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Chapter VII of The Black Mist, in which Mireille wanders around the mist-covered town of Brume and battles the monsters that roam its streets.

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The Black Mist
-A Junctioner: Hylianis Story-

DISCLAIMER: The Legend of Zelda, and all related characters, places, concepts, ect., mentioned within are property of Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. All other original concepts presented within are property of me, myself, and I.


A sense of dread filled Mireille's heart as she walked down the street into town. The mist, black as night, had thickened immensely, and she found it difficult to see much of anything in front of her. Pulling out her flashlight, she attempted to shed light on her surroundings, only to have the flashlight illuminate the immediate area in front of her and little else. Mireille's eyes darted every which way, peering into the deserted houses and buildings around her.

What happened to this place?

That was when her attention turned to the tree to her left. A black substance covered the tree, pulsating with an eerie red aura. The sound of thumping emanated from near its trunk as a large tumor-like area oscillated like a still-beating heart. Scale-like bark covered the tree, while its darkened roots reached into the decayed earth below like a parasite.

Mireille found herself repulsed by the "tree". That was not a tree—this was a horrible mockery of a tree. As a shadowy pus seethed from the tree's "roots" and blanketed the ground, covering what was once grass in a blackened mass like a spider web. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched one of the roots rise up from the ground. She stepped back, startled by the sudden movement from the otherwise immobile monstrosity in front of her.

With an inhuman speed she had never before witnessed, the tree flung its root towards her. She rolled out of the way as it whipped against the ground, sending pieces of concrete flying through the air. Before she could react, another one of the tree's roots grabbed hold of her left foot and hoisted her into the air. As she struggled to free her left foot, the mark on her left hand shimmered like a beacon in the darkness. She felt a light form in her hand, and within moments, a familiar sword materialized. She sliced the root in two and fell towards the street with a cry.

Rolling onto the ground, Mireille eyed the portion of the root still wrapped around her leg with disgust as it twitched and writhed.

This... is so... gross!

An eerie light surrounded the limb. Seconds later, the severed root burst into white hot flame. Mireille felt herself begin to panic. It was not long before she let out a blood hurdling scream. She dropped onto the ground and began to roll around in an attempt to put out the fire. The root dissolved into light, and a startled cry escaped Mireille's lips as she looked at her leg with surprise. A confused expression formed on her face as she looked at where the root had once been.

What... what the hell?

An inhuman roar echoed through the blackness of the mist as the tree began to regrow its severed root. Mireille backed away in shock and revulsion. The tree raised all of its roots into the air. Before she could do anything else, the roots raced towards her and wrapped themselves around her body. Her sword fell onto the ground with a clamor. As she writhed in the monster's limbs, they began to stream dark energy into her skin, attempting to spread their corruption into her.

Mireille screamed as the mark on her hand flared to life once more, its golden light turning white. A small, flame-like white aura surrounded her body, and the tree's limbs burst into white fire once more. The fire quickly raced down its body and as Mireille fell back onto the ground, she watched as it smoldered into light. She stepped back in awe before turning her attention to the aura around her body.

Why is this happening to me?


It's like a ghost town....

Mireille found herself approaching what appeared to be large power plant. All around her was utter desolation; not a single living soul could be found. Traffic lights still flickered with power, as did the crosswalks and street lamps that dotted the streets and intersections. Aside from the ever-present mist that blackened the air and sky, cars remained parked against curbs, their occupants long since disappeared. What plant life did exist was covered in the same, dark mass that was excreted from the monster she had destroyed not long ago.

An air of sadness hung in the stagnant mist as Mireille's gaze turned to the intersection around her. She felt pity for the former inhabitants. This was not like anything she had ever seen before. She closed her eyes, musing on the situation before her.

I wonder if there are any survivors?

"Hello? Is anyone here?"

Only silence greeted her back in response. A sad expression formed on her face as she continued down the road before her.

"If anyone can hear me... please answer...."

"He... lp... m... e...."

