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Snow White and the One Dwarf

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'Don't mingle with the the openers, Frankie' they said.... 'They'll all probably fangasm over us' they said...

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"Gerard! I'm bored and you're all making it worse!" I yelped as Gerard caught me trying to sneak off of the bus.

"Ow... My...Pride." I heard Mikey fake cough and looked in time to see him clutching his chest. I rolled my eyes at him.

"No Frankie. I don't want you getting lost or something." I jerked my arm out of his and slapped his hand away.

"I'm not a little kid anymore, Way." I said through my teeth. I opened the doors with the button on the wall and jumped down to the hard pavement.

Everyone around us was partying, getting ready for one of the hugest shows that was to happen in about an hour and a half. One of the other buses caught my attention, which drew my eyes to her.

The bus had a huge flag painted on the side. It was horizontal stripes layered white on top, blue in the middle and red on the bottom. It looked familiar.

And the girl in front of it made my mouth drop. I hadn't seen anyone from the opening bands, thanks to the guys, but she caught my attention pretty damn fast.

She was standing in front of a group of people setting down, playing a violin. I couldn't hear it from here, so I wandered in closer, trying to blend in.

As I got closer, I actually saw her. She was pale as snow, her cheeks rosy under her black and red fringe which she shook out of her eyes. Her arms were as white as her neck and face, her nails painted a bright, blood red.

She looked up as the little...stick thingy slid along the strings, making a sweet hum come out of her instrument. Her eyes were a flat, icy blue.

The eyes of a blind person. She saw me, though, and smiled. Her lips were as red as her nails, her teeth gleaming pure white against them.

Something about her mace me get even closer. Her fingers shook on the strings, making the sound vibrate. "Okay, is all you get da? Run along now everyone! Kysh!" she waved her hands.

The small group dissolved. She grinned at me. "Zdravstvuyte malenʹkiy" she said as she put her violin back into it's case. "Hello." she laughed at my dumbfounded face.

"Hi." I blushed. she picked up the case with both of her hands like it was weighing her thin arms down. "I'm Frank Ie-" she laughed softly.

"I know who you are." she smiled. "I am known Albina." she said it Ahl-bee-nah. She set her case back on the ground and put her hands on my shoulders.

She kissed each of my cheeks once, making me blush slightly. She stepped away from me after a second. Her eyes made me feel cold, like I was standing in the middle of a blizzard.

" your playing." I said after a second, mentally kicking myself. Smooth!

"Spasibo." She put the tips of her fingers to her mouth. "Thanks, I mean." she said, her face a little redder now.

I grinned. "No worries. I think that's cool." I looked at the bus again. "What flag is this?" I asked, nodding to it.

She raised her head. "Is the flag of my homeland. Is the Russian flag." she said proudly. I nodded.

"Cool. So what kind of band are you exactly?" I asked. "I mean, you're pretty awesome on the violin, but this isn't exactly a classical music kind of place." I shrugged.

"You never know what we Russians can do, da?" she laughed. "Don not worry, Frank Iero. You shall see exactly what kind of band we are soon." I saw movement over her shoulder.

A tall, thin man came over to her, touching her shoulder. "Vy pochti gotovy?" he said softly. I blinked at them.

"Da." he nodded and looked at me. His eyes were almost as blue as hers. "Frank, this is Akim. He is my friend." she smiled. Akim grinned, his face softening little.

"Privet." he kissed my cheeks as well, making my jaw fall slightly. "Ey! Alexander! Podoydi syuda na sekundu!" Albina ducked her head slightly, looking at the ground.

A shorter boy who looked like he could sort of fit in around here came around the bus and looked at Akim and Albina. "Da?" He asked, his voice soft and musical. He was the opposite of Akim, who towered over him.

His face was soft and rounded, but defined, the line of his jaw and chin sharp. His black hair looked like he'd just straightened and done it, but it was so shiny I doubted he had. In all, he looked normal, his body average.

Albina seemed nervous though for some reason. "Ah. Privet!" for the second time, some strange man kissed my cheeks. "I am Alexander." he smiled at me and I was blinded.

He's so pretty. Like a girl. "Hi. I'm Frank Iero." he laughed.

"I am well aware of who you are friend." he grinned. I blinked. "Would you like to meet the others of the band?" he asked.

"Sure?" I wasn't too sure. Not if all of them were going to kiss me.

