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**Unfinished Jalex smut.** Jack is addicted to Alex's lips.

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In every individual, there's something that makes them unique. Their skin is a perfect shade of porcelain white, their eyes are an ivy green that leave you feeling haunted for ages afterwards. What made Alex unique, to Jack, was his lips.

Jack was in love with Alex's lips.

Alex's lips weren't anything special - they were a delicate shade of pink, and they weren't overly big or small. They were plump, and carried no piercings like Matt's. Somehow, though, Jack was drawn to them. He couldn't get enough of the movement, and what was even better was when Alex licked his lips and made them shimmer. It sent shivers up Jack's spine and he just loved it.

The absolute best thing, though, was those rare occasions where Alex kissed him and left the slightest taste of ginger on Jack's own lips. No one knew that Alex wore ginger lip gloss from The Body Shop - no one except Jack. It made the Lebanese man feel special, like one of the world's biggest secrets was on his lips. He made sure not to eat or drink after Alex had kissed him. It would wash away the sweet taste.

Alex's lips also got him into big trouble. Take today, for example. They were playing a show in New York and Jack had fucked up big time, missing his cues because his eyes were trained on the beauty that was Alex's lips. Luckily, no one noticed, but Jack felt like such a fucking failure. During the gap between songs, Alex danced over to Jack, smirking as he wrapped his arms round the younger man's waist.

"I apologize for our guitarist's mistakes, he's just horny. He hasn't been laid in ages," Alex crowed at the crowd, and they ate it up, screaming for more. Jack's cheeks burnt an embarrassing shade of pink, which rapidly turned pale white as Alex pressed his ginger-flavored lips against the flesh behind Jack's ear, sucking softly at it for a moment before pulling away, strutting back to his own place with a cocky grin on his lips. He started playing Lost in Stereo and suddenly the blood was back in Jack's ears, pounding as he leapt round the stage, grinning wide as he let his fingers fly across the neck of his guitar, giving the crowd of teenagers what they came here for. But Jack wasn't grinning like a Cheshire Cat because he loved the crowd, oh no. He was grinning because before he pulled away, Alex had whispered something to Jack. Meet me in the changing room.


Jack leant against the back wall of the now-abandoned changing room, tapping his fingers idly against his thigh. He turned his head to look at the door for the seventh time in seven minutes - nothing. Not one thing. He sighed, close to giving up on Alex when the door discreetly creaked open. Alex chuckled darkly as he closed the door, locking it with the key that dangled from his fingers.

"Don't think I didn't notice you staring," he growled in a seductive tone, slowly making his way towards Jack.

"I notice the way you stare at me - well, my lips. What is it about them, Jacky? Is it because they're too big? Too small?" Alex taunted as he pressed his chest against Jack's, capturing the taller boy's bottom lip between his teeth.

"Or is it... because they taste like ginger? I always knew you had a thing for my ginger lip gloss, Jacky." And that was it, that last sentence. No more words were spoken, it was just the sound of lips meeting lips messily, tongues colliding and wrapping round each other, small moans being emitted from ginger lips. Jack's eyes rolled into the back of his skull as Alex kept on kissing him, those magical, rosy lips working wonders on Jack's own.

"More," Jack whispered, voice barely fucking there. Alex didn't argue, pulling Jack closer, unbuttoning his jeans with nimble fingers. He smirked as he sank to his knees, teeth gripping the cold, metal zip of Jack's pants. Slowly, he yanked Jack's zip down and pulled his jeans down to his ankles.

"So eager, Jacky.." Alex purred as he pressed his lips to the kind of massive bulge in Jack's jeans, eliciting a desperate moan from the younger. Alex chuckled softly, curling his fingers underneath the waistband of the guitarist's boxers. He took his time slowly sliding Jack's boxers down his legs, smirking up at the taller man.

"Fuck, Alex, just fucking do it," Jack begged, head thrown back, eyes half-lidded, bottom lip caught between his bottom lip. Alex complied silently, wrapping his ginger-flavoured lips round the tip of Jack's cock, causing the dark-haired man to let out a needy moan.

"Mmm, Jacky, might tease you, Jacky, might make it hurt.." Alex moaned in suck a fake tone that Jack was just about ready to slap the older man.

"Do it, you fucking slut," he urged, voice husky. Alex needed no further encouragement, sinking his mouth down on the guitarist's length and relishing in the moan that Jack emitted. Slowly, he began to bob his head and Jesus, that had Jack's fingers threaded through Alex's hair, moaning like a cheap whore. Alex smirked and hollowed out his cheeks, taking the younger man deeper into his throat and bringing him even closer to the edge.

Jack's eyes were half-lidded, head slumped against the wall, mouth open in the most perfect little "O" ever. The trails of uh-uh-uh's leaving his lips was turning Alex on more than he could ever imagine. Jack let off a loud moan, a sound that could be better classified as a scream, panting softly as he bucked his hips up, and fuck, that moment came. His stomach was white-hot, his thighs were fucking trembling, visibly so, his back was arched, and with a cry of Alex's name, he came, moaning and panting and shaking, watching Alex swallow and pull off, smirking that little shit-eating smirk that he loved and hated so much. Fuckfuckfuckfuckshitfuck.

"God, you're amazing," Jack mumbled, tugging his boxers back up. Alex shook his head and pushed the material back down, letting it fall down Jack's spindly legs and end at his ankles.

"I ain't done with you yet," he chuckled darkly. Jack's eyes widened, pupils dilating as he leant forward. Alex pushed him back, hand against his chest as he shook his head again.

"Bend over, slut," Alex rasped, chocolate eyes swallowed whole by the black of his pupils.

"Over what? The air?" Jack joked weakly before being shoved towards a make-up desk, Alex behind him, tugging at his own jeans.

"Shut the fuck up," Alex rolled his eyes as he finally rid himself of his jeans, roughly spinning Jack round, smirking as he watched the younger boy fucking shake. It was kind of a turn on, to see Jack so fucking turned on he was shaking. Alex pulled open a drawer, revealing a bottle of lube. Warming, too, Jack was in for a surprise. Alex slowly lubed three fingers up, pressing two against Jack's entrance.

"Jesus, fuck, Alex.." The boy let off a slutty whimper, pushing his hips back. Slowly and carefully, in order not to hurt him, Alex slid two fingers in, and for a moment Jack couldn't remember what felt good about being fucked. Then, Alex curled his fingers and yeah, Jack could very much remember what felt good about being fucked as he let out a loud moan that could rival a fucking porn star. Alex closed his eyes, reveling in the hot sounds Jack was making. Slowly, he slid another finger in, and Jack was melting in indescribable ecstasy.

"Alex, please, I need you.." The guitarist murmured, hips bucking back. Alex nodded, sliding his fingers out and lining himself up. At this point, he didn't even give a fuck, he needed to get off and fucking soon. He roughly thrusted into the taller of the pair, managing to hit Jack's prostate dead-on and fuck. A trail of desperate moans left Jack's lips as he wrapped a hand round his cock, jerking himself roughly in time to Alex's thrusts. Leaning down, the caramel-haired man began to leave angry purple hickeys along Jack's neck.

And then Jack came.

Yeah, nah. I'll finish this soon.
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