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I Wish You'd Stop.

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Please stop. Please.

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I Wish You'd Stop.

What are you doing?
Why are you here?
What's in your hand?

Why are you crying?
What are you saying?
What do you mean,end it all?

No,I won't let you.
You can't,you can't just leave me.
Do you know what it'd do to me?
Do you even care?

Stop it,I mean it.
I won't let it end this way.
I know you are strong enough.
So just please,don't give in.

What did I tell you?
Why did you do that?
Didn't you even care at all?

I said not to leave me.
I said not to cry.
I said not to give in.
I said you were strong enough.

I guess you weren't strong enough.
You let them get to you.
You let them minipulate you.

They played games with your mind.
Made you think the wrong things.
They made you feel guilt.

But,you didn't have to take it all out on yourself.
You didn't have to do that,to me or you.
If you'd have just told someone,you'd still be here.
But,I guess that'll never happen now,will it?

So,this is pretty serious for me.I just hate the fact that people commit suicide over bullying or guilt.I mean,coming from someone who has wanted to die over what they thought was guiltful and stuff,I know how to feel.Yet,no one should ever feel guilty of anything,even if you are guilty.You don't have to take it out on yourself,just punch a pillow or something,get a stress ball.Kellin Quinn once said 'Wrists are for bracelets,not for cutting.' So,remember what Kellin says,and don't ever harm over anything.Nothing is worth hurting yourself over,do you know who once said that? Yeah,Gerard did.And he is right.
I know he is right,I know that now.

xo Sadie
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