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Just go for it

by nici160

Phan Sexy Times. And Dan and Phil finally leave.

Category: Romance - Rating: NC-17 - Genres: Angst,Romance - Warnings: [X] [Y] - Published: 2013-03-11 - 7708 words

"Better keep going then," he answered, taking another section of skin between his teeth and repeating the process. He moved his hand to Phil's chest to play with his nipple teasingly.

Phil bit his lip, stifling the noises that wanted to escape. He moved his hands down Dan's body to rest in the small of his back, tapping out that all familiar rhythm.

Dan glanced up and saw him biting his lip. "Mm, moan for me Philly," he murmured, lapping at the lovebites he'd made previously knowing they'd still be tender.

Phil scrunched up his eyes and opened his mouth, allowing his moans to be vocalised. His head tilted back as Dan licked his already sensitive neck.

Phil's moans turned Dan on even more and he moved his body as close into Phil as he could manage. He sucked in the alcove Phil's jawbones created in his neck and ran his hand a bit further south.

Phil shivered as Dan ran his hand along his skin. Dan's mouth had Phil moaning like a whore, but he didn't mind because his world was pleasure.

"Can I ride you Philly?" Dan asked, briefly pausing his suckles and glanced up at Phil, his hand drawing circles lightly near Phil's groin.

Phil nodded. "Teach me your tricks." he breathed, wanting to prepare Dan himself.

Dan grinned, grabbing the bottle they had only just discarded of and grabbing Phil's hand, squirting some liquid on it. "Roll it between them so it's warm," he guided.

Phil moved his fingers together. "Like this?"

"Perfect," Dan answered. He moved to straddle Phil's waist and bent over, kissing his lips. "Go for it, just one at first." he encouraged.

Phil rubbed his finger across Dan's ring before slowly pushing it in, hoping he wasn't hurting Dan. He looked up his lover to see how he was doing.

Dan grinned as he felt Phil enter him. He'd done this a few times so knew what to expect. He pecked Phil's cheek and moved his hips down onto Phil's finger.

Phil's lips tugged a smile as he moved his finger inside Dan. He leaned up to kiss Dan passionately, licking the other boy's lips.

Dan returned the kiss, pulling back briefly to say "Give me another," against Phil's lips, before returning to the kiss eagerly.

Phil poked another finger at Dan's hole before hesitantly sliding it in. He didn't know how the boy could take it without the pain.

Dan screwed up one side of his face briefly as he felt the intrusion, pausing the kiss as he adjusted but soon returned to Phil's lips.

Phil looked at Dan with concern. "You ok babe?" he mumbled against Dan's lips.

"Perfect," he replied. "Just getting used to it," he added, moving his hips a bit. "Scissor your fingers a little," he guided, trying not to moan.

"Like pretend my fingers are scissors?" Phil replied as he spread his fingers apart.

Dan bit his lip and closed his eyes. "Mmm, yeah, that." he said, leaning his forehead against Phil's and grinning down at him as he breathed heavily.

"So I'm doing ok?" Phil asked, his voice shaking from nerves. His other hand tangled itself in Dan's hair, tugging at the roots.

"You're doing great," Dan breathed, pecking Phil lightly. "Give me another," he requested, getting a bit eager and moving his hips on Phil's fingers more.

Phil pushed his third finger in. "How is this not hurting you?" Phil asked, remembering his own pain at just one finger.

Dan winced properly this time at the third intrusion. He took a deep breath in and out, then gave Phil a shaky smile. "I've done it a few times baby, I know what to expect." he explained.

Phil stopped moving as he saw Dan wince. "You've done it before? Explains how you know what to do."

"Only a few times," Dan added, letting his face unscrew itself and wiggled his hips a bit on Phil's fingers, letting him know he had acclimatised to the sensation.

"That's alright Dan. I don't mind." Phil began to slowly move his fingers, not wanting to hurt Dan. His lips had attached themselves to Dan's neck, licking and sucking.

"Mmm, baby." Dan moaned as Phil worked his neck. "I'd prep you but I don't think I'm in a very good position to," Dan explained, removing Phil's hand from his hair and squirting some lube on it. "Go quickly," he added.

"Do I just rub it on myself?" Phil asked as he placed his hand on his cock, rubbing the lube on.

"Yes baby," Dan answered, his breath getting more ragged with anticipation. He took Phil's lip between his teeth and pulled it out again, needing something to do.

Phil was sure he was slick enough for Dan. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his cock, sliding into Dan slowly. He bit his lip, looking up at Dan for confirmation that he was doing ok.

Dan lowered himself onto Phil as much as he moved into him. He stopped leaning over and sat up straighter, getting used to the feeling and screwing his nose up at the stretch.

