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Resident Evil: the Rejects (trailer)

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A script for a fake trailer for a fake upcoming game/movie. The "rejected" characters of the series--Claire, Rebecca, Barry, Carlos, and Billy--must band together in order to save their friends fro...

Category: Resident Evil - Rating: PG - Genres: Parody - Characters: Billy Coen,Claire Redfield,Rebecca Chambers - Warnings: [!!!] [V] - Published: 2013-03-14 - 1312 words - Complete

This script is rated PG for violence, including sci-fi violence, and gore.

My (poor) attempt at satire. xD Hope you enjoy.



(00:00) Music start: “Resident Evil Main Title Theme.”

Fade in.

CLAIRE is standing outside a packed press release for Resident Evil 7. Banners for the game featuring CHRIS, JILL, and LEON are visible in the background. She is looking quizzically at her phone.

I got a message from someone.

Close-up of the phone screen, which shows a message that says “HELP.”

Fade out.

(00:05) Fade in.

CLAIRE is talking to REBECCA.

I think it might be from Chris.

Fade out.

(00:08) Fade in.

CHRIS, JILL, LEON, SHERRY, and ADA are floating in tanks full of green liquid, all of which are set in a row inside a dark, anonymous lab.

It’s been years since either of us last heard from him, Jill, or Leon. We think that CAPCOM might have something to do with their disappearances.

CHRIS opens his eyes. The look in them is blank, and his pupils are narrowed.

Fade out.

(00:17) Music stop.

And let me guess:

(00:19) Cut in.

Back view of a chair set at a desk in an office. REBECCA and CLAIRE are on the other side of the desk, looking at the person sitting in the chair. He sets down a glass of whiskey. The person is BARRY.

You need my help.

(00:22) Music start: “Escape from the Laboratory.”

BARRY is standing and talking to CLAIRE and REBECCA.

Look, you’re going to need weapons,

(00:25) REBECCA and CLAIRE throw back the tarp to reveal grenades, ammunition, and heavy-utility guns inside the box.

A plan,

CLAIRE and REBECCA unroll a large schematic diagram across a worktable.

An insider who knows his way around and has security clearance,

Back shot of a blond man slipping on a black helmet and turning around, revealing himself to be HUNK.

And even if you do somehow manage to get all of that,

Shot of CLAIRE and REBECCA approaching a lone hut in the jungle. Near it is a man chopping wood.

you’re going to need people who are stupid enough to go in there with you.

(00:34) The man looks up at them, revealing himself to be BILLY.

(00:35) CARLOS, who lifts and shoulders an AK-47.

(00:38) BILLY is helping REBECCA to her feet in the background while BARRY pulls a bone spike out of his bullet-proof vest in the foreground.

How did I let myself get talked into this?

(00: 41) NICHOLAI is standing on top of a building with binoculars.


NICHOLAI lowers the binoculars. He is smiling.

(00:44) NICHOLAI is standing on a balcony inside a stadium-sized lab over CARLOS and BARRY.

What are you doing here?

I go to whichever employer grants me the most generous price.

(00:52) The feet of a black-clad man are visible as he steps out of the shadows. The camera pans up quickly to the man’s head.


He raises his head and smiles. It’s WESKER.

Music stop.

You didn’t really think I was dead, did you?

(00:58) Music start: “Escape from the Laboratory.”

WESKER is standing in a dark, anonymous room in front of a control panel. He pulls out the game disc of Resident Evil 7 out of its case and slides it in a slot on the panel.

Wesker’s planning to use the release of Resident Evil 7 to re-launch Uroboros, and he’s going to use Chris and the others to sell the game!

WESKER looks behind him as the whole room lights up beam by beam, revealing a large stadium-sized room in which sets rows upon rows of prepped missiles.

(01:08) A group of game designers writhe in pain as they transform into Uroboros monsters.

If Uroboros gets out, he could infect the entire world….

