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The Man Of My Nightmares (For MCROD)

by tdeeley 2 reviews

The Man Of My Nightmares art work (requested book cover) for MCROD.

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Hey Guys :)

So a while ago I put up a post about me drawing for you if you requested it but I thought I wasn't good enough at drawing MCR yet to do it so I pretty much ditched the idea (sorry).
But then MCROD approached me and asked me to do a book cover for her story 'The Man Of My Nightmares'. It really is a brilliant read you guys you need to check it out it's made me cry with happiness and sadness, it's made me angry, it's made me squeal and happy clap... it's just truly amazing!
so here is the link for that>>>

(I cried when it ended... just a warning that you do get that emotionally attached to it)

So anyway, when Stevie asked me to do this I physically couldn't refuse because she gave me shout out and she was just plain awesome for even creating this story... (and I believe she is working of a sequel too :p)

So this is for you Stevie and I hope you like it :3

T xoxo
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