"Should I stop?" Phil asked, concerned about Dan. He slid his lubed coated fingers along Dan's sides, trying to comfort him.

Dan shook his head, took Phil's hands and entwined his fingers with him. He took in a deep breath and moved himself up on Phil, using his hands as a brace, and then moved back down, sighing with pleasure.

Phil squeezed Dan's hands as he bit his lip at the sight before him. He couldn't take Dan's physique anymore and voiced his thoughts on Dan's beauty.

Dan grinned at the compliments, moving up and down a bit more confidently with the help of Phil's arms. He tilted his head down to look at Phil, his eyes filled with lust and longing.

"I think my car may be christened, or the new apartment. My guess is, we'll have hot wild sex until the novelty wears off?" Phil joked. He thrusted up into Dan as his climax neared.

"I don't... know if it'll... ever wear off," Dan said in between breaths and moans, moving his hips slightly every time in an attempt to get Phil to hit his spot.

With a shaky laugh, Phil trailed one of his hands to rub circles into Dan's thigh aiming to tease him.

"Mmm... Touch me Philly," Dan requested, curling his toes as he felt himself growing nearer, squeezing the remaining hand he was holding tightly and gyrating his hips.

Phil's hand made it's way to Dan's cock, grasping him lightly and stroking, squeezing every so often. "Like this Dan?" he asked with a smirk on his face, as he tried to hold himself together.

Dan nodded fervently, his eyes squeezed shut. He arched his back in pleasure and let out a hungry moan, feeling Phil all over his body.

Phil decided to cut the crap and tightened his grasp on Dan, his hand gathering speed as he tried tricks he knew worked on himself. His thumb slid over Dan's leaking tip as he gasped, feeling Dan tense around him. "Dan? Cl-close."

Dan tensed his muscles around Phil as he saw white, gripping his hand and the bed sheet he'd wrapped around the other. He breathed out shakily, feeling Phil's magic hands increase their pace. "Dont... till I do," he breathed out.

Phil tried to go faster and was going as fast as his hands would allow him to. He blew on the tip, knowing that the sensation was magical. He tried to hold himself together by concentrating on Dan.

As Phil's breath hit him Dan couldn't hold it any longer, releasing himself onto Phil's hand and chest. He rode his orgasm out on Phil, knowing it was one of the best of his life and he was blind with pleasure.

Phil made a few final thrusts before Dan's clenching was too much for him and he spilled his seed inside the orgasming boy. He moaned Dan's name as he came and loudly at that.

Dan pulled off, flopping unceremoniously onto the bed next to Phil for the second time, keeping their hands intertwined as he sucked the air into his lungs.

Phil squeezed Dan's hand as he tried to fill his body with the oxygen it craved. His chest was heaving as he pulled in ragged breaths. "Dan? I feel funny now." His body was exhausted from all of the activity it had been doing and was making him feel nauseous.

"In a bad way?" Dan replied, turning to look at Phil concernedly as he panted, his eyes running over the face of the boy next to him and taking in his expression.

Phil nodded. "I'm sorry. You were amazing and my body decides to do this..."

Dan tried to control his puffs so he could talk properly. "It's okay," he breathed, "I understand. What can I do?" he said, wanting to help in any way possible after what Phil had just given him.

Phil shrugged. "What do you do when you feel sick?"

"Lie with a flannel on my head and feel sorry for myself," Dan giggled, finally able to speak normally. "Want me to get you a flannel?" he asked, still looking at Phil with concern.

Phil nodded again. He pouted as he hated himself for bring this on him. He tried not to move very much, or speak for that matter. He didn't trust himself.

Dan heaved himself up and off the bed, heading over to one of his packed bags. He retrieved a flannel, went quickly to the bathroom to wet it with water and returned to Phil, sitting next to him and laying it over his forehead gently.

Phil smiled up at Dan. He had gone pale, an almost grey colour. The shaking wasn't helping his nausea either.

"Aw baby," Dan said, running his finger up and down Phil's upper arm. "We might have to keep our exploits down, I don't want to make you ill." he said in a caring tone.

"No food. Weeks. Need food. Now" Phil choked out. He knew from the past that if he didn't eat soon then he would pass out.

Dan bit his lip and got up, knowing he had just packed some oreos into one of his bags. He got them and returned, handing Phil one. "Will that do?" he asked quietly.

Phil nibbled on the biscuit as he tried not to throw it up. "Thanks Dan." He struggled to finish it as his stomach churned.

"That's all right darling," he replied, his lip still under the hold of his teeth as he watched Phil, obviously resisting the urge to throw up.

Even though oreos weren't the best thing to be eating, he reached out to Dan indicating that he wanted, no needed, another one. He kept one hand over his mouth, not letting anything escape.

Dan handed him another one. "Sorry I don't have anything better," he said quietly as he passed it into Phil's hand.