A sudden chill ran down the young woman's spine as a haunted whisper greeted her in response. Mireille turned around, only to see a shadow shambling toward her amidst the black mist. As it moved into her field of vision, a frightened gasp escaped her lips. On one half of the figure's body was that of a normal man, while the other was that of a monstrosity. His human hand twitched violently while his other hand, dark as night, grew claws. Like an infection, the mass of shadow that was his right side spread to his left side.

"It... hur... ts... m... ak... th... p... n... g... a... wa...."

Mireille held out her hands reflexively as her sword and shield formed from light once more. As she stepped backward, the figure screamed, his voice becoming less human with each passing second until only a monstrous roar could be heard. What was left of the man's humanity faded, replaced instead with a mockery of his visage. As soulless white eyes peered into her own with a feral intensity, other inhuman growls resounded through the stale air. Within moments other such monsters sprang forth from the shadows.

She dashed towards the creatures, brandishing her sword. As they leaped at her, she slashed at them. With a swipe of their claws they tore into her sweater, sending bits of fabric flying. As others soon joined in, Mireille held her sword behind her as she concentrated. In moments she unleashed a vortex of energy from her blade, sending them soaring backwards. Other monsters soon took the place of the ones she had been attacking. As she unleashed attack after attack, exhaustion began to take hold.

There's too many of them... I can't keep this up forever....

Her body trembled as she became outnumbered. The monsters charged toward her and Mireille darted away from the monsters in hopes of escaping them. To her dismay, they continued to chase her as she ran into a nearby building. Running down a long flight of stairs, she descended deeper and deeper into the building until she came to a door at the bottom.

When she opened the door, she found herself standing before what appeared to be a large vault. To its right was a small monitor, which remained inactive. A small two-way radio hung on the wall to the left. Two fluorescent lights barely lit the room amidst the mist that choked the air. As she frantically scanned the room, static emitted from the nearby radio.

"C... any... hea... th... s... re... tra... p... If... a... ca... he... r... th... s... ple... res... nd...."

Before she could do anything else, monsters burst into the room. Mireille closed her eyes, bracing herself. As she held up her shield to block their claws, she found herself flung through the air. With a cry of agony, she found herself thrown into a wall, knocking it down. Anger boiled inside of her until she could contain her rage no longer.

As the mark on her left hand glowed once more, she felt a powerful torrent of energy surge throughout her entire body. From underneath the rubble which she found herself, her thrust her left hand as a bright light surrounded her body. The rubble suddenly flew across the room, and the figure of Mireille stood up. A white aura surrounded her body, this time much more intense. Gone was her sweater and jeans; in their place was an emerald green tunic, white shirt, and tights. Her long pointed cap was now exposed, and her eyes radiated pure rage.

Her sword glowed white with energy, as if responding to its master's anger. With a war cry, she charged at the monsters, relentlessly slashing into them. The monsters howled in pain as the light burned into their blackened bodies. One by one, she grabbed their faces with her right arm. As they burned with a white fire, she spotted a monster charging at her from beyond the door.

The mist was thicker around this beast, and seemed to stream outward from its body. Like a ghost, it floated through the air, gliding on the mist. Once more, she channeled energies into her sword, causing the glow around it to intensify. As she unleashed her fury on the creature, it roared and shot dark energy towards her. Fueled by otherworldly instinct, she swung her blade, sending it flying back towards the monster.

It fell onto the ground with a loud thump as mist poured out of its body. She jumped into the air and impaled it with her sword. As light consumed the monster, its cries of agony filled the air as the mist began to dissipate; when the creature completely disintegrated, the mist vanished from the room as well as the complex beyond.

Feelings of dizziness overwhelmed Mireille as she felt her strength wane, the aura around her body fading. Behind her, the vault door began to open. She remained oblivious to this as fatigue took over. Before she could react, a loud thud filled the air, and Mireille's vision vanished into darkness as she fell unconscious onto the ground.
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