"Ey, rebyata, vykhodite syuda!" he shouted in Russian, I was guessing. A girl was first around the bus's end. She looked like a mini Albina, except her hair and clothes were different.

Albina wore a thin black shirt and and tight dark grey pants. The girl was in a short red skirt and a black tank, her long arms covered by black and white striped long fingerless gloves.

"Privet!" she giggled. "I am Zoya." she hugged me tightly, her thin arms hard with muscle I wasn't expecting.

The next around the bus was another boy. He seemed too young to be in a band, but when I saw his arms, they were covered in muscles. His eyes, unlike the others, were a deep green. "Privet." he said softly, crossing his arms and leaning against the bus.

"Hi?" I waved at him. He didn't seem to care. A second boy came around, looking just like the other, only with different hair.

"Don't mind my brother." he patted the first. "Privet. I am Valentin. And my brother is Bogdan." he stood next to Bogdan and said something in his ear.

Both wore black shirts and baggy black pants, their hair the only difference I could find. Valentin's was a lighter blond where Bogdan's was a soft brown. Both were a normal haircut, parted the same way. "Ey! Renata!"

A tall girl came around the corner, her short hair standing on end. "Chto?!" She looked at me, her eyes black. She was even prettier than Alexander.

But was nowhere near Albina. Her face looked like a doll's. Soft features, a small, pouted mouth and a small, softly sloping nose. "Privet." her pink mouth formed the word.

She went back to teasing her purple hair with a comb. I looked at the simple outfit she wore. A black shirt and purple skinny jeans. "You all should e getting ready. We go on in an hour." she said to the others as she went back around the bus.

"Da. Do svidaniya" The twins left with Akim and Renata. Zoya, Alexander and Albina were still here.

"Excuse them. They're not used to talking to anyone off of the bus or fans." Alexander smiled. "These two are a bit more tame than Renata, though." he laughed.

"Yeah, I can tell." I smiled. Alexander smiled at me for a moment.

"But, she's still my sister." he sighed. I blinked. "And she's right. I'll be heading back now. Don't take to long girls. Do svidaniya, Frank." he smiled at me.

"Bye." I waved. Albina finally looked up. "You okay?" I asked softly. She nodded.

"Are not!" Zoya giggled. "Alexander told Albina that he loves her and now wherever we're not on stage she ignores him." Albina pushed Zoya.

"You shouldn't go around saying things like that sister!" she shouted. I looked at them. Yeah, they could be sisters. "Go get ready!"

"Konechno veshchʹ mamoy." Zoya laughed, skipping out of her sister's reach and around the bus.

Albina growled and sighed. "That damn girl..." she shook her head. "But what she said is the truth." she sighed again. "He asked me to marry him but I....." she shook her head again.

I put my hand on her shoulder. I felt like I was already her best friend, even though I only met her thirty minutes ago. She looked at me, her eyes full of tears.

"Just tell him you don't like him like that." I said easily. "It's better than leading him on." I smiled.

"Okay." she swallowed hard. She looked over her shoulder as the bus started to rock a little. "I have to go." she leaned forward and kissed my cheek. "You should watch our set. You'll understand better. Do svidaniya, Frank." she said softly before she picked up her violin and walked around the bus.

I touched my cheek before I turned to head back to our own bus. It felt like I was floating rather than walking.

"You look like you're high." I heard Mikey laugh as I got dressed and did my hair for the show. I was first ready and it was the fastest I'd ever done it.

I ran off the bus with my guitar, making the others shout at me in confusion. Getting to the back of the stage was easy enough, and I looked at the dark, empty space before me. "Made it." I panted.

Suddenly, there was movement in the dark. I squinted and still couldn't tell. The crowd went silent in an instant. The light blazed to life and focused on the stage.

Everyone I had met was there, standing like statues. On the far side of the stage, I saw Albina and Zoya. Albina had two sticks in her hands, and suddenly, there was a bell like sound filling the air.

And with every ding, the others started to move. When it stopped, they exploded. Albina, Zoya and Renata were all singing in the same high note while the twins destroyed the beauty with their screeching bass and guitar.

Akim sat behind the drums, his hands moving so fast they blurred. And Alexander stood in front of the main mic, his hand closing around it.

And he sang. My heart stopped at the sound. It was nothing like his voice. And in Russian.

Albina picked her violin up off of the ground quickly, her voice filling the air as she hit a high note that made my throat hurt. And then Zoya was playing the flute, dancing around on her toes.

