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Can't you see? Can't you see at all?

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You do your same routine,I do mine.
You bully me,I take it all.
You taunt me,I take it all.
You make me crumble,yet I take it all.

Yet,you don't see it.
Do you?
You don't see the pain it causes.
You don't see how bad those words hurt.

You call me emo.
You call me fat.
You call me goth.
You call me ugly.
You call me wierd.

I just take it all,don't show any pain.

Yet,those words you say,give me another reason.
Another reason to die,to end everything.
Every new word makes another new cut.
Every new word,is another new burn.
Every new word,another pill swallowed.

Every new word,makes me sink even lower.
Anything that comes from your mouth makes me sink even deeper.
Making my blade sink deeper.
Making the burn even blacker.
Making my body ache and everything messed up.

And now I say enough.
Now,I say what I really feel.

Death,best expresses my words.

I don't know where this actually came from,but it is quite serious.Before you say anything,I'm not gonna kill myself,don't fret.But,this is about suicide,and how words really do hurt people.Those people may not show any pain,but you don't know how they feel inside.Once you've said what you said,they fall apart inside.So,just think how they feel.
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:) xx Sadie

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