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No Escape Now

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Caleb wants to end it. But ending his life may lead to a fate worse then living.

Category: Horror - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Horror - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2013-03-14 - 577 words

The day started out like any other .Caleb’s mom was yelling at him to get up or he would be late for school. He didn’t have time to eat and was almost late for school. Everything seemed normal. To Caleb the day was the same to. He wanted to die as he did every miserable day, for it all to end, for the pain to stop. Caleb had felt suicidal for a while now, but he had always been on the shy quiet side so no one at school, teachers or friends noticed. His parents were too busy with work to notice. And the boy he had loved didn’t because he didn’t even know Caleb existed. Caleb wondered, if he died tonight would anyone even care? And Caleb intended to find out. Caleb had debated it for a while so he had his razor blade with him. He sat on the bench in the park, held the shiny metal blade to his wrists and dug deep. Caleb didn’t cry, he didn’t even look at his wrists. He just closed his eyes and drifted off.
Caleb felt like he was falling through water, if that made any sense. Then he hit the ground hard, pain shooting through his whole body. Caleb felt like his veins were on fire. Like he was being burned from the inside out. When he tried to scream, he found something was covering his mouth and when he tried to raise his hand to his face to uncover his mouth he found he couldn’t. Caleb sat up quickly and his eyes shot open. It took a minute for his eyes to adjust to the light but when they did he saw he was in a room with only one window. The ground was concrete. He stood up slowly, which was difficult because his hands were handcuffed behind his back. He walked over to the window, his heart racing faster with every step. He was terrified to look out the window yet he somehow felt he needed to. He stood on tiptoe flipping his long black hair out of his eyes with a toss of his head. Caleb’s blue eye widened to a seemingly impossible size. Outside the window flames leapt everywhere, he heard people screaming as if they were being burned then having their burning skin peeled off slowly with a pair off tweezers.
Caleb screamed silently then jumped back when a face appeared at the window. The face was human yet creature at the same time. Shoulder length blonde hair framed a pale white face with pointed features. Black stripes of what looked like war paint curved down the creatures face. He had glowing red cat like eyes and when he opened his mouth to laugh rows of pointed teeth and a snake like tongue were revealed.
Caleb was shaking when he heard the door click. Ever so slowly the door opened flames leaping into what Caleb now assumed was a prison cell. Intense heat filled the room. Then the creature entered. He stared down at Caleb laughing cruelly. “Stupid human …” he hissed in a scratchy echoing voice. “You thought you had a way out……” he stepped closer.
The frightened black haired boy scooted backwards till he was up against the wall. “Oh you don’t need to be scared.” laughed the demon creature. “You belong to me now…..”
-Random story idea. Should I continue?-
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