(01:12) REBECCA ducks as BILLY shoots and kills a Reaper behind her. She looks up and sees that he is standing with the shotgun leaning against his shoulder, smirking.

Seventeen years down the road, and you still need a bodyguard.

(01:17) CARLOS, who is gripping NICHOLAI by his jacket lapels, slams NICHOLAI against a wall.

Where’s Jill?

(01:20) JILL is floating in the same tank from before. Her eyes suddenly snap open. There is a blank look in them, and her pupils are narrowed.

Wesker’s using Uroboros to control them.

(01:23) JILL, controlled by Uroboros, windmill-kicks the AK-47 out of CARLOS’S hand, handsprings backwards, and kicks BARRY square in the chest, knocking him off his feet.

(01:27) REBECCA is talking to BARRY.

They’re our friends! We can’t just abandon them!

I have a family to think about!

(01:32) BILLY and CHRIS are a foot from each other’s faces. BILLY is yelling at CHRIS, who looks haggard and pale.

This isn’t about just you anymore!

(01:35) CLAIRE is fighting CHRIS using hand-to-hand combat, who is being controlled by Uroboros, while REBECCA and BARRY are fighting JILL and LEON, who are also being controlled by Uroboros, using hand-to-hand combat in the background. JILL backhands REBECCA out of the shot as LEON uppercuts BARRY and sends him flying out of the shot.

If we want to pull this off, then we need to stop fighting each other and start fighting them!

CHRIS grabs CLAIRE by the wrist and swings her over his head. She flies through the air in slow motion. He slams her down on the ground hard.

(01:42) Cut out.

Music stop.

Fade in.

CLAIRE is standing with her back to the audience, looking at the sunset. She turns her head, looks right at the audience, and smiles.

Hey, it’s up to us to take down CAPCOM.

(01:46) Music start: “Credit Line of Whole Staff ~ Ending Theme (2nd Scenario)”

A hoard of zombies breaks down the gate of a holding cell and pours into the room.

(01:48) A pack of Hunters rush through the rising door of a lab.

(01:50) The flesh of a squad of transforming game designers bubbles up and explodes, Uroboros tentacles whipping every which way.

(01:53) CARLOS fires the AK-47 while BILLY and CLAIRE fire the shotgun and handgun in the background.

(01:56) A giant Uroboros snake strikes out of the shadows.

(01:58) BARRY rolls across the ground past a Hunter to his Colt Python, spins around, and fires.

(02:01) REBECCA tackles BILLY off of a platform as a firestorm explodes behind them.

(02:04) ADA, who is dripping wet with the liquid from the tank, slides behind a desk as armed soldiers fire at her.

(02:08) BARRY uppercuts CHRIS.

(02:10) BILLY and REBECCA kiss passionately.

(02:12) NICHOLAI look at a copy of the Resident Evil 7 game disc in the light and smiles.

(02:14) WESKER punches the button on a pad that says ‘LAUNCH.’

(02:16) In slow motion, BARRY throws a S.T.A.R.S-issue knife through the air to CLAIRE, who catches it and drives it into the eye-like tumor on a G-infected monster that’s about to grab her.

(02:20) Music stop.

CLAIRE, REBECCA, and BARRY are standing atop a flying plane, the plane beneath them rocking violently as the air whips through their hair. CLAIRE is on one knee, a large rocket launcher propped on her shoulder, while BARRY and REBECCA stand behind her, keeping the rocket launcher steady and propped up.

You want million-dollar sales? Then sell this!

CLAIRE fires the rocket launcher.

(02:25) Cut to:

Music start: “Credit Line of Whole Staff ~ Ending Theme (2nd Scenario)”


Music fade and stop.

(02:30) Cut to:

CLAIRE is walking with her back to the audience. She turns around suddenly and looks directly at the audience. Her eyes widen.


(02:34) End.


As always, any and all feedback is welcome. :)
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