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"He was pacing around the living room with Frank sitting on the couch, questioningly following Gerard with his eyes."

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“Festival?” Gerard said into his cellphone. He was pacing around the living room with Frank sitting on the couch, questioningly following Gerard with his eyes. “I mean, that’d be great, but… but I’m not sure we’re all up for it,” he said to the receiving end of the call. There was a pause. “I’ll let you know.” He hung up the phone and sighed.

“What?” Frank asked.

“They’re having a festival in Southern Jersey and invited us to play. We’d be headlining.” Frank’s face brightened.

“Let’s do it!” he said enthusiastically. Gerard wavered.

“I know you’d love to. I would, too, but I’m worried that you’re not ready.” Frank’s face fell, but still, he asked,

“When is it?”

“Three months. August.”

“That’s plenty of time!” Frank cried.

“Still, the stage fright is already bad enough, and that combined with the panic attacks you’ve been having can’t be good.”

“I haven’t played in so long, Gerard. I just want to be that different person on stage. I promise I’ll be fine,” Frank pleaded. Gerard, with his hands on his hips, eyed Frank from where he was standing, and said,

“I really want you to be happy, Frank, I really do, so I’ll tell them we’ll play, but I’ll hire a back-up guitarist in case something happens, okay?” Frank flashed a smile, and jumped up off the couch.

For the past two weeks, Frank gained enough of his initial energy back to start exercising, and frequently went running and lifted weights in Gerard’s completely unused weight room in his basement. He was already starting to look fit. Unfortunately, though, his mental state had altered since a month before, and instead of seeing his abusive mother exclusively in his dreams, Frank claimed to see glimpses of her from the corner of his eye. He’d be reading a book, watching television, cooking, anything, and for just a second, he felt she was standing in the corner of the room watching him. As soon as he turned around, he’d find that she was never there at all, and like Gerard had mentioned, had caused several panic attacks. Gerard always came to aid. He rarely left Frank alone, and faithfully stood by him no matter how irrationally Frank acted. He knew that these bouts of anger, fear, and disorientation were not really a part of him, but a different essence that he definitely did not deserve, but was seized by anyway. The real Frank, hidden under all that stress and tribulation, just had to be dug out.
Gerard promptly called back and confirmed that after a couple long years of not performing on stage that they would be headlining at the festival. Frank was ecstatic. Hopefully, with the joy of playing on stage, which he always savored, he would mend faster, if not completely. After all, no matter the situation, music always made him forget about anything that burdened him.

A/N: Super short filler chapter! New chapter coming soon though! Also, the last line was taken from the beginning scene of the first chapter. Just a little throwback :) Hope you enjoyed!
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