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Repeating Mistakes

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I couldn't believe it

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She knew, since when the two had first met, first began talking;
became friends over a stupid project on whatever job you would be interested in.
She chose singer, posting a picture of Black Veil Brides to back up her point, that's when the taller girl knew who her new best friend was going to be.

She had a KILLER taste in music, real epic cut hair, all around an amazing style; something Sam was incredibly jealous of.

You like BVB?
Yeah, I've been into them since a couple summers ago
That is fucking amazing, like nobody around here likes them
Everyone around here is a bunch of cunts
With a laugh she answered, explaining how her name was Kacey.

The two had soon became insuperable, introducing the other to their group of friends (Sam only having 1 friend from her old school, as the rest decided once in High School she wasn't worth their time).

It went on like this, something arising as the younger one talked about a certain concert she found out about on twitter.

YES!! I really hope I'm allowed to go!
I wish I could, my parents won't take me to a concert
I could talk to my parents about taking you if I'm allowed

A month and a half later, spirits high about the best motherfucking concert of all time, as it was Sum 41 and Billy Talent, Kacey began to change her personality, her outlook on things.

She began to pity herself, acting like her life was the worst, like no matter what you where going through, she had more going on than you.
Half of these "problems" involved wanting a boyfriend though.
It pissed many people off, annoying Sam to a point as she couldn't even keep up a simple 5 minute conversation with her friend.

Are you okay?
Okay, you just seem so off; anything wrong?
No, nothing
Look at it, only a couple more weeks!
Sam grinned, the thought of going to see her favorite band filled her mind; it was an amazing feeling.
The pre-concert nerves, the "what-if's" that arise.
A feeling that can't be explained.

Kacey faked a small smile, with a simple
And resumed her usual position, hunched over her desk; hood up, moping.

In the middle of this class, a knock at the door followed by the teacher's "oh you must be our new student in this class" filled the somewhat quiet room.

"Class, this is.." The teacher started only for the girl to finish


A happy scream filled the room, as all eyes turned to stare at a happy, fucking estatic Kacey.
A side of her friend Sam missed.

The two, who where friends before hand, became closer than ever; hanging out with each other, talking about subjects that Sam didn't get, nor cared about.

"Hey so, can we do one of those walk and rant things?" Sam whispered one day, walking up to where her friend was standing on her phone.

"Oh, sorry; Lila and I are going out!" Sam shrugged it off, following as her friend guestered to join for a while.

"The concert is soon." Sam whispered, hands pressing farther into her hoodie.

"I know right?! Lila is so jealous like ohmygod, I'm probably going to buy her a shirt and all that; I wish we could take her you know? Is it too late to buy tickets?" These files of questions pissing the younger girl off, to the point where she plain out said "fuck it!", spun and went to find what seemed to be her only true friend now'a days.

"Hey! What's wrong?" The boy looked at his friend, who was almost at the point of tears.

"Cheer me up, now. I'll explain later." The older one nodded, starting to help his friend cheer up from whatever made her feel the way she did.

"What was wrong ealier?" The boy asked, flopping down in his usual spot beside the girl on the bus.

"I think my "friend" is just using me."

Yeah, true shit. I honestly am at the point of not talking to her after the fucking concert because of this shit, like holy fuck
Xo A VERY pissed/stressed Sam

Wow, that was angry
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