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Let's Get Scientific

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**More freakin' unfinished smut.** "Go jerk off on 'Strom's desk."

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If there's one thing Alex can't take seriously, it's school. Well, Jack and his school. Speaking of which- the hour he and Jack have to spend after school is proving to be more amusing than usual.

"I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!" Jack crows as he spins across the science lab on a green chair, the hard plastic type, with wheels. He lays on his belly, arms and legs going everywhere. Alex chuckles from his place on the worn-down couch, glancing back down at his paper before choking out a spluttered gasp.

"Holy shit. Jack!" The younger boy cocks an eyebrow and makes his way over to Alex, who is currently staring wide-eyed at the piece of paper before him.

"What?" A small, playful smirk claims it's place on the darker-haired boy's plump lips.

"A-arrow worm." Alex covers half of the image with his finger. The image, as Alex knows Jack will put it, is-

"IT'S A DICK!" Jack cries gleefully, falling onto the couch next to Alex, laughing and clutching at his stomach.

"No shit, Sherlock," Alex retorts, removing his finger. He looks back at the image, only seeing a dick. Except, now he sees the dick as someone's dick. A certain someone. Someone who may be sitting next to him. Fuck.

"Lex, I'm bored!" Jack whines, turning to Alex. The older boy shrugs, focusing his gaze on his work.

"Go find something to do. Jerk off on 'Strom's desk, I dunno." Alex rolls his eyes as the words slip past his lips. Jack knows he's joking, but he can't help but take advantage of this moment. He pushes himself off the couch, strutting purposefully over to the teacher's desk. Mr. Akerstrom- their old, Swedish science teacher- is gone, and has been for a few minutes. He is teaching an after-school activity. Alex and Jack would normally be in the art room, working on whatever art project they were currently doing. Today, though, their Art teacher had to get sick. Alex was taking his time to work on the science homework due for tomorrow, whereas Jack preferred to fool around. It's only when the first gentle moan slips out into the air does Alex realize just what his best friend is doing. He lets off a choked scream.


He abandons his science homework, pen clattering to the floor. He sprints over to Jack - who actually has his dick out of his pants. It's only then that Alex takes in how hot Jack is. How his eyes look so damn sexy when they're half-lidded. How his lips are formed in the sexiest little "O" shape ever. Jack twists his head round and smirks at Alex.

"Thought this would have you come running," the younger boy whispers. He words are interspersed with moans. His hand moves faster, and slower. And faster, and slower. He builds himself up a weird not-really-rhythm-but-it'll-do-till-Alex-is-on-his-knees rhythm. Alex's eyes are trained on Jack's hand - and more importantly, his boner. The older boy's eyes darken instantly with want, and lust. He needs Jack. More than he needs a damn good grade in Science.

"Come with me," Alex hisses as he yanks Jack's hand away from its former position. The Lebanese boy whines softly in protest, scowling at Alex before said Alex tugs on his hand. He signals silently for Jack to pull up his pants. Jack does so, biting at the soft flesh of his lower lip. Is Alex going to take him somewhere? It's only when Alex pulls him into the closet does Jack realize, oh my god I'm about to get laid in a closet with a whole bunch of preserved dead animals staring at me.
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