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Okay, so we almost made it to your parent's

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Now do you see why vampires don't ride the bus?

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Andy started to get comfortable in his seat next to Patrick when he came face to face with a glaring Pete.

Pete frowned at him. "I always sit next to Patrick," he whined.

Andy opened his mouth to protest, but Patrick put a hand on his arm.

"Do you really want Pete and Joe sitting together?" Patrick admitted.

Andy gave Pete a dirty look and moved.

Pete grinned and sat down next to his partner. "You should really try to get some sleep," he told him.

"You're kidding."

Pete shrugged. "Go to sleep. I'll watch out for you."

Patrick gave Pete a weary look, leaned his head on the window and fell asleep almost as soon as he shut his eyes.

Pete smiled and ran his knuckles over one of Patrick's sideburns. He always enjoyed watching Patrick sleep. He looked like a little pig.

Pete's other mire mortal band mates were also exhausted. Joe was already snoring and Andy was trying hard not to nod off.

Pete just rolled his eyes and wondered how, out of the gazillion people in the world, he got stuck with the three most uncool ones. Patrick's head slid over to Pete's shoulder. Oh yeah, now he remembered. He wasn't allowed to adopt children his own age, and his publicist said it would look good if he adopted a couple ugly ones.

Pete carefully took Patrick's hat off and noticed something sticking out of Patrick's front pocket. Thinking that it was an emergency stake, Pete reached over to take it so Patrick wouldn't stab himself. As soon as his flesh touched it, it scorched him and he pulled his hand away and jumped up with a yell.

Alerted by the yell, a guy sitting across the aisle from him also jumped up and grabbed him. "Hey man, are you okay?" Pete turned to face him, his face twisted in pain. The man saw his fangs and screamed.

Pete screamed back and, out of panic, pushed him.

"Pete, what's wrong?" Patrick, who woke up as soon as Pete had gotten up, asked, frightened.

Joe, waking up and assuming that the bad guys had found them, grabbed his glow in the dark cross, jumped up and held it out to protect everyone.

Seeing this just made Pete advert his eyes, yell some more and stumble into the lap of another passenger.

The passenger screamed and pushed Pete to the floor.

Three minutes later.

Pete was thrown out of the bus and landed on the road with a thump. As the bus drove away, he could faintly hear Patrick yelling at the bus driver, trying to explain, and Joe was waving to him from the back window.

Pete cursed and stood up. As he was brushing his pants off, he heard sirens behind him. Slowly, he turned around and saw the exact same cops who had beaten and arrested him before. Pete stood there in disbelief as the car stopped. The cops got out and came toward him. "Fuck," he admitted as fists and clubs beat down on him again.

Before you could say, "A Little Less 16 Candles, and A Little More Touch Me," he found himself in his old jail cell with Hunky.

Hunky winked at him. "Look who's back."

Pete clutched the bars and screamed.
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