassuringly, “And I won’t be a punching bag here.” he nods towards the closed door, “I got a few hits in myself.”

My eyes widen, “Y-You can hit them back?”

“Of course you can.”

“Will you two fags just shut up?” Jessica flips her (dyed) blonde hair behind her shoulder.

“Nope.” Pete grins and moves to sit in the empty seat between her and I.

She gets up and huffs, “I’ll just see him in class.” she storms out, slamming the door.

“Oh no, what will we do now that the room will air out of her suffocating perfume?” Pete rolls his eyes.

I bite my lip, “Are you really okay?”

“Yes, Patrick.” he smiles, then looks over at me as his smile fades, “Why are you here?”


He nods.

“I just needed to get out of class... I was hoping to lay down for the rest of class and get my head together.”

He frowns, “Rough day?”

I shrug, “It’s been like every other day... sit alone, wish I had friends..” I blush lightly, “Ignore me, sorry.”

He frowns, “You sit alone?”

I shrug.

“Well you wouldn’t have today, if I’d found you...”

“Why did you look for me?” I look up to him.

“Because you were nice to me.” he smiles, “And because I think we’ll be good friends.”

“I don’t need your pity.” I glare at him.

He rolls his eyes, “And I don’t need your attitude. I was determined to be your friend before I knew you didn’t have any. If anything, I thought you’d pity the new kid.”

I bite my lip, “Y-You could come over i-if you wanted this w-weekend.”

He grins, “That would be great, Patrick.”

I have to cover my mouth to avoid laughing as Jacob walks out of the Nurse’s office. He has a black eye, a busted lip, and his cheek is swollen. Pete smiles at him.

“Remember to keep ice on it.” Pete’s smile turns into a grin as Jacob leaves, slamming the door like his girlfriend, “I think he learned his lesson.”

“Patrick I know you aren’t sick, but feel free to stay here, has your nose stopped bleeding, Mr. Wentz?” the Nurse asks.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Get to class then.”

“Can I stay too?” Pete pouts, “It hurt a lot.”

She sighs, “You better fake extreme agony if the principal walks in.

“Deal!” Pete grins at me.
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