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Chapter Thirteen

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Jaqueline had been nowhere to be found so he had brought the dancers out for a little more erotic dancing, loving the shocked looks on his guests faces even more as he got more and more drunk. Some people left, appalled at the sight but others simply watched, unsure if leaving a wedding was rude or not or perhaps it was in their nature to enjoy what they were seeing.

Jared had woken up with a terribly ache in his head, every sign showing that he had drank as much as he had wanted to. He awoke in a terrible mood, trying to block out the sun that was hitting his eyes. A smell drifted from the kitchen, one that signified breakfast was being made and it turned in his stomach. He didn't want to think of eating, it sickened him.

He rose up from the bed anyways though and pulled himself on into the washroom. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and nearly smiled. He didn't look quite so bad considering the state he was in but there were indeed tell tale signs of what he had been doing the night before. Simply in the way his hair stuck up in a terribly unruly mess, the bloodshot of his eyes and the tense furrow of his brows. He splashed water onto his face before he began his morning ritual of readying himself.

He stared down at the blade lying on the counter. A shiver ran down his spine when he thought of perhaps slipping whilst shaving, the blood pouring out from his neck.

Accidents did indeed happen after all. For some reason an image rose up in his mind of Farrah standing there behind him, holding the blade and taking the life from him. He squeezed his eyes shut and got rid of such a ridiculous though. When he opened his eyes again he decided that he wasn't in so much need of a shave before he left back into his bedroom.

He pulled on his coat and left out the door, making his way downstairs and following after the smell of breakfast. He found himself in the dining room. It was all paintings and French rugs. The table was of a heavy wood and the drapes were of a deep burgundy. He also found Farrah inside, looking over a letter and eating of a small scone.

"Not much of an appetite my darling?" Jared questioned once he took his seat across from her.

She looked up at him, startled by his presence. She looked troubled again, those formerly peaceful eyes dropping as they met his.

"I did not think you would be coming down this morning after how late the reception went on." She remarked, looking back to the letter in her hands.

He made a small laugh and then took a scone onto his own plate. He pushed it around a bit before deciding simply on drinking the water that sat before him. "Who the letter from?"

"My cousin. Her apologies for being unable to attend the affair last night."

Jared smiled. "She would have been sorely disappointed seeing as everyone saw so little of you except for me of course."

She shot a glare up at him from over the letter before she set the paper down.

"And Lucas." He finished before letting out a laugh at his own choice of words.

"Will you only ever mention this?" She questioned, suddenly pleading with him to quiet down about it.

"Whyever wouldn't I? My wife is sharing my secretary's bed. Such a scandalous bit of information to be holding onto."

"It'll only hurt you if it comes out." She sneered out, her hands shaking and so she took them away, hiding them in her lap.

Jared smiled. "You have no idea how society works, my darling. You were already an adulteress before we were married, taking him into your bedroom for a bit of fun. A girl like you, sheltered her whole life, releasing the pain of her father's death in the most physical of ways. I understand that. But will everyone else? After all I am beloved of society, a hard working rise from the ashes sort of tale."

"Not after last night."

"Oh but if they got a whiff of your little rendezvous' they will only think your wickedness poisoned me into allowing such things at our own wedding. You're forgetting that in these classes a woman who strays is indeed the devil." He leaned forward as he spoke, his eyes darkening and sharp.

She didn't have a word to say to that, her eyes were downcast ad ever pleading. "Please Jared, husband. Don't do this to me."

"Oh now you play the dutiful wife. How entirely charming. You do play it well,darling."

She ignored his attack and continued. "I'll do anything."

"You will never see him again, Farrah. I will not risk the humiliation."

She seemed to struggle with that but she accepted it with a defeated nod.

"And I want a son. A bouncing baby boy with my eyes and your willingness and shock."

"A son?" Jared nodded. "That means-"

Jared laughed aloud. "Farrah, my sweet wife, did you really think that would be the last time I laid my hands on you? I know it's torture for you and so I'll do it for as long as I please. You are my wife after all and I requite a son."

She stared at him like he was the most confusing and evil thing she had ever come across in her entire life but she nodded anyways. "Of course." She replied, defeated.

He smiled brightly and rose from his chair. Softly he patted the top of her head. "That's a dear." He whispered before leaving the dining room.

He took his hat and coat off the hanger by the door and made to leave but was stopped by the butler holding out a letter to him.

"What is this?" Jared questioned.

"For you. It only just came, sir."

Jared nodded and took it from him. He opened it as he began to walk through the already opened door.


I am most distressed that I was not able to make it to your grand wedding but I have fallen ill. The doctor who we had to plead with to come over has said that I don't have much time left before what I have contracted serves me my end. Please forgive me my dear nephew and know that I was thinking of you on your wedding day.

Your loving aunt.

That was who he had been wondering about all night. He had been almost sure she would arrive but he hadn't. His dear, poor aunt lying ill and writing him a letter so full of grace it was almost touching.

"Send flowers to the return address." Jared said, slapping the letter into the butler's hands.

Jared walked on towards the carriage and tapped at the side for it to ride on. He didn't like the slowness of it but he figured it was his only way now of traveling. He hated laws to be forged. He would have gotten there faster on foot.

He made his way into his office and sat himself down on the chair. The door pushed open several minutes later and Jared looked up to see Tom standing there with a mischievous smile on his face.

"Did you see the papers today?" He questioned with the sort of rowdiness that Jared was in the mood for.

"I did not!"

"You're all over them. The most shocking and scandalous wedding of the century! The kind of wedding people cried, others and they all hated him. What a curious world he was living in.

Tom dropped the newpapers onto Jared's desk and waited for him to pick one up. Jared did as he was told and looked each headline. Most scandalous wedding in years. Who is Miss Murray married to? What is his fortune? What is the fascination?

Jared smiled and set them all down before bringing his eyes back to Tom. "Let the games begin."
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