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The Big, Bushy Problem

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This is the story of Dan Howell, Brandon Orlando, and some hot, hot wax

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"Wakey Wakey Brandon"
Brandon heard Dans voice.When Brandon was fully concious, he felt searing heat, but not like fire, like steam, or something boiling. He tried to sit up, but nothing happened. He couldnt move. There was a strong leather belt around his forehead, a distance away from his eyebrows, and chains holding him onto his bed.
"Dan what the hell are you doing?" said Brandon, panicking.
"You will know soon enough, but for now, the less you know, the better." Dan put an eye mask around Brandons eyes. Brandon started to struggle, but the more he did, the tighter the restrictions got. Relax, he thought, Dan isnt going to hurt you. But he was wrong. He felt a shock to his cheek, where Dan had just slapped him.
"Im preparing you. Oh ive been wanting to do this for too long."
Whilst Brandon was still recovering from the slap, he felt something thick smear across his eyebrows. The viscous liquid suddenly started to burn. Not bad, but the stinging was still there. Dan was placing something on the top of the fluid, made of material. Brandon, still unable to see or move, sensed what was coming next.
Went the material, pulling away some of the liquid, and half of Brandon's left eye brow.
"AH!" Brandon screamed.
"Dont worry, not long to go" but boy was Dan a good liar.
Another strip of fabric, and another yank, and most of Brandon's left eyebrow was gone.
"AH! DAN PLEASE STOP" Brandon screamed in pain.
"Not until we're done here."
Two more strips later, Dan and Brandon were out of breath, from hard yanking, and pain.
"We have to be done now," Brandon breathed, and a tear ran from his covered eyes.
"One more" Dan said. Brandon felt the liquid drip in between his brows, and he prepared himself.
STRIP! Went the material, and Brandon looked transformed.
"Beautiful" Dan said, as he licked across Brandons newly shaped brows.
"We'll do this again in a few weeks. Be ready babe."

Im sorry its short :)
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