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Hello Again

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Hello once again,
I've missed you more than words could ever speak,
More than actions could ever show,
More than you would think actually

Yes, yes
I've neglected you,
Forgotten you in the past,
Only to find you once again,
Gleaming under the lights,
Those lights that rested on the roof,
Above both of us

I've missed how you make everything better,
Put me at ease,
Calm my nerves,
Give me somewhere I belong

You won't know what effect you've had on me,
Some good,
Some bad,
But an effect still

You've changed me,
For the worse?
For the better?
Only time will tell

For now I enjoy the pain,
Of sliding you against my skin,
I curse, yell, growl, and groan
At the red crimsion saviour
That has found it's way to light once again

You've changed me,
Helped me with everyday matters,
Inspired me,
Cursed me,
Hurt me,
Helped me.

Hello once again,
This time I promise,
Never to leave you for that long,

You guys thought this was about cutting didn't you?
Sorry to break any hearts, but no; this particular poem is not surrounding my.../problem/ okay? So don't go acting like this:
M'kay? This is about how I've finally got back into bass (my marks where shit all year, and they've finally gone up enough so I can play(even though I'm still REALLY behind)
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