Phil bit into the second one as he reached back to reassure Dan that it was helping. He managed to finish the second one too. But he didn't ask for any more.

Dan put his hand in Phil's lightly, not wanting to move him too much in his state. He played with his fingers lightly, watching Phil try to hold his food down.

Phil lost his battle as he sat up slightly, ejecting the measly amount he had eaten all over his naked body. This triggered Phil's tears as he became instantly ashamed and disgusted with himself.

Dan frowned sympathetically at the sight of his newly appointed fiancé. "It's okay baby," he said, rubbing his back and using the flannel to clean up his front.

Phil couldn't even look at Dan, filled with shame. He thought he had been going so well, and then his body had to rebel against him.

Dan turned the flannel over to a clean part of it and wiped at Phil's lips and chin tenderly and continued to run his hand along Phil's practically skeletal back.

"Maybe just one this time? I'm sorry Dan. I know I'm revolting but I need your help." Phil leaned into Dan's touch, it soothed him and his tears stopped.

"You're not revolting my love," Dan answered, handing him another biscuit and sitting next to him properly, running his hand up and down Phil's back.

Phil ate this one slowly, allowing his body to get used to it. He leaned into Dan's chest. "Maybe we need to sleep in my bed tonight?"

Dan chuckled. "Maybe we do. We'll have to make do with your sheets, I won't have time to wash mine before tomorrow." he thought out loud, not that any of it really mattered.

"That's fine. Mine are comfy. They don't smell as good as yours usually do but you'll have to cope." Phil gushed, glad to be concentrating on something trivial.

"I'll bring my pillows, that way it can smell like both of us." Dan decided, glad Phil had seemingly kept the food down. "How long to do you think it'll take to get to London?" Dan asked, trying to distract him.

"I dunno, maybe three or four hours. Not counting stops. We'll need to stop for bathroom breaks, food breaks, quickies..." Phil laughed at his last suggestion, knowing Dan would want to take it up.

"Might push it up to seven hours, then." Dan giggled. "We should sleep in your car the first night, like real runaways." he suggested with a grin, imagining it the moment.

"My car's comfy, we can do that if you want." Phil smiled. He was glad their plans could still happen.

"I really want to," Dan admitted, feeling his stomach bubble. "I'm so fucking excited Phil," he said, unable to contain himself.

"I'm excited too Dan. I get to elope with my stunning fiancé. What more could I ask for?" Phil wrapped his arms around Dan as he felt himself get sleepy.

"Fiancé," Dan giggled at the term used in reference to himself. "I never thought I'd have a fiancé at this age." he added, drawing circles on Phil's back.

"I never thought I'd find love after Alex." Phil admitted. "I'm sleepy. Maybe it's showery cleaning up time then sleepy time?"

"I think so." Dan agreed, pecking Phil's cheek. "Want me to join you in the shower or won't you be able to resist me?" he asked, giggling.

"Too sleepy for Dan sexy time. Join me so I don't fall asleep and drown?" Phil yawned as he snuggled into Dan more.

"Okay baby," Dan said, pulling Phil close then untangling himself from Phil as he stood up and held out his hand to pull Phil up.

Phil put his hand in Dan's and was pulled up. He was led to the shower and he watched, eyes half closed, as Dan turned on the water and made everything perfect for them.

Dan checked the temperature and then grabbed Phil's hand again, pulling him under the warm stream along with dousing himself. "I don't want to rub off our pictures," he said, looking down at his stomach at the drawings.

"But I'm still sticky and gross from vomit. I need to clean. Take pictures of your drawings and join me. I can stay awake for the 5mins it takes to take a few photos." Phil assured Dan. His drawings were useless as they were all sticky.

Dan nodded, exiting the shower briefly and drying his hands and searched for his phone. He found it and snapped a few photo's, and jogged back the few steps that it took to get to the bathroom.

Phil leaned against the shower wall as he rubbed at his stomach, trying to get clean. His tears had returned, he felt guilty that he had made such a mess if himself.

Dan entered the shower again, his brisk adventure waking him up somewhat. He wrapped his arms around Phil and kissed him passionately for a few second before pulling back and announcing, "Don't cry.", as he started rubbing the soap on Phil's stomach gently.

"But I made such a mess. My parents were right. I'm filthy." Phil's actions were delayed and slow as he tried to fight off sleep.

"They're wrong. But I'm making you clean again," Dan answered, running the soap along Phil torso a bit more before he moved to his arms, basically taking over the cleaning process.

"They've found me like this before. Passed out covered in my own vomit. Know what they did? They spat on me and kicked me till I woke up." Phil cried as he explained why his parents were right. He never wanted to go home again.

