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Tick. Tock. Tick.....

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So, if you guys stalk around on here all the time like me, you know about my contest. And, now that I'm not totally wiped out, that I didn't tell your that much or give you an idea about what I want the extra help with.

So, once I'm done explaining, I shall be doing a prologue! Now, basics about the contest.

There's four parts, but I'm not going to tell you what each task is until it's time for them, but they will get a little harder each time.

It'll show me how much you want to work with me and that you're able to do somewhat odd things, considering it'

But, so far, we have one person in the running, Sam41! And, if you want to enter, just click on my name up there and read Free-For-All.

It's got task one in it and explanations that go deeper, blah blah blah. Enough of that now.


I stared at the clock on the wall, the light shining on it's cracked face like the sun. All I could here in the silent room was it's ticking.

The thing had been busted for years now, freezing that time forever. But still, it's damn ticking!!

I covered my ears, and the sound got louder. "How much longer?" I whispered to myself, my long hair falling over my shoulder.

The black band around my throat seemed to tighten. I fell onto my side with a small thud, my slight body not heavy enough to make any real noise.

My elbows were covered in the white fabric of my sleeves. I took my hands away from my head and looked at them. They were almost as white, my long fingers casting shadows across my cheeks in the light.

I rolled into my stomach, my arms wrapped around my torso. "How much longer?" I said louder.

The ticking had quieted, but it was still there, as if the arms of the clock still moved. I curled my legs up, my knees touching my elbows.

Behind my closed eyes, I saw it again. Lived it again.

The screams. That look. Her face. The blood.

The man had told me to do it. And here I am. Still.

"How much longer?!" I screamed, pounding the padded floor. My hair was wild now around me, falling in dirty strands into my face.

The door cracked open, and I instantly moved to a corner, huddling there to stay away from whoever it was. What I saw made my head spin and jaw drop.

The man.......

Oh, did I mention? I shant be adding on to that until the contest is over.

Hugs and Ramen,
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