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Chapter X of The Black Mist, in which Mireille and the survivors of Brume brace for an attack from the monsters running unchecked in the town.

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The Black Mist
-A Junctioner: Hylianis Story-

DISCLAIMER: The Legend of Zelda, and all related characters, places, concepts, ect., mentioned within are property of Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. All other original concepts presented within are property of me, myself, and I.


Within the darkness of the town above, monsters gathered in droves outside the abandoned power plant. They snarled and snapped at one another, like bickering children waiting with impatience. Beneath the town, they could sense the light. Its very presence brought pain to their bleak existence. The light was painful. The light was their enemy. They would destroy the light, or the light would destroy them.

Like a band of raiders, they charged into the power plant with single-minded purpose. The monsters descended into the depths of the power plant, feeling the presence of the light grow stronger. Despite the pain they felt they continued onward as they made their way to the vault door hidden below the complex. As they massed in front of it, they began to charge into the wall.


The sound of thunderous shaking tore Mireille back into the world of the waking as the entire room seemed to quake. She found herself tensing up as panicked cries wafted through the air from outside. Her expression turning to one of concern, she quickly got to her feet and ran towards the door. Through the small window, she watched as several of the survivors scurried down the halls, handing each other rifles and ammunition.

What the hell?

As another deafening boom shook their sanctuary, the young woman clung to the door while trying not to fall over. While she couldn't hear the exact words being shouted outside, she knew one thing: something terrible was happening. She felt a burning sensation on her hand as she gazed down at the mark shimmering on her hand. Desperate to leave the room to figure out the situation at hand, she pounded on the door.

"What's going on?! Can anyone hear me? Hello?!"

When her cries went unanswered, she began to pound harder. It was at that moment that she could stand being locked in that room no longer. As another tremor shook the complex, she wracked her mind for ways to get out of the room. That was when she spotted the figure of Dr. Phillips racing down the hallway.


How many times has this been? Ten? Fifty? Dr. Phillips asked herself as she raced down the hall, Have they finally come to finish us off?

"What's going on up there?" the researcher asked a nearby man.

A grim expression formed on the man's face as he ran beside her.

"I don't know. Monsters suddenly started ramming the vault door. I've got men stationed up there in case they somehow break through."

"How is the door holding up?"

"They're starting to damage the walls, and at the rate this is going, Doc, that door won't be able to stand up to their abuse much longer. I've never seen anything like this before... never seen them coordinate or even think, much less...."

...Plan like this, she finished in her mind/, ...but why are they attacking now?/

A faint noise tore her from her thoughts as she made her way towards the junction in the hall. To the hall down her left, she spied the familiar figure of Mireille pounding frantically on the door. Dr. Phillips felt her eyebrows furrow in frustration. She found herself at a standstill—to address her people... or to address the stranger she had quarantined for days now...?

Her companion looked on with exasperation as the scientist walked toward the room where Mireille stood.

"Doc, we don't have time for this!"

"Go on ahead of me, I will be just a moment."

The man nodded in hesitation as he made his way towards the elevator. Dr. Phillips turned her attention away from the rising elevator and back to the figure in the room beyond. She ran towards the door and unlocked the door. Before Mireille could escape, the woman blocked her path.

"Doc, what is going on?! I keep on hearing all this rumbling... what's happened to everyone?!"

"The monsters still residing in the town have somehow staged an attack on this shelter."

Mireille's eyes widened as feelings of dread filled her heart. She had seen the monsters that roamed the town firsthand. The feral hunger and destructive appetite they possessed in her short encounter with them turned the girl's stomach. Nausea filled the girl's senses at the very thought of what was about to happen.

"Oh no...."

"Mireille, I am sorry, but I must ask you to wait just a little bit longer."

Memories of her own encounter with the man in the town above manifested in Mireille's thoughts. Even now, she could still recall his pleas for help as his body was consumed by blackness. It did not take much for the transformed woman to imagine that same expression on the faces of the survivors. Once more, Mireille felt the familiar sensation of fear- not for herself, but for those around her.

"Doc, are you insane? You can't fight those things! If they get in here, everyone is going to die...."

Dr. Phillips closed her eyes, absorbing the painful truth before her. She had seen it before countless times what happened when a human being comes into contact with one of those things. Even now, the painful cries of the victim transforming into a monster echoes in her memory. That fact, coupled with this situation, became more than she could bear.

As the researcher fell into despair, an expression of grim determination formed on Mireille's face.