"Baby," Dan said sympathetically, pulling Phil into a hug and rubbing some soap onto his back as he did so. "That'll never happen again,"

"Are you going to protect me from all the baddies Darling?" Phil looked up into Dan's deep brown eyes as he asked.

"Every. Single. One of them," Dan declared, pecking Phil on the lips between his words and began to rub some soap on his own body.

"I love you Dan." Phil said as his eyes closed the rest of the way. He felt so tired that he was sure he wouldn't make it to bed.

"I love you too Phil." Dan answered earnestly, wrapping his arms around Phil as he saw him practically nod off in the shower. He shut off the water, grabbing his towel and guiding him and Phil out of the room.

Phil stumbled with his eyes closed, out into their bedroom. He was shivering from the cold and wet. "Dry me?"

"If you can stand that long," Dan chuckled, releasing his hold on Phil and rubbing the towel over him, starting at his feet and working his way up to his hair, which he gave a quick rub.

Phil mewed as Dan rubbed his hair, quickly snuggling onto Dan as soon as the other boy had dried himself. He was basically sleeping standing up and that worried him a little bit.

"Want clothes or will I just keep you warm?" Dan said, his arms around Phil to hold him upright.

Phil shrugged as he wrapped his arms around Dan. He didn't really mind as long as he could sleep.

Dan chuckled and whispered, "You're adorable," as he backed Phil over to his bed, pulling back the sheets and lowered him down. He walked round the other side and crawled in, snuggling as close as he could to Phil and pulled the blankets over them.

Phil made a squeak as he was set down on the bed and curled into Dan as everything caught up to him and his world turned to black sending him to sleep.

Dan smiled as he heard Phil's breath grow heavier almost immediately and knew he was asleep. He whispered to him though, not loud enough to wake him, but just enough and told him all the things he loved and all the things he was looking forward to until he himself fell into a deep slumber.

Phil squirmed in his sleep. He did this occasionally when he was having happy dreams. And tonight he was dreaming of the adventures he and Dan would have in London.

Dan awoke around morning tea time to a soft knock at the door. He blinked his eyes open lazily, moving out of his embrace with Phil and swinging his legs off the bed, pulling on some boxers and went to answer the door, not knowing if it had woken Phil or not.

Phil stirred as he felt Dan moved and pulled the blankets up over himself as he saw Dan open the door. He didn't want to be naked in front of whoever was on the other side of that wood.

Dan cautiously opened the door, but grinned when he saw it was his friend he'd texted last night. He exchanged a few words and a brief hug, before the friend handed him a backpack and left. Dan returned to the bed with Phil, sitting close to him and kissed him on the forehead. "Good morning gorgeous."

"Morning Darling. Who was that? What'd he give you?" Phil asked, tilting his head to the side with a confused look on his face.

"My friend, I asked him for a few things before we left." Dan announced, taking in Phil's adorable face. He put the bag on his lap and pulled out a couple of packets of smokes, a bottle of vodka and rum to replace the ones Phil had drunk. He was also surprised to find a wad of cash and a bottle of lube. "I promise I didn't ask for the last two," he chuckled.

Phil giggled as Dan tried to explain. "It's ok. That was nice of him. How about we get dressed, pack these sheets away and get going hey?"

Dan grinned, putting the items back in the bag. "Absolutely." he announced, pecking Phil on the lips and getting out of the bed.

"Maybe a shower before we get dressed." Phil suggested as he got off his bed and stripped the sheets off it.

"Probably a good idea," Dan answered, placing the new bag with his other two and returning to Phil to help him strip the bed. He began to half heartedly fold/roll the sheets into a manageable size.

Phil shoved the sheets into his bag and led Dan over to the shower. "Join me?" he asked with a wink. His morning wood was apparent and he needed release before the drive, otherwise he would fidget.

Dan waltzed over to him, lacing his hand through Phil's. "Love to," he answered in a sultry tone, pulling Phil toward the shower excitedly in a few quick steps.

Phil turned the water on and attached his lips to Dan's eagerly, pulling him closer by his hips.

"Someone's frisky," Dan commented, pulling back briefly from Phil's lips to announced this fact before returning to him passionately, backing him into the shower and against the wall of it.

"Someone's too attractive for words and is gonna make the drive hard with his sexiness and make me want to stop for quickies all the time." Phil pouted as he bumped into the wall of the shower.

"I apologise in advance, love." Dan muttered, removing his lips from Phil's and moving them to his neck, starting the process again as the water doused him awake.

Phil's mouth fell open as moans escaped from it. He tugged on Dan's hair, knowing it was a massive turn on and moved one hand down to Dan's hip using his thumb to grind rough circles into it.

Dan lightly bit the skin of his previous love bites, licking them better as he circled his hand dangerously close to Phil's member, grazing the skin of his thighs with his fingertips.

