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Just a little thing I wrote about scars. Not too sure about the rating :)

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Scars are beautiful to me. Not just the actual physical mark but the battles behind those scars. If someone has scars then it means they have survived. These marks tell you a story this persons life; when they were beyond consoling, when they felt alone, when someone they knew died etc.

A friend of mine told me that if I cut and scarred myself then I would regret it. I won’t regret my scars but other people will see me as different/abnormal/a freak. I will see these scars as a map of how I lived my early life and how I (hopefully) got out of such a dark place and I will accept them as a part of me even if others do not. My scars are a reminder of what I have done and might serve as a warning not to repeat these things.

If you have scars learn to love them and accept them as a part of you.
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