"Doc... I want you to know something. I know not everyone trusts me right now... hell, if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't know what to make of me, either. You're the first group of people who haven't tried to kill me on sight and for that, I'm grateful. You've taken me in, despite your own horrible situation... but we have to face the facts."

Mireille looked the researcher in the eye as she continued.

"They don't stand a chance against those things."

"I know, Mireille... but we have no choice."

"Yes, you do!" Mireille shouted, "You have me here!"

Dr. Phillips blinked, surprised by the girl's response. In the days she first bore witness to the girl, Dr. Phillips could sense Mireille's fears. Her sudden desire to protect those in the shelter was a stark contrast to the frightened woman she initially met before. She wondered if something had changed in the girl during her quarantine in the room.

"What are you saying?"

"Let me out of this room. Send me up there to fight with the others. Give me a chance to show you all that I'm not one of them...."


"No, Doc! I'm not going to spend another minute in this god forsaken room! I'm not going to sit down here and watch those around me die tonight!"

Mireille shook the doctor's shoulders in an attempt to reason with her one last time. Something within the young woman's mind clicked, and she found herself unable to bear any further confinement. A sudden desire manifested itself- she had to protect these people. She could not let these people fall prey to the darkness. She had to show these people she was not their enemy.

"How am I supposed to show that I can be trusted if you lock me in here? I've given you my trust, Doc... please give me yours."

Unable to say anything further, Dr. Phillips quickly raced through the door and locked it behind her.

"Doc? Doc!"

Mireille found herself pounding on the door once more as her hopes of ever being allowed to leave vanished like the wind. As the researcher vanished through the hall, the young woman could hear the sound of the elevator being called. The young woman closed her eyes as faint sobs escaped her lips. Like a frantic animal desperate to escape, Mireille began to search the room for a way out.


The upper floor was in complete chaos. Boxes upon boxes were flung everywhere. Most were empty while others still contained guns as well as live ammunition. Several men and women aimed their guns towards the vault door. Even as the walls and floors quaked around them, they remained still, waiting with anticipation and dread.

A small wave of relief overcame them as Dr. Phillips raced out of the elevator and towards the nearby entrance. She armed herself with a pistol and joined her fellow survivors in defending their sanctuary. Terror filled her as the walls holding the vault door began to crack. She closed her eyes shut one last time.

So this is how it ends... trapped in a hole with no way out while fighting monsters man couldn't even fathom....

The thunderous boom of the monsters ramming the outside wall grew louder and louder with each passing moment. As the cracks in the wall grew larger in size, she felt something strange in the air. It was not like the stagnancy that came with the mist, nor was it like anything she had ever felt before. Hushed whispers filled the room as an unknown energy seemed to singe the air. Within moments, a green light manifested above the front of the door, and the figure of Mireille fell onto the ground with a cry and a thud.

Dr. Phillips' eyes widened at the scene before her as Mireille got back onto her feet while coughing. Mireille reciprocated the researcher's own surprised look with one of her own. Startled gasps escaped the gathering as they looked on with disbelief.

What...? How did I get here? Did I just... teleport here? Mireille thought/, There's no way... there's no way I could've done that. It's impossible!/

"Mireille... what is... how did you—"

The woman's voice tore Mireille from her own moment of disbelief, and she found herself staring the doctor in the face as she continued pointing her gun at the vault door. The pounding on the door became louder, and Mireille found herself at a stand still. Consumed by the desire to protect, Mireille's voice became distant as she spoke.

"Doc... this isn't really the time for this. I really don't want to do this, but it seems I have no choice...."


"I told you before, Doc... I'm not going to let anyone die today."

Lights formed within her hands, and moments later, a sword and shield manifested in her left and right hands once more. A grim expression formed on her face as she took up a battle stance. An otherworldly light glimmered in Mireille's eyes as she faced the door. Dr. Phillips furrowed her brow in frustration. Feelings of dread manifested themselves in Dr. Phillip's thoughts as she pleaded with the young woman before her.

"Mireille, you can't do this! You'll be killed!"

"Have faith in me... as I have faith in you. Get your people down below, then open the vault door."

"...There is no changing your mind, is there, Mireille?"

Mireille said nothing and only eyed the door with anticipation as Dr. Phillips and the group of people who watched the scene unfold walked cautiously towards the elevator. As the survivors vanished out of sight, Mireille closed her eyes in thought as the mark on her hand glimmered once more.

I'm going to die.
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