Phil couldn't keep his noises to himself. "Fuck Dan." He swore, something he didn't do very often, and grinded his hips against Dan's.

"Naughty naughty," Dan chided teasingly, using his other hand to flick Phil's nose. He met their heads again and kissed him passionately, grabbing his member and lightly stroking it.

Phil's head tilted back as his pleasure increased. "Fuck, you're so hot when you dominate me." he moaned as his breaths turned into pants.

"Mmm, you'll have to dominate me some time," Dan mused, continuing his strokes and moving his mouth back to Phil's neck as he let him puff away.

"If I can. Maybe in London. I'll have time to get supplies..." Phil teased. He had moved both of his hands to Dan's ass and cupped it, slipping his one of his fingers in.

Dan grinned as he felt Phil enter him, chuckling at his response. "I look forward to it baby." he answered cheekily, moving closer to Phil and increasing his grip.

Phil started to move his finger in and out, gradually increasing his pace. "So who's topping?"

"I don't mind," Dan replied, moaning quietly. "You can fuck me if you like," he answered, guessing it was heading that way already.

Phil nodded. He flipped them over and pushed Dan into the wall, removing his finger. "Prep yourself for me." Phil wanted Dan to squirm for him.

Dan grinned as he was moved, "Maybe we wont have to wait for London," he answered slyly, moving his hand to enter himself.

"Maybe not for some softcore domination. But I think I wanna try some pretty kinky stuff..." Phil suggested as he stroked himself slowly at the sight of Dan. "God you're so hot."

Dan blushed a bit. "That's hot," he announced, feeling himself get more turned on. He entered another finger into himself, wincing at the feeling of stretching himself.

Phil felt himself throb and flipped Dan so his stomache was against the wall. "More." he stated as he slipped one of his fingers in slowly beside Dan's.

Dan leant into the tiles, wincing again as Phil entered him, but adapted quickly. He moved his free hand to stroke himself, needing something to touch him.

"I'm going to fuck you hard now Dan. No touching, you need to beg for that." Phil slapped Dan's hand away as he slipped all of the fingers out and poked at the outside of Dan's entrance.

"Fuck Phil," Dan moaned, moving his hands away obligingly and laying them against the wall, bracing himself.

"Naughty." Phil chided as he slid into Dan slowly at first, allowing him to adjust for a few seconds before slamming into him. He gripped Dan's hips so hard, he knew he'd leave bruises.

Dan groaned, half in pain and half in pleasure as he felt Phil thrust into him. He tried to grip the wall but just ended up curling his hands into fists.

"You like that? You dirty boy." Phil whispered in Dan's ear. He reached around to tweak Dan's nipples as he pounded into him.

"Jesus Christ Phil," Dan muttered under his breath, feeling himself throb with how turned on he was getting. He was aching to touch himself and started moving his hand in that direction.

"No Dan." Phil said as he slapped Dan's hand away. "You need to beg for it Dan."

"P-please Phil," he whined, interrupting himself with a moan of desire as he felt Phil near his prostate and screwed his eyes shut.

"More Dan. Tell me what you want." Phil adjusted his angle aiming for Dan's sweet spot.

"I want..." he began, moaning again, " to touch me." he requested, then added, "Anything to touch me," breathily. He gasped as Phil hit him, seeing white for a few seconds and stopping his breath.

Phil snaked his arm around Dan and poked him. He moaned as he felt himself getting close and whispered "You don't cum until I say." into Dan's ear before he wrapped his fingers around Dan, using long strokes to pleasure him.

Dan groaned with relief at the feel of Phil's hand on him, bracing his hands on the wall again. His body was going into overload as he tried to postpone his release. He nodded in response, his mouth too overtaken by moans to speak.

Phil aimed a few final thrusts at Dan's prostate before he couldn't hold it any longer and released into Dan with a guttural moan. He flipped Dan over and stroked him for a few more minutes before groaning into his ear "Cum for me babe."

Dan tensed as he felt Phil release, anxious because he couldn't. He screwed up his entire face as Phil kept working him, his pleasure increasing and sighed with relief as Phil granted him permission, almost instantaneously releasing himself and moaning, leaning his head against the wall.

Phil giggled as Dan's cum covered his stomach. "Did you enjoy that babe?" he whispered as he held Dan up. He worked on washing them both, knowing the sooner they were clean the sooner they could leave.

Dan tried to calm himself down, still breathing heavily and slightly in awe. He let Phil wash him as he regained his composure, announcing: "That was ridiculously hot."

"Maybe I should do it more often then?" Phil winked as he thought about all of the things he could do to Dan once they had found a place.

"I think so," Dan agreed, a grin plastered across his face as he leant in to kiss Phil, running his hands along his back in an attempt to wash him.