And Akim was playing the soft beat she danced to. Albina was so soft in her playing, I hardly heard her. But, sure enough, she was playing under Alexander's singing.

Until the song built back up into sweet metal. Then she was heard loud and clear, her hands dancing.

Zoya danced around her, her flute pointed out and down like it was a wand. The song wound down a little and seemed to end, only for them to burst with a sudden fury into another verse, the girls singing to loudly with Alexander I had to cover my ears a little.

And then it was over. My heart was racing, even though I hadn't understood one word of the song. The crowd was screaming so loud at that point I had to take a deep breath to keep from panicking.

I bit my lip hard. Albina looked over at me, her eyes lined with black makeup and so icy blue they looked white. She smiled, her red lips parting.

After a second, I noticed what everyone was wearing. The twins and Akim hadn't changed their clothes, But Renata had put a black bow into her huge hair and stood easily with the guitar strapped over her shoulder.

Zoya had changed into tight red pants and her gloves were now red and black, matching her outfit perfectly. Alex had changed into a tight, button down black silk shirt and tight pants as well.

And Albina...still took my breath away. She'd pulled the red half of her hair into a pony tail and the black half was puffed up, her fringe clipped out of her eyes by a red bow with a skull in the middle. And she'd changed her shirt from a solid sleeveless back to a lace tank top, her red bra showing though without any trying.

She looked perfect. I watched their whole set. Even when Alexander took off his shirt and threw it over Akim.

He was BUILT. Like.....a model built. But I ignored him and watched Albina the rest of the time. When the set was over, she and Zoya ran over to me and hugged me tight. "You like it?" Albina asked me.

I nodded. Zoya danced off. "Did you tel him?" I asked her softly. She nodded. "And?"

"He took it well after I told him I was in love with someone else already." she said softly, not ducking her head as the others walked past her.

"Oh." I felt empty all of the sudden. "Whoever they are, they're lucky." I patted her shoulder. Her blue eyes locked on mine.

She leaned forward slowly. I closed my eyes in nerves. Her soft hair brushed my cheek. "YA lyublyu tebya." she whispered, her breath tickling my ear.

"What does that mean?" I asked. But she only pulled away silently and followed her band. She looked over her shoulder once at me and smiled.

"Do svidaniya." I heard saw her mouth move a second before the sound hit me. She turned and left the stage area into the dark parking lot.

A hand on my shoulder made me jump about a foot in the air. "Was she from Damaged Inside?" Gerard's voice made my heart slow down a little.

"If that's the Russian band, then yes." I said, not looking away from the door.

"Wow. She's cute." He stated. "Are they good?"

"Very." I still stared at the door.

"Well, it's our turn now. So focus." he shook my shoulders, making my guitar bounce against my back.

"Right." I ripped my eyes off of the black rectangle in the end of the hall and followed the guys onto the stage.

Through the whole set, I could have sworn I saw Albina in the crowd in the very back. And at the very end, I blinked my eyes and she was gone. Gerard grabbed my hand and pulled me off the stage. "What's up with you?" He asked me, pushing me against the wall.

"I have to find her. Ask what the last thing she said meant." I pushed him away and ran into the night. He didn't try to stop me this time.

I ran to our bus first and put my guitar down on the couch. Then I looked for their bus.

It had only moved a little, to circle up with the other buses. I ran straight to it and knocked on the black glass doors.

I waited for what felt like forever. And then they opened, Alexander standing there in glasses. "Can I talk to Albina?" I asked him before he could say anything.

"Da." he stepped back and waved his hand for me to come on. "They're just playing a song from the motherland." he said as I walked up the stairs. "Feel free to listen until they are done."

I stood by him in the front of the bus and watched. Bogdan seemed calmer now as Valentin plucked softly at an acoustic guitar and Albina played a soft tune.

Renata started to sing like an angel in front of me, her mouth opening gracefully. They all seemed so at home in the tight space. Akim and Zoya had their heads back against the couch as they listened, their eyes closed.

The air around them was so calm and peaceful that my usual post-show adrenalin rush had vanished into its own sense of peace. I felt the burning need to talk to her vanish in an instant.

I leaned against the wall as she played, her eyes closed. Nobody aside from Alexander even looked like they knew I was there.

Suddenly, I felt like I wasn't supposed to be here. I walked back outside and headed over to our bus.

I picked up my guitar from where I'd left it and placed it carefully on it's base. Somehow, I felt like I could hear the song all the way over here.

