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Our Lips Touch (OLT) 2.0 experiment

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it's basically a rewrite of 'Our lips touch' it's an experiment so i really need you (the reader) to review and tell me which was better. the original or remake?

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A/N it's basically a rewrite of 'Our lips touch' it's an experiment so I really need you (the reader) to review and tell me which was better. the original or remake? I have really shit self confidence so your reviews might be the only thing that encourage me to write. Tell me if it sucks or if the original was better.I'll be mixing chapters together and adding more information. I take into consideration every review I get. So pleases let me know what you think.

Fun Fact about this story! it all started around the edge of a PE work sht (I never handed that sheet into the teacher mind you, that would be a bit awkward.)

Our lips touch, his slightly moist,


I visualise the moments before our lips met,

Oh that’s why.

He licked them slightly as he slowly leaned in closer to me. I nearly moan aloud in his mouth at the surprisingly erotic image of his playful pink tongue gliding gently over his bottom lip, then the upper lip before pressing them both to mine.

OMG! Gerard-fuckin-Way is kissing me!

I think to myself, lips still locked. Again I nearly moan as his warm wet tongue runs smoothly across my bottom lip asking for permission to enter. Somewhat frozen from pure shock I somehow manage to part my lips slowly, Gerard takes that small window of opportunity to enter and explore the inside of my mouth.

MMM…he tastes like caffeine, probably a result of always drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee constantly…mmm what a delicious consequence.

I’m still in shock from this unexpected display of affection from Gerard, my best mate, that I am currently motionless. I squeeze my eyes shut tightly,

Great (sarcasm), he probably thinks I’m an idiot who doesn’t know how to kiss…

You are an idiot who doesn’t know how to kiss.

Shut up brain! I know how to kiss, I’ve been told I’m a really good kisser.

By who? The imaginary actors in your wet dreams? HA! That doesn’t count Frankie boy.

Don’t call me Frankie boy! And Jamia is not imaginary!

I want to scream at myself for been so motionless.

He is never going to want to kiss me again after this…wait, do I what him to kiss me again? He is my best friend and this kiss could ruin our close friendship, but then again it feels so good, but it also feels so wrong. What would my mother say if she found out about this..?, What would his parents say if they walked in right now…?


My confusing thoughts of worry had been disrupted by the movement of Gerard’s hand that had found its way to the back of my head after carelessly exploring my chest over the top of by black band Tee. Those finger tips triggered warm shivers in every nerve on my neck as they dusted the exposed pale flesh, those very same fingers now tangle themselves gently into my black hair,

Thank god I washed my hair last night.

A shock wave of electricity races throughout my pathetically numb body, it doubles in intensity every time his tongue pushes deep into my mouth and his other hand rubs one of my thighs soothingly. My body was in pure bliss with every nerve tingling in a delightful kind of way, it was like I was in a bubble and the air inside was intoxicating resulting in happiness. But my happy bubble was soon popped as slowly I realise he’s pulling away.

Oh No! He’s going to end this wonderfully confusing kiss, not surprising considering I’m just standing frozen like the dumb idiot I am.

Quick do something I tell myself


I suddenly jump into action as adrenalin courses through my veins.

Ok so maybe my body chemicals are lagging in reaction, but now they were going to work double time.

I tangle both my hands in to his soft raven, almost shoulder length hair behind his head to stop him from moving away, then like an animal I thrust my tongue into his warm, wet mouth. Before the kiss was timid, soft and gentle and now I’ve made it rough and almost violent.

I continue to thrust my tongue past his lips and force myself in. I lick the roof of his mouth and he grips me tighter with his hands almost like he was trying to hold himself up.

You’re behaving like an outer control, disparate, crazy savage.

I think to myself, slightly disgusted in my behaviour as I bite his bottom lip.

He probable regrets starting this. He’s never going to talk to me again after this.

He would let me violate his mouth just to not hurt my feelings, that's just the kind of friend he is, and let’s face it ‘I am totally violating his mouth’.