Phil eagerly returned the kiss, shoving his tongue into Dan's mouth. He pulled away mumbling "We need to leave soon." between feathery kisses.

"I know," Dan replied, pecking him back repetitively and running his finger down Phil's wet spine.

"Turn around Danny." Phil asked as he had gotten the front of the other boy clean. He wanted to surprise Dan as well.

Dan nodded slightly and did as he was told, enjoying this dominant side of Phil.

Phil ran his hands across Dan's shoulder blades and lathered his back with soap before massaging Dan's back from top to bottom, leaving kisses on Dan's head.

Dan smiled to himself and sighed contentedly. "Your hands are like magic baby," he said in a complimentary tone.

"I'm glad babe. Makes it even better. You sure you're not gonna be too sore for the car?" Phil asked, genuinely concerned.

"I'll be fine," Dan answered, turning around to face Phil again. He wound his hand down to Phil's ass, cupping the cheeks. "Yours all right?"

"I'm not the one who just got fucked into the shower wall. I'm fine. Now lets get dry and dressed." Phil suggested as he washed the last of the soap off.

"But I did just take your virginity last night," Dan winked at Phil, kissing him again as he shut the water supply off.

"I guess I'm a little sore." Phil giggled, slamming his lips back against Dan's.

"So am I," Dan chuckled, pulling Phil out of the shower by his hips and keeping their lips connected as he grabbed his towel off the rail, wrapping it around Phil's ass and holding him closer.

"I'm sorry baby. I guess I got a bit carried away." Phil frowned as he dried himself off before wrapping the towel around Dan and doing the same.

"I liked it, I look forward to more of it." Dan answered, letting Phil dry him and ran his hands through Phil's hair as he did so.

"But you need to make me squirm too. Make me curse because of how much pleasure you give me. Spank me, tie me up. The possibilities are endless darling." Phil chuckled as he threw the towel into the shower knowing that it wouldn't dry by the time they wanted to leave.

Dan grinned, leaning into Phil again. "We're going to have so much fun my love." he announced, imagining the suggestions and pulling Phil into the main room to get dressed.

Phil pulled out a random pair of boxers, jeans and a shirt from his bag, slipping them on and walking over to Dan. "I wanna go now..." he whined.

Dan did the same in an equal amount of time, bar a t-shirt. "Give me like, 3 more minutes darling." he chuckled, bending over and wincing as he rummaged through his bag.

"Sure babe. I hurt you. I'm so sorry." Phil frowned as he felt guilty. He sat on his now sheetless bed and watched Dan do what he needed to do.

Dan found a t-shirt and pulled it on. He walked over to Phil and put his hands on his shoulders, working his hands down to Phil's. "It was worth it," he announced with a fiendish grin.

"Sure Dan?" Phil asked as he looked up into Dan's brown eyes. He squeezed Dan's hands as they connected.

"100%." Dan answered, glancing at the clock and pulling Phil up. "Come on, we'll go now while they're all in class."

Phil shrugged on Dan's back pack and picked up his bag, fishing around for his keys. "Need any help with your bags Danny?"

"I'm okay my love," he announced, putting one of his bags of either of his shoulders, feeling them pull him down. "Is it just in the student carpark?" he asked, looking around the room one last time.

"Yeah. My parents bought me a porsche coz they didn't wanna help me move. Imagine that. Trying to buy my love with money, again. Follow me." Phil led Dan to the blue car and zapped it unlocked before popping the boot. He motioned for Dan to put his bags in as Phil did the same.

Dan looked at the car in slight awe. He wasn't really into them, but knew this was an expensive vehicle. He placed his bags in the boot, and took his backpack off of Phil's back as he walked round to the passengers side.

"Booze in the back Dan. If we get caught with that, there's no way to explain it away." Phil stated as he got behind the drivers seat and stuck his keys into the ignition.

Dan got out a packet of his cigarettes and shoved them in his pocket before leaning out of his seat and carefully placing it amongst their other bags. "Ready?" he asked, grinning with excitement.

"Yeah. Let's get out of here. Finally." Phil said as he pressed a button that closed the boot and turned the car on. He steered the car out of the carpark and turned on the satnav. "Chuck London into the GPS."

Dan punched the screen tentatively, working out the system and trying to get it to work. "That way!" he announced, pointing left and chuckled.

"I can't see where you're pointing Dan." Phil chuckled as he turned left and shifted gears, speeding away from the school.

"I'm pointing at London Phil," Dan pouted, then giggled again. He watched the school grow smaller and smaller as they drove away, seeing it disappear. "Music?" he suggested, trying to work out the radio.

"Sure. Just press the blue button. That's the CD. You'll get used to it." Phil rested his hand on the gearstick as he drove confidently with one hand.

