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We Are The Kids From Yesterday,Today.

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We were there,through it all. And there we will remain,until the end.

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We Are The Kids From Yesterday,Today.

I remember when they first started out.
My Chemical Romance,a small band at first.
They performed small shows,with their first album slowly selling.
A fanbase was born,the MCRmy was born.

I remember the second album.
It was 2004,I was four then.
The shows got bigger,the fanbase grew larger.
They were growing up.

I remember all those bad times.
I remember Gerard's alcohol problem.
I remember how sick he had gotten,and how depressed he was.
But,he got through it,and I'm proud.

I remember the Black Parade.
It was one of my favourite albums.
There were bad times,those harsh words.
Yet,we remained stronger,we fought and won.

Danger Days,the album that slowly grew on me.
By now,our boys had grown up,they'd changed.
Yet,they are still our boys,still those four guys.
They are still new to us,still just starting out.

Now,I remember a lot of things.
I remember how My Chemical Romance,have molded into something more than a band.
They've grown into a phenomenon,a group of life-savers.
The MCRmy,I love dearly.
We are all soldiers,we were there from the start.
We'll be there until the end,and further on.
We are the kids from yesterday,today.

I would have put this in the My Chem catagory,but I decided to put this in poetry,it just felt right to put it here.It's true,we are the kids from yesterday,today.We are a family,we love eachother and defend one another.Those guys,Gerard,Mikey,Ray,Frank,they are our saviours;they are my saviours.I can't thank them enough for all the things they've done for me;for us.They were the light at the end of the tunnel;they were those ones that cared enough;the ones who love us and still do.Even though they've grown and changed,I still think of them as those four guys from New Jersey,making a difference in each and every way.

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xx Sadie
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