I think about what I’m doing to him. I’m thrashing my tongue, pulling at his hair, crushing teeth and lips together. He bites my bottom lip gently then lets me continue to explore the unknown territory of his mouth. God I could never get enough of the taste. As good as this feels I just can’t seem to switch off the paranoid feeling in the pit of my stomach and the back of my mind telling me that I’m doing everything wrong and it will result in the worst.

Maybe I should just run away, up the basement stars through the door and down the road and just keep on running till I’m lost in the middle of nowhere, maybe even die in a hole.

Oh yeah! That sounds like a great plan…did you pick up on my sarcasm? Your such a dick head, how the fuck did I end up with you?

Great, now my own brain hates me. If you let me run our time together could end brain…

The whole time I was thinking of maybe running away and digging a hole to die in I was making the kiss deeper, pushing myself closer against his chest. The warmth and the beat of his heat calms me as he turns his head slightly to the side and moves his lips in sync to mine. Finally my mind allows me to relax a bit as I think to myself,

Fuck it, he’s the one that started this and he’s not pulling away, actually he’s holding me really tight, I might as well enjoy this experience.

At some point he’d moved his hands without me noticing and they are now griping my hips, pulling me closer to him. My body begins to heat up and my mind spins in a good way. Like I’d just jumped into a warm hot spring or slipped into a soothing hot bath after a hard day of life.

“Mmm…” the slight hum escapes my throat.

I breathe deeply in through my nose, he smells like cigarettes and vanilla. Our tongues wrestle for domination as he shifts his body and groans with pleasure. A wave of ecstasy awakens in every single nerve in my midget sized, punk body. I loosely wrap my arms around his head and neck as he tightly grips my waist and softly pushes me into the wall behind us, only breaking this lustful kiss for a millisecond to breath then dives straight back in.

How long have we been kissing? I subconsciously ask myself, not that it really matters anyway, I finally feel kinda good about something in my life. An unnoticeable smile finds its way to my lips as they move with Gerards. I don’t think either of us wants this kiss to end.

Suddenly a thought explodes in my mind that ruins my newly found peace and happiness.

What does this kiss mean?

I think I know what it means to me… or maybe I don’t

But more importantly what does it mean to him? Is he just trying it out to see what it’s like kiss a boy?

Is he just experimenting with me… no…Gee wouldn’t use me like this…would he?

What? Do you think it means something more? Do you want it to be more?


It must have become obvious I was distracted because his grip slightly began to hurt as he squeezed me and rubbed his chest against mine, I’d slowed down my movement as I was thinking and he noticed.

Quick do something before he pulls away.

As much as this kiss was confusing I just wasn’t ready for it to end, not yet. I panicked and thrusted my hips into his…


Holy FUCK!

My legs shake and go weak at the knees as I feel the hardness in his black skinny jeans.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! What do I do! What do I do! What do I do! Pease God Fucking someone tell me what to do!

I’m not prepared for this. Gerard moves his lips along my jaw and down my neck. He stops and begins to gently suck with the occasional bite in one spot. Oh fuck, it feels so good and I don’t care if it leaves a mark.

I start to shake with a mixture of fear, excitement, confusion, pleasure and uncertainty. It feels so god-dam-good. But how far is he going to go? I know we’ve been friends for years, but this is moving way too fast for my spinning brain to process. Now I’m starting to struggle to breath.

Oh shit…I think I’m having a panic attack…Fuck!

But Gerard doesn’t seem to noticing the effect he is having on me since he just pinned me up against the wall and shifted the position of his ‘sexy’ body so my thigh is in-between his, gently he brushes his hips forward. I moan out loud breathlessly at the friction.

Oh…oh…Fuck. Is all I can think as I press my back against the wall lifting my head so Gerard has better access to the flesh of my neck that he is still marking with his teeth. I’ve forgotten how to breathe due the overwhelming amount of pleasure, mixed emotions and unanswered questions flooding my mind.

I have to be turning blue right now. My lungs are beginning to burn,

Frank you have to breath to live.


My vision fades to white and my body goes numb as gravity takes a hold of me

Shit, I’m passing out…

I fucking told you to breathe…

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