Dan did as he was told and sat back, running his hands along the contours of the car and then glanced at Phil, taking in his confidence. "You're so hot," he announced out of the blue.

"Are you talking to me or the car?" Phil giggled as he glanced at the satnav, making the necessary turns.

"I only got with you for the Porsche," Dan said wistfully, teasing Phil. He moved a hand to Phil's knee and squeezed it lightly.

"That makes no sense Daniel. You didn't even know I had a Porsche before this morning." Phil laughed as he switched into 5th gear, merging onto the motorway.

"You got me, I was talking about you." Dan admitted facetiously, grinning at the road ahead of them.

"I love you Dan. I can't believe I managed to find a fiance as brilliant as you." Phil mused. He thought about how incredibly lucky he was to have been able to meet Dan and now Dan was his and Phil was ecstatic.

"I love you too," Dan replied. "I never thought that I'd find the love of my life so early," he commented in response to Phil's comment and squeezing his knee again gently.

"You'll have to stop squeezing me. Or I'll have to find the nearest lookout and we'll have to stop." Phil warned. Dan's touch was enough to make his heart beat faster and Dan squeezing his knee wasn't helping.

Dan released his grip but kept it on his knee. "Sorry, I can't resist my beautiful future husband. He's so manly and in charge when he drives his big car," Dan cooed, turning to look at Phil's profile.

"Manly? Me? You're kidding right?" Phil inquired. He still didn't understand what Dan saw in him but he wasn't going to question it. He just thanked god for how lucky he was.

"Phil, you're ridiculously manly." Dan replied, chuckling. "The way you dominated me this morning, fuck. That was manly." he said, trying to tease Phil.

"Dan, I'm warning you, if you keep going I will search for the nearest look out and we will be christening this car." Phil growled. He tightened his grip on the steering wheel as he resisted the urge to just pull over and fuck Dan by the side of the road.

Dan chuckled. "Okay, okay. I'll stop." he resigned, moving his hand back to his own lap and tapping along the music. "Mind if I have a smoke? I'll stick my head out the window." he asked.

"I'd rather you not in my car. Sorry babe, but its expensive. I need to stop soon anyway." Phil veered to the left as he spotted a petrol station and parked the car.

"Fair enough," Dan answered, not too concerned and sat contently as they pulled into the petrol station. "Want to use my card?" Dan offered.

"Nah, the car's fine. I need to pee. Hence why I stopped. Chain smoke a few while I'm inside coz I won't stop for a while." Phil offered as he walked towards to building to relieve himself.

Dan chuckled and got out, leaning against the car and lit up a smoke, judging he was a safe enough distance from the petrol tanks. He glanced around, taking in his surroundings and the fact that he was really running away with the love of his life.

Phil made his way back to the car and asked Dan if he'd like a refreshment of some description. Phil was thirsty and had forgotten to bring something with him.

Dan dropped the butt of his smoke and stepped it out, slipping his hand in Phil's. "I'll come with, I'm a bit peckish too."

Phil zapped his car locked and led Dan into the store. He grabbed a water and a coke, needing the caffeine, and walking to the counter to wait for Dan.

Dan ran his eyes quickly over selection, picking out a water and a packet of chips and joined Phil at the counter. "I can pay," he offered, getting out his wallet.

"If you want. But we gotta remember that we need to buy an apartment." Phil said as he handed his things over.

Dan handed his card over to the teller and punched in his pin. "If this $10 spree breaks the budget, I'll be very angry." he announced, grinning at Phil as it processed.

"You smartass. I meant we can't just buy stuff everywhere." Phil chided as he chuckled. He slipped his hand into Dan's and walked back to the car. He put his waterbottle inside after he unlocked it and opened up his caffeine filled drink, taking a huge gulp.

Dan put his bottle in the holder and opened his chips carefully, trying his best to be tidy with them. "Want one my darling?" he asked, putting one in his own mouth.

Phil shook his head. "Maybe later. I didn't get coffee so coke is my baby now."

"Okay," Dan nodded, biting the inside of his lip slightly. "Have you been to London before?" he asked.

"Never. My parents never took me anywhere. Left me at home every time they would go somewhere. So I haven't been anywhere but home and school." Phil admitted. He felt so small and uncultured.

He nodded again. "I've only been a few times, but I can remember some of it." he answered. "We should go to this park I visited when we get there, it was so beautiful. We can sleep in your car in the car park, under the stars."

"Ok, you'll have to tell me where it is when we get there. I'm sure the park is nowhere as beautiful as you Dan." Phil said before he started the car up again and continued their journey.

"Cheeeesy," Dan teased, taking a sip of his drink and buckling his seatbelt up as Phil speed out of the petrol station.

"Hey, I say just let the cheese flow. But its true Dan." Phil chuckled as he kept his eyes trained on the road.

