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Sakura ponders.

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Sakura knew all about beauty.

She might be a ninja, shaped into a weapon for death and destruction from her youngest schooling. But deeper than that, she was still female. She still kept the deep appreciation for moments of beauty that was wired into her psyche.

Sometimes that beauty was a physical thing; the flood of light through leaves as she ran with her team-mates, or the flowers for which she was named. Sometimes, a particular kimono might catch her eye, and tempt her back to look again. But never buy. Such things were not for her...

Sometimes, that beauty went deeper, like the love she felt for her family. Because love like that was a form of beauty, even if it wasn't a visible one.

Occasionally, she found beauty even in the darkness of a ninja's arts. That fierce rush of triumph when the kunai hit just so and the blood flew from the target before they could injure her team, her family.

It had taken some meditation to come to terms with that aspect of beauty, but eventually, she accepted it and placed it aside. Like all subjects concerning beauty, it had no home within her.

Lee, though... Lee disagreed. Like everything else he did, Lee disagreed enthusiastically, loudly and with the whole of his heart.

Lee confused her.

Why would he try to court someone as far from beauty as her? Why would he think she was pretty, when the boy she had tried so hard to appeal to treated her like she didn't even exist?

What could he possibly see in her, that Sasuke had overlooked?

No. Sasuke was an Uchiha, the last Uchiha. He couldn't overlook anything. She was obviously just not worth his notice.

Sakura knew all about beauty.

But there was a reason she never lingered at the mirror...
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