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I'mma be there for you,I promise.

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A promise is a promise.

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I know how hard it is,to give up something that has become your habit,an addiction.Weather it be Self-harm,Anorexia or Bulimia,I don't care.
I just want you to know,I'll be there for you all,every single step of the way.

I know how hard it is,to give up on self-harming.I did give up,but I still think about it every day,all the fucking time.Sometimes,I relapse.But,I'm trying to get better,to believe in myself,just like My Chem believe in me,and all of us.

I am telling the truth.
My Chemical Romance,those 4 guys from New Jersey,believe in us.They put their entire willpower,to record some music,and love to see us smile.
I mean,look at their interviews.When they talk about us,the MCRmy and their fans,they don't act all big,or cocky.They are true.Even though they are big,to us,they are just 4 guys from New Jersey,who love doing what they do.So,don't self harm,because you guys,you're stronger than this.

Noe,I've never had anorexia,or bulimia.
But I tell those who have eating disorders this.
You are beautiful.
So what if you're not like the other girls on the covers of the magazines?
You are who you are,and you don't need to change yourself to look like some slut on the cover of a magazine,to show who you really are.
To me,looks don't fucking matter,all that's important is how you feel on the inside.

So,I'll say it again.
I will be with you guys,as you fight your battles.I'll be right by your side.

I love you all,and don't ever,and I mean ever,fucking change for anybody.

xx Sadie
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