"Aww." Dan cooed, turning to look at Phil again, trying to memories his profile. He wanted to touch him but knew he shouldn't, so sat on his hands.

Phil grinned as Dan swooned over him. "I still can't believe it. I'm dreaming am I Dan?"

"You're not dreaming darling. I'm truly, madly, deeply in love with my husband to be, and we're on our way to London to live together forever." he announced, pinching Phil's arm gently to prove he wasn't dreaming.

Phil gasped as Dan pinched him. "No fair. That hurt." Phil pouted. "But I'm in love with you Dan. I'm glad I found you and plucked up the courage to ask you to marry me."

Dan chuckled. "I still can't really believe you did," he mused, looking down at his left hand at the slightly faded scribble of a ring.

"I wanna get you a proper one you know. But we need somewhere to live first. Asking you was super hard, and I wasn't sure how to do it and then we were drawing on each other and I decided to just go for it." Phil said, grateful his parents did try to buy his love with money as they were funding his new life with Dan.

"There's no hurry. The promise is enough to keep me going," Dan answered, running his fingertip around where it would go. "I'm glad you did, I probably wouldn't have had the courage to ask you for a long long time." he admitted, glancing at Phil and then the road.

"Alright babe. I would have asked sooner or later. I can't wait." Phil wanted to kiss Dan but he had to keep his eyes on the road.

"Neither can I," Dan said somewhat wistfully, glancing out at the road ahead of them, tapping his foot slightly to the music they hand playing.

"We're almost there aren't we? I'm so excited!" Phil squealed.

Dan grinned as he started to see some familiar sites from his last visit. "I think so," he said, feeling the bubbles rise in his stomach again.

"So where's this park? I wanna watch the sunset with you from high up in a tree. Maybe we should look for apartments first?" Phil chuckled as he drove around.

"We could always just live in a tree. Turn right here," Dan announced. "We'll go to McDonalds and use their wifi tomorrow and look for one on my laptop."

"Ok, But no to living in a tree. That would be mega cold." Phil giggled as he followed Dan's directions.

"I know how to keep you warm," Dan chuckled. "I think it's left up here." he announced, trying to remember the roads.

"Dan we're not having sex in a tree." Phil warned as he pulled up next to the park and turned the car off.

Dan looked at Phil for a few seconds before leaning over the seats and kissing Phil abruptly, finally being able to embrace him after the arduous wait of the past few hours.

Phil smiled into their kiss. "I know, it was hard for me to wait too." Phil unbuckled his seat belt and ran around to Dan's door, throwing him against the car and attacking his lips.

Dan ran his hands up Phil's back, kissing him back passionately and pulling him as close to his own body as he could.

Phil tried to refrain himself from going any further as he pulled away and said "I missed you" against Dan's lips.

"I was right there," Dan giggled softly, running his nose alongside Phil's and keeping his eyes shut.

"Yeah, but I couldn't touch you or I'd crash into something. So I missed you." Phil said, knowing that it was cheesy but he didn't care.

"I missed you too," Dan agreed with a smile, pecking Phil's lips again. He put his hand into Phil's and tugged him away from the car. "Come, I want to show you something."

"You can..." Phil reached into his pocket for his keys to lock his car and allowed Dan to lead him anywhere he wanted.

Dan pulled Phil's wrist in so he could kiss him again before looking for the mouth of the path he was searching for. He lead them towards it and through the trees. "This was the best part," he exclaimed, hoping it hadn't changed.

Phil giggled at Dan's excitedness and followed him down the path. "Where are we going darling?"

Dan pulled his hand a bit as the trees cleared. "Here," he announced, standing in front of a peacefully calm body of water, circled by grass and then trees. The soon to be setting sun reflected in the water and set a seemingly perfect scene. He turned to Phil, judging his reaction.

Phil's jaw dropped as he saw the scene before him. "It's beautiful Danny." he breathed. He pulled Dan to him and kissed him, wanting to savour this moment as it would become one of his favourites.

Dan kissed him back tenderly, more with love than lust and wrapped his arms around Phil's neck, pulling his head closer.

"I love you Dan." Phil whispered onto Dan's lips. He gazed into Dan's eyes getting lost in them and smiled as his heart tried to burst out of his chest with the feelings it contained for this boy.

"I love you more," Dan answered, returning Phil's gaze as the world around them faded away.

Phil sighed as he nuzzled into Dan's shoulder. "Can we stay here for a while?"

Dan took Phil's hand and led him closer to the lake and then lay down on the grass. "We'll watch the sunset." he announced, looking up at Phil from the ground.

Phil knelt in front of Dan kissing him before lying beside him and intertwining their hands.

Dan grinned as Phil joined him, and he tilted his head to the side to look at Phil. "This is perfect." he announced.
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