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Read it to find out wtf I'm taking about!!!

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So I've been thinking.... Yes, mark the calender, she was thinking! But, in the past, I've had a few of you ask to work with me.

Now I'm a solo writer. Usually. You're all probably thinking 'This wasting our time.'

But, what I've been thinking, is that I plan to have a little contest for my fans. And for the ones WHO WANT TO WORK WITH ME, pay close attention.

So, you all know I'm on youtube by now, I'm guessing. I have six subscribers after being on there for about a year.

Part one of the contest : Find me on youtube by whatever form of magic you want (no helping each other!) and watch a video. Any video at all on my little uploads tab. After you watch the video, pick a quote from the video and comment on here with te title of the video and then the quote.

The first fifteen to do this will move on. The others will get a shout out in my next story.

Part two of the contest will be posted here after I get the winners of part one. There will be a list of the winners names (Usernames on here of course) at the very beginning and then after that the second task.

Remember everyone who wants to be a part of this!!!! Speed is a factor, but if you choose a video/quote that is NOT made by me, then I won't count you in with the first fifteen.

I know that's a little bleh, but I've talked about my channel enough for you guys to know it by heart (my hardcore fangirls are already picking quotes for this, I bet ;)) And, if you get stumped, just search through some of mt stuff up in here.

By the way, part one doesn't close until I have the first fifteen who were correct in their answers. So if you're first and wrong, just try again. It's not like I'm limiting how many times you can try.

So, good luck and I can't wait to see who all gets in!

Hugs and Powerwalks,
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