It made me feel heavy. I kicked off my shoes and headed into my bunk. Laying there, the curtain shut, I curled into and ball facing the wall and cried.


When I woke up, the bus was moving. I gasped and sat up, cracking my head on the bottom of Gerard's bunk. "Ah fuck!" I grabbed my head and fell back.

"You okay?" I heard Gerard ask. It seemed the others were all awake.

"Yeah." I sighed. The curtain flew open and light flooded in on me. I squinted into it and saw Gerard hunched over to look at me.

"Let me see. You could be bleeding." I sighed and rolled out of my bunk, standing in front of him.

"One time...." I sighed. His cool fingers touched the hot spot, making me flinch.

"Well, no blood." he said calmly.

"Okay Doctor Gerard." I pushed his hands away.

"Did you ever find her?" He asked, not moving.

"Yeah." I ducked my head.

"And?" He sounded jealous.

"And nothing. I didn't even talk to her." I said, looking back at him.

There was a long pause before his hand rested on my shoulder. "Don't worry about it, Frankie." He said softly. "I'm here if you need anything. You know that."

I nodded and he squeezed my shoulder before he got into his own bunk. Once he'd shut the curtain, I headed to the front of the bus and in front of the window.

My eyes drifted to the outside world. We were on a highway, the red tail-lights of hundreds of cars lighting it up. Directly to the left of us, I saw the Russian flag.

I focused on it. It was their bus. Her bus. Damaged Inside's bus. And, sitting in the window, was Albina.

Before she noticed me, I lay back on the couch and roll onto the floor. I crawled out of direct view and into the kitchen, getting down a cup to get some water.

I drank half of it and poured the rest out. "You guys, we need to do something. Mikey, come play a game with me."

"No." I heard the tired groan.

"I'll play. I can't sleep anyway." I heard Gerard get back up and come out. I smiled at my best friend.

After he beat me - many times - I finally quit and looked quickly out the window. Albina was still there. "Frankie?" Gerard asked softly.

"Yeah?" I whispered back. He was closer to me on the couch than I had thought.

"H-how do you feel about me?" he asked softly, apparently trying to not wake the others.

"How so?" I breathed. His hand rested on my knee.

"Don't freak out." He whispered. His lips touched mine. A kiss?

I kissed him back instantly, not sure what else to do. His other hand moved to my cheek as he leaned in closer.

Damn him. I gripped the front of his shirt and pulled him against me. "Damn tease." I growled in my throat, kissing him hard.

When I let him go for a moment to gather his thoughts, I quickly glanced out the window. Albina had been watching.

There were black lines down her cheeks. Had she been crying? Her red mouth moved and Alexander was there.

I gaped as she pulled him into a kiss. But I only had a moment to register this before Gerard took advantage of my open mouth and bit my lip.

A quiet groan ground out of my chest as he pulled me into another kiss, this one deeper. If she was still watching, maybe it was for the best.

They seem content over there. And we're just fine over here. I didn't want to disturb the peace of either bus.

Actually, from the way Gerard was touching me, we were more than just fine over here.....

Kysh - Shoo
Da - yes
Zdravstvuyte malenʹkiy - Welcome small one
Vy pochti gotovy - Are you almost ready?
Podoydi syuda na sekundu - come here for a second
Ey, rebyata, vykhodite syuda - Hey everyone come on out
Chto - What
Privet - Hello
Konechno veshchʹ mamoy - Sure thing mom
YA lyublyu tebya - I love you
Do svidaniya - Goodbye
If any of these are wrong, sorry! Google hates me

Super long, really random one for you guys. I mean, I REALLY have no idea where this came from. But the songs I used for Damaged Inside were Hetalia - Russia's Winter and I Met You, a Russian folk song.

Speaking of Russia, has everyone seen AlteredEgosInc's new video FROZEN? If not, you're dying inside.

So I'll help you. That. That right there is pure awesomeness and wonderment.

And, not to freak anyone out, but I will be in one of the parts as a clone (my awesome fans who actually WATCH the video will understand what I mean. Hearts for you!!!!)

And the group is really good. So check out the rest of their stuffs and subscribe. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS PASTA SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!

Anyway, spaz moment done. JK!! Every moment with me is a spaz moment!

But in all cerealness, candy is amazing. So R+R and go eat some.

Hugs and Russians,

PS, if you are Russian and reading this, YA LYUBLYU TEBYA Spasibo za chteniye!!!!!!!!!
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