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Destiny of the Night

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It's a Saturday night, and destiny will in-twine two hearts atlast.

Category: Sonic the Hedgehog - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Romance - Characters: Amy Rose,Knuckles,Rouge,Sonic - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2013-03-15 - 1054 words

Crystal starlight was held within the Saturday night sky. The city of Metropolis was bustling in cars going to and fro, yet the city seemed relatively silent. At a bar at the base in a building that lay in the center of the city, were four friends. Two hedgehogs, one blue, one pink. A bat, and a red echidna. The blue hedgehog, was Sonic. He had been enjoying a fun Saturday evening with his friends, Amy, Rouge, and Knuckles, and wanted to end the night off right. A few drinks with his friends, then off to his apartment. As the minutes faded, they had some drinks laughs, and good discussion, and the group was ready to soon disband.

After Knuckles and Rouge left, Sonic began to put on his coat. But, before he could manage to get off the stool, Amy, the pink hedgehog, pulled him back a little. "Sonic," she began, "could you stay for a little longer? Maybe a few more drinks?" she asked. Sonic began to blush, but he quickly hid it.

"Erm, sure," he replied. "But why? It's almost eleven."

"It's just been awhile since I got to hangout with you alone you know, like we did in the good old days," Amy said smiling sheepishly. The two youths spent an hour drinking, and having friendly conversation. Soon, the bar was to close, and the two were standing outside, smiling happily at each other.

"Well, um," Sonic had begun. "Guess I'll.."

"Sonic, do you want to stay a night at my place?" Amy asked, instantly recoiling her expression, closing her eyes. Sonic could tell she had been embarrassed, but he knew deep down he had some sort of feelings for this girl. Is this destiny calling? Sonic thought. He then, after a moment of silence, answered, "Yes, I'd like that very much Amy."

The two took a nice walk down the road, and made it to the pink hedgehog's home. As Sonic took a seat at the couch, not knowing what he should say or do, Amy took off her coat and set next to him.

"So, uh. What should we do?" Sonic asked. Amy thought for a moment, and began to propose the idea of a movie marathon.

Movies! Sonic thought. This could be my chance to night, to finally set the mood right to confess to Amy that I....

For sometime now, Sonic had had feelings for his friend, deeper then any friendship the world could offer. But, he was having a hard time to try and depict whether all he felt for the beautiful pink hedgehog was love, or lust.

"Sure, sounds great!" Sonic exclaimed. Amy smiled, got up and popped in the first DVD. It lasted hours and hours. Finally, the two young hedgehogs were tired, and ready to sleep.

"Well, guess I'll make myself comfortable on the couch," Sonic yawned out. Then Amy quickly stood up.

"We could share my bed tonight, I don't mind," She said. Sonic looked at her confused with one eye. Ah! I'm so stupid! Amy had thought. Then, to her surprise, Sonic agreed. After a few minutes of last minute night refreshing, the two got in bed, holding their bodies stiff as boards, flinching and apologizing if one accidentally tapped the other.

"Well, goodnight Amy," Sonic whispered, as he slightly rolled over and began to fall asleep. All was quiet. Amy lay motionless looking up at the ceiling.

A few minutes had passed by, and Sonic began to wake up after feeling something going on within his underwear. "Wha..uh...Amy!" The blue hedgehog exclaimed as he spotted his crush slightly limped over, stroking the hero's shaft.

"Sonic, I'm so horny. I really want you. This is why I wanted you to stay, I love you. Let us make love all over, please!" she began to cry. Sonic smiled, and gestured her to pull off the cover and continue.

Amy threw off the blanket, and Sonic finally was revealed her cute, little, soft pink hand wrapped around his thick, throbbing member. "Continue sexy," Sonic whispered. Amy fixed herself to be on her knees, hovering center of Sonic, and began vigorously stroking his cock. As Amy rubbed faster and faster, Sonic's moans of pleasure grew louder and louder.

"Oh, oh God! Amy, I...I'm about to..AHH!" One final stroke, and Sonic's semen had escaped from the pleasured shaft of him, and found it's way onto Amy's shirt. Amy chuckled, and threw off her top, revealing her beautiful C cup breasts, hidden by her small white bra. Amy lowered herself, and with a second of hesitation, wrapped her lips around Sonic's penis. Sonic moaned and groaned as she swirled her tongue around his pleasured member, and she begin to slightly bob her head up and down. Sonic grabbed his head with one hand, and Amy's with another to support her sucking. "Oh yes. Mmm yeah girl, Amy your so good! Ah, ahh!" Then a second time, he ejaculated, this time filling the small mouth of the cute, pink hedgehog. Sonic was worried for a moment when he heard Amy gag a bit, but his limp shaft went straight up as he watched the pink beauty swallow his fill.

"Come on, Sonic," she began, "I want you to be inside of me." Sonic slid off the side of his bed, his erect member wiggling in motion. Amy slid down to where her sex partner had one been, and slid off her whit underwear, and un-clipped her bra. Sonic drooled at the site of her perfect tits. So round, and perfect size with the right nipple. Amy began to softly pat her tight vagina, begging Sonic to dig into her. "Come on baby! Fill into me! Make love with me Sonic, now!" Sonic placed himself back on the best, and spit on his index finger. Once he had lubed it up, he slowly tunneled his way in between Amy's tight, never before touched, walls. Amy moaned as loud as possible as her lover's finger intruded. Then, it happened. Sonic had been hit with a wave of total lust. The girl he loved, was now at his own sexual control. Sonic spread Amy's tight pink lips, and rammed his cock into her, feeling her walls expand and then contract against his throbbing, moist member.

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