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Things I'll Never Say.

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You give the questions,I give the answers. Those answers aren't the truth.

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Things I'll Never Say.

Are you okay? You'd ask.
I'm fine. I'd reply.

The truth is I'm not fine.

Are you loved? You'd ask.
Of course I am. I'd reply.

The truth is I'm not loved.

Do you think you're beautiful,like the other girls? You'd ask.
Yes. I'd reply.

The truth is I don't think I'm beautiful,like the other girls.

But,I'm okay with that.

I may not be okay,I may not be loved.
I may not be pretty like the other girls.
But,I'm me.
I am that kid,the one with her music.
The music you call Emo and Satanic.
But,that music you call noise .
It is true to me,it speaks to me.

I am Sadie Hobbs,and no one will ever change who I am.

It's true.No one is ever gonna change who I really am.I've fnally found my true calling,my true self.Before,the music every one else listen to,it never really agreed with me.I was unhappy all the time,you guys know that.But,then I found My Chem and Sleeping With Sirens and other bands,and it was like a chord had struck,and I'd found my true self.I grew happy,listening to my music,all my favourite bands just doing what they love,and what they were mean't to do.So,I'm Sadie Hobbs,and no one can ever change that.
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