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Sorry... :L

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Stupid hormones...sorry..I'll explain..

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I'm sorry guys,about yesterday.
Blame my period and hormones,they fuck up my brain sometimes.

Yeah,I am really sorry.
I'll delete that post,and we forget about it.

You'll forget about it...right?

I made cookies,well,they're not real..virtual ones'll be okay right?

holds out the cookies and waits for you all to take one.

I also made a virtual cheesecake for Ellie,if she wants it.

leaves it by the door

So,I'll delete that post..

Next timeif I go a bit pissed when I'm normally not,blame the fucking hormones guys.
I'm blaming them now..

You forgive me right? right?!

xx Cupcake

sits and waits for y'all to smile again..and for my fucking writers block to go away so I can update Out For Revenge.
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