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Merry Christmas, Fuck Me Till I'm Screaming

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**Jesus, more unfinished smut.** "All I want for Christmas is you.."

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Merry Christmas, Fuck Me Till I'm Screaming

Christmas - a time known for booze, booze, and Home Alone on the All Time Low tour bus. Well, that's what it was usually like. Usually, Alex was the most festive one on the whole damned bus, but this year, he had turned into the Grinch. Or Ebenezer Scrooge. Ebenezer Grinch? Grinch Scrooge? Whatever.

"Christmas," he had huffed earlier. "What's it fucking good for?"

Jack, overhearing his boyfriend's anti-Christmas rant (believe me, Jack was downright appalled when Alex went into detail about the anti-Santa missiles he planned to leave at the door), decided to change Alex's views. He had sent Alex out to get milk (only God and Kevin McCallister know why Jack wanted milk) and called the rest of the band, the crew, and Rian and Zack's girlfriends (Cassadee and Ash) together.

"Guys, I have a plan for getting Lex back into his festive mood," Jack whispered, a grin lighting up his face. Ash quirked a delicately arched brow, then let off a soft giggle as Zack whispered into her ear.

"You're gonna fuck him to the opening credits of Home Alone?" Ash queried, voicing Zack's opinion. Jack smirked, and rolled his eyes.

"Ashlie Harlequin Shadlow, that's fuckin' blasphemy right there. You can't fuck to Home Alone, that's like.. like.... jerking off to Scott Pilgrim." At that last sentence, Ash's face crumpled into a combination of disgust and.. well, the image of Zack Merrick jerking off to Michael Cera.

"It's gotta be something sexual. You two are, like, the most sexually active people we know," Rian chuckled.

"I dunno, man, Matt and his hand are pretty damn close. Although, Ash and I win kinkiest couple here." Zack grinned devilishly at Matt, whose cheeks flushed a bright, bright red. Happy Holidays, everyone, brought to you from Matthew Flyzik, the red-cheeked tour manager.

"Anyway, I'm gonna need the bus evacuated. Like, in an hour. You gotta take Lex out for drinks, okay?" Jack commanded the group with a fierce nod of his head. Ash nodded, and so did Cassadee. The two girls shared a knowing look, and burst into giggles. Jack read their minds somehow and groaned inwardly.

"Cass, Ash, you guys think dirtier tha-"

"WOAH! What've I missed?" came Alex's voice from the doorway of the bus.

"WHO'S UP FOR DRINKS?!" Danny and Vinny cackled as they ran forwards, grabbing a startled Alexander by the arms.

"Wha- PUT ME DOWN! I'm still holding the fucking milk! JACK, HELP!!"


"L-Lex?" Jack wept into the phone.

"Yeah, baby?" Alex answered, worry evident in his quite sober voice.

"I-I hurt my leg. I need you to come back to the bus.." Jack whined. He laid on the couch in the back, biting his lip.

"Be right there, Jacko. I love you," Alex whispered as he hung up.

"Guys, Jack's hurt himself, I'm gonna head home," Alex told the group. Cassadee nodded, as did Rian. Ash and Zack were nowhere to be seen - Alex had the slightest feeling the couple had taken refuge in the beautiful, luxurious nightclub bathroom (the way they always do when Zack has a few too many shots and Ash grinds on him). Danny and Vinny were leaning against the bar, knocking back shots like there actually was no fucking tomorrow. Alex chuckled to himself and made his way out if the club, very fucking conscious of the slutty chick who grabbed at his ass. Uh, no, bitch. As he looked back at the club, he recognized the girl. Her name was Lisa somethin'-rather, he fucked her once. To be fair, he was really fucking drunk that night.


"Jack?" Alex called into the pitch-black bus. Jack had turned off all the lights.

"In here," Jack whispered hoarsely from the back of the bus. Alex heard it - barely - and nodded, making his way to the back of the bus. He flicked on the lights, and holy shit.

Jack was sat on the couch, eyes sparkling with lust. He wore what was possibly the hottest fucking Santa suit ever - a Santa hat was perched on his bleached locks, and a loose red velvet coat adorned the rest of him. He wore it unbuckled, so it revealed his slender chest, and his boxers that hugged him in all the right places and fuck, Alex was turned on.

"Alexander, you've been a naughty boy," Jack growled in a seductive tone. He pushed himself off the couch, and sauntered slowly over to Alex, who was basically fucking rooted to his spot. Jack chuckled and wrapped his skinny arms round Alex's hips.

"Whatcha got to say for yourself, Lex?" He purred into Alex's ear.

"Uh.. uh.. fuck me?" Alex suggested weakly, biting at his lip as his hands slid to Jack's waist, eyes wide.

"Doesn't work like that, sugar," Jack chided. He took Alex's hand, and pushed the older boy onto the couch. Jack pulled a candy cane from an overly large sack that was propped up against the further side of the couch. He then straddled Alex's lap, smirking in a tantalizing way. Holy fuck, Alex thought. Bitch's gonna fucking give it a blowjob.

And Alex was right. Jack was in fact going to give it a blowjob. It being the candy cane. He outstretched his tongue, smirking as he drew the hooked section of the peppermint flavored sweet into his mouth. He swirled his tongue round the tip, letting off a soft, oh-so-tempting moan.

"Jack, don't tease.." Alex warned, hands on Jack's hips. Jack shrugged, continuing to seductively suck his damn candy cane.

"You know what? Fuck this," Alex growled as he gripped Jack's hips. He pushed the younger man off of him, and instead straddled Jack's hips. He yanked the candy cane out of Jack's mouth and scowled at him. Jack pouted, with big, innocent eyes.

"Jeez, what'd I ever do to you?" He chuckled, leaning in for a hot, peppermint kiss. Alex didn't reply, too busy exploring Jack's mouth with his tongue. A quiet moan escaped the younger's lips as he bucked his hips up.

"Get down on your knees, and tell me you love me," Alex groaned softly as he pulled away from Jack. He loved using that line, and he loved it even more when Jack was on his fucking knees. Because it usually lead to head and, you know, if you wanna sleep well, you need a blowjob.

"I-I love you," Jack whispered hoarsely as he scrambled to his knees, a devious smirk on his lips as he glanced up at Alex. The caramel-haired man nodded his approval.

"Now, Jack, you know what happens next. I set the timer for two minutes. I tease you as much as possible. Simple." Alex rolled his eyes when Jack gasped. He knew just how much Jack hated being teased.

"It's for your own good, baby," he reassured Jack as he set the timer on his phone. Jack muttered something to himself and settled back in the couch. Smirking, Alex got to work. He slowly, seductively pulled his shirt off his head, exposing his pale chest. Jack bit his lip, whining quietly. Alex chuckled at how easy it was to turn Jack on. He began to lay soft, taunting kisses along Jack's jaw, occasionally pressing a kiss to the younger man's neck.

"All I want for Christmas is you.." He sang huskily as he sucked on a patch of skin, the skin right in between Jack's collarbones. The boy let off a soft moan, tilting his head back and bucking his hips forth.

I'm literally spamming you guys with my unfinished Jalex smut today. I just want opinions.
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