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Dreaming Of You...

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Short Frerard oneshot! Gerard can't take it anymore and decides he and Frank can't be friends anymore...

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A/N #
This random little one shot came to me when I was listening to Dreaming of you by The Coral after I awoke from a weird dream. Gerard kidnapped me and dragged me into The Labrynth where he and David Bowie tortured me until my eyes and ears bled by singing The Land Of Makebelieve over and over and over again (Just to be clear it wasn't them singing that did it, it was the stupid ass song) all because I wouldn't give Gerard money for tacos. Seriously, my brain= FUCKED UP! Anywho enjoy and of course if you liked it Rate and Review my prettys xoxo

P.S If Gerard asks you for taco money for the love of god give the man your cash! xo

A/N Just a few edits, I'm almost done with the oneshot edits I swear :)

Dreaming of you xo

Gerard rubbed at his eyes furiously with the heel of his hands before running a shaky hand through his hair, how had he allowed things come to this? How could his life spin around so dramatically he had to tell his best friend since fucking kindergarten that they couldn't see each other anymore? This was gonna kill Frankie, he just knew it, they had never spent more than a week apart before. Gerard knew inside, it was going to kill him too.

He didn't have the guts to tell Frankie to his face that they could no longer be friends, the heartbreak in his eyes would devastate Gerard and he couldn't handle that. Slowly and shakingly with tears pouring down his pale cheeks Gerard typed his message to Frank

To: Frankenweenie
From: VampBoy
Subject: Us...

Hey Frankie,

I'm sorry to tell you this but we can't be friends anymore, I can't see you or speak to you and apart from letting me know you got this I don't want you to contact me. I can't stand to have you around me anymore, I know this is cliche but it's not you it's me.

Please don't hate me, I still need you but I don't want you now


G xo

Gerard's finger hovered over the button for a few seconds before he hit send and curled up on his bed sobbing quietly to himself. Why did he have to fuck everything up? Frank was everything to him, his fucking lifeline and what does Gerard go ahead and do? He fucking falls in love with him! After about a half hour of crying Gerard is just about to doze off when he hears the familiar ping of his laptop telling him he has mail. His heart breaks all over again as he struggles to open the message from the object of his affection.

To: VampBoy
From: Frankenweenie
Subject: RE Us...


Please tell me you're fucking kidding! How can you just message me like that and announce this bullshit? What the fuck did I do? Tell me please and I'll make it right, don't just cut me off man you're my best fucking buddy. Tell me what I did and I'll fix it just don't stop me from seeing you, I will literally die man!


P.S Did you kinda quote The Coral Dreaming of you? Seriously though tell me what I did!

Gerard closed his eyes as fresh tears began forming in them causing one to escape and roll down his cheek. He stared, unmoving, at the message for what felt like forever, that one word cutting through his heart like a razor 'buddy' That's all he'd ever be and it was something he couldn't deal with, he needed more. He rubbed the back of his neck and began his reply

To: Frankenweenie
From: VampBoy
Subject: Us...

What do you want me to say? You couldn't even begin to understand if I told you! Look this is it, it's over. Go make some new friends and have some fun you don't need me really, we've been friends too long. I'm so sorry Frankie you really didn't do anything wrong

G xo

P.S I guess I kinda did, sorry...

Gerard hit send and collapsed back down onto his bed, exhausted by all of his tears. His eyes slipped shut and he fell into a quiet slumber, the only sounds filling the room were his quiet sobs and the occasional ping of his laptop as Frank tried desperatley to get in touch with him.

It was an hour later when Gerard fell from his bed,completley startled, as his door slammed open. Frank stood red faced and out of breath in his doorway glaring at him, his eyes filled with a mixture of emotions Gerard couldn't quite figure out

"You...Bastard..." Frank muttered breathlessly "You could have at least replied to my messages!" Frank hobbled over and dropped on the end of Gerards unmade bed "I was fucking worried and you made me run jerkoff! I never EVER run!" Gerard stood stunned for a moment before mumbling about how he must have fallen asleep and how he was sorry and how he wanted Frank to please leave "Oh hell no..." Frank stood and yelled furiously "Not until you tell me what the fuck is with you!"

"N...Nothing, I..I..just don't like you anymore..." Frank laughed aloud and began walking closer to his friend

"Bullshit! Tell me the goddamn truth you owe me that much you fuck!"

"It's true!" Gerard tried to hide his tell tale signs of lying to no avail

"14 years Gerard..." Frank sighed "14 fucking years and you think you can lie to me, I know when you're not being straight with me..."

"I'm not being straight at all..." Gerard muttered to himself not realizing that Frank heard "I'm not straight at all..."

Frank stood stunned for a minute letting Gerards words sink in, he realized why he was being weird and grinned "I'm not straight either dude..."

Gerard looked up at Frank and saw his truthful smile before frowning and looking back at his hands "I still don't want to be friends...." Frank's smile dropped and tears began forming instead

"Why?" he whispered gently, his voice breaking with sadness

"Because..." Gerard stood up and walked to meet Frank in the centre of the room "I want to be more than that..." He placed a finger under Franks chin and tilted his head up, his eyes meeting Franks glistening ones "So much more..." He closed the gap between them and felt Frank kiss him back almost immediatly, his arms snaking around Gerards hips.

Gerard tangled his fingers into Frank's hair and groaned at the feeling he had longed for, the touch of his best friends lips moving in time with his, the taste that he had been growing more and more desperate for. They're tongues danced together in a union of want and Gerard couldn't hold back the groans rising in his throat. Frank pulled away a few moments later and smiled at a grinning Gerard

"I want to be more than that too Gee..." He pecked Gerards lips lightly "But you're still gonna pay for making me run motherfucker...."

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