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No. Just No

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It's like a rant-ish thing, in the form of a Ferard -nods-

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BEFORE ANYONE FLIPS THEIR SHIT AT ME, no this isn't a personal "this is implied for one person" thing, it's for all the overuse of self fucking inserts in fucking general

"Gee, why do so many girls ship themselves with us?" Frank mumbled, scrolling through yet another fanfiction written by a girl who was supposedly "married" to him.

"I don't know, they can't accept that we are in perfect love." Gerard whispered, pressing a kiss against his boyfriends messy black hair.

"BUT IT'S WEIRD!! Boobs and shit aren't that appealing, I honestly couldn't imagine fucking, or being fucked by a chick." Frank mumbled, eyes widening with this statement.

"What? Are you okay?!" Gerard began to flip his shit as Frank merely sat there, wide eyed, stiff as a board.

"I realized something today Gee."

"Which is?"

"I'm not a bisexual, I am gay." This statement leaving the two boys to nod in unison.

"I already knew that when I began staring at dude's asses, and finding no pleasure in the slutty girls at school." The boys once again nodded

"But it's amazing, you know? Fucking a dude is like, you know what guys like, so you can give it to them." Frank whispered, grinning seductively at his boyfriend.

"Of course, we can give each other the more pleasure than any chick ever could." Gerard whispered, pressing Frank farther down into the couch, sliding his laptop off his legs.

"Ge-Gerard, in the lounge?" Frank moaned as the taller one began kissing his neck, crawling into his lap.

"Why not?" Gerard whispered, lips only inches from Frank's

"I like your ideas." The shorter boy whispered, before allowing himself to be pressed deeply into the couch.

"Yeah, it's pretty cool talking to fans like you." Mikey's voice could be faintly heard from the front lounge.

"Their back!" Frank squeaked, taking his lips off Gerard's long enough to point that out.

"So? Give the kids a show." With this statement, the dark shirt Frank had been wearing was torn off his upper body and thrown to the floor.

"You guys wanna meet Gerard and Frank?" Ray offered, only to hear squeaks of excitement in return, as the 5 went to the back lounge.

"OH GOD THEIR BUNNY RABBITS, YOU TWO RUN! RUN AND GET RYAN!" Bob screamed, flailing as the two boyfriends lay there awkward.

"Dude, we're fine with you being bunny rabbits, as long as it's in your bunks; and quiet. BUT NOT WHEN THE FANS ARE HERE! YOU COULD'VE WRECKED THEIR DREAMS OF MENTALLY MARRYING YOU!" Bob scolded, as the front tourbus door was broken down.

"He's here." Gerard whispered scared; as a scrawny brown haired boy stormed into the back lounge.

"GET DRESSED YOU SEX POLLUDED MONSTERS! YOU'RE COMING TO SEE PAPA JOHN!" Ryan screamed, preaching the message of abstinence for the full hour long ride.


The two lucky fans who got to spend a day with their idols returned, the bright haired, shorter one who had told her name was "Vala" began to play the bongo game with Bob and Ray; as those 3 where paying all their attention to the game, the other girl; Kacey began to wonder out loud.

"Hey Mikey, not trying to be rude or anything. But do Frank and Gerard ship self inserts that the fans make up?" Her shyness playing a huge roll in this, as she believed the man she idolized was going to be insulted by her question.

"Self insert?" Mikey looked up from his phone confused.

"You know, like shipping themselves with the fans."

"Like dating, fucking, marrying and shit? OH GOD KACEY NOOO!" Mikey whined, as he was traumatized by the most vile fanfiction ever.
Incest is very bad.

"Nonono! A bunch of people want to know."

"Oh, well not trying to hurt anyone. but no; they ship themselves with each other, but not fans."


"It's honestly gross, we're older, old enough to be your parents! Not trying to crush dreams or be rude, but their like the Jack and Alex of My Chemical Romance!" Mikey shrugged, not realizing he had just let out his brother's largest secret.

"WAIT THEIR GAY?!" Vala screamed, shocked.

"Oh shit, yeah. Promise not to tell anyone?" Mikey became very awkward.

"It's fine, but you guys think it's gross?" The two asked, shrugging

"We.Are.Old.Enough.To.Be.Your.Parents." The 3 band members explained, not impressed by this question.

"That is very true."

"Kacey, don't do it. Vow with me that WE WILL NEVER DO A SELF INSERT UNLESS WE ARE ACTUALLY DATING THE PERSON!" Vala screamed, bright red hair flying from her face, as the two pinky swore, laughing.

Yeah, I don't agree with self insterts. Because yeah, the band members are old enough to be our PARENTS! Don't hate me, just my opinion on this shit! And Vala is an actual person, she is one of my best friends off instagram, so yeah. Bye, and don't flip shit because it is indeed an opinion
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