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Auditions :D

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Auditions for a School of Rock/Here Comes the Boom type of story :)

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Its CyanideSuicide (Mazy) back from the dead. Ive decided to not use that old account anymore because I hate that username now and want to start off fresh again.

So I want to do a story very similar to the movies in the description but its the students that raise the money for the extra curicular programs and not all the students do it the same. Plus there will be lots of couples so if you want to be in a relationship either A) Make up your own character or B) Say a celebrity (You could pick anyone all the guys from my chemical romance are availiable or your could say whatever other person you want). Also It will be like my school where it's middle school and High school combined. You need to play a instrument a school would provide you with like a clarinet, saxophone, flute etc. but nothing like guitar or bass while schools can provide you with those you arent going to play an electric bass with a bunch of woodwinds at a school concert. However you can also play something like that as a secondary instrument.

So the parts are based on what you do to raise money

Here are the parts

2-3 People who become a band for the music program

2 People from the music program that are also artists

2 More people and you can choose what you do to raise money for the program

Here's the form:









Anything Else I forgot to add but you think I might need:
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