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Swallowed Up By The Ocean

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::Jalex:: Based off the Billy Talent song "Swallowed Up By The Ocean"

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Since they where kids, the two knew they would be together, they just didn't know how far their relationship would go.
How they finally got the guts up to tell each other how they really felt, is another story for another time.
This is how they realized how much they loved one another.

We spent our lives together
It should have last forever
But now it's time to sail on

Everyone knew Jack and Alex would stay in touch, stay the very least best friends for the rest of their lives.
Everyone could tell they where perfect for each other.

"What.The.Fuck?" The taller boy growled, as his boyfriend walked in the door from a "trip to a friends house".

"I just got back from my friend's place, what's wrong?" Alex watched in fear, as he never seen Jack so pissed off.

"Just a fucking "friend's" house?"

"Yeah, we hung out, jammed for a bit; no big deal." Alex tried to push past, only to feel an arm wrap around his waist.

"I can't fucking believe you." Jack growled, resting his chin against Alex's light brown hair.

"What?" Alex knew exactly what the boy was talking about, he just couldn't swallow his pride enough to admit it.

"You fucking know." A blanket of silence washed over the two, leaving them standing there thinking about everything that had been going on lately.

"I-I'm so fucking sorry." Alex whispered, breaking the sorrowful silence that filled the air.
"I, I....This was the last time I swear." Turning around in his boyfriend's arms, Alex slid rested his head against Jack's chest.

"Better be." Cringing at the pain that filled his boyfriend's tone, Alex felt terrible.
HE was the reason why Jack had been putting himself through this pain.
HE was the reason why their relationship was currently on thin ice.
HE was fucking this all up.
HE fucked everything up.

I have to let this go, he doesn't deserve to be putting himself through this much fucking pain because of me....It's time to move on...

So take this anchor from my heart
So we can finally drift apart
Before we drown in sorrow

Sitting on the couch, answering the various questions a mob of fans continued to tweet him; Alex heard footsteps walking down the stairs of their quiet, peaceful house.

"I'll be back in an hour or so." Jack mumbled, walking to the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" Alex mumbled, not noticing the harsh tone that cut through his calm thoughts.

"To hang out with Zack and Rian for a bit; what the fuck is up with you lately?" Jack mumbled, noticing Alex's harsh tone.

"Did I say you could?" Alex growled, wishing like hell he hadn't said it only seconds after the question left his mouth.

"I'm a grown fucking man Alex, I don't need your permission to go places." Jack snapped, grabbing his keys.

"No I'm sorry, I can't believe I said that." Alex jumped off the couch, grabbing his boyfriends wrist.

"Save it, I've heard it all before. I'm not you're fucking possession Alex, you can't just go all possessive whenever I try to make my own fucking decisions!" Jack yelled, pulling his wrist away from Alex's grip, slamming the front door behind him.

I fucked this up so much
Alex pressed his back firmly against the door that was recently slammed, sliding down until he was just a pitiful mess on the floor.
Pulling his knees to his chest the boy began to let everything out.
The pain he was hiding as he fucked up the best thing that he could ever wish for, he knew he was hurting Jack, his friends, even his family was being effected by his newly acquired asshole attitude.

I can't fucking believe myself
He's better off with someone else
I'm not doing anything right, I just fuck everything up and cause him more pain than he ever deserves
He's too perfect for a mess like me

With this, Alex pushed himself up from his pity party on the floor and made his way to the counter, scribbling down a fast note.

I am so fucking sorry,
You deserve better and everyone can tell
Not someone who lies to you, cheats on you and puts you through fucking pain
I'm sorry
You'll find someone better, someone who is as perfect as you are
I wish I would've treated you right

Wiping the tears off his face that where staining the paper, Alex walked outside, making his way to what would be his fate.
The place that would mark the end of his life.

I gave you sanctuary
Under the sun we lived care free
I tried so hard to love you

The sound of waves hitting the shore, various birds which seemed to never shut up filled the ears of the singer.
Looking out, watching a handful of people enjoying the beach, Alex lost himself in thought.

"JAAAAAAAAAAACK DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE!" Alex screamed as the taller boy slid his arms around him and threw him into the cold water.
"DAMMIT BOY! THIS IS FUCKING FREEZING!" Alex whined, watching as his boyfriend dove off the dock and joined him in the lukewarm water.

"Wuss, it's fucking warm!" Jack grinned swimming around.

"Keep me warm!" Alex held his arms out, putting on a fake frown

"FINE!! Just because I love you." Jack swam over, arms weaving around his boyfriend, as they huddled together for warmth against the cold water.

"EW MOMMY LOOK!" Some dumbass little twit decided to scream, staring straight at the two guys.

"OHMYFUCKINGGODIT'SJALEX!" A group of teenage girls squealed

"Give the kids a show?" Alex whispered, pressing his mouth against Jack's as the Jalex shipping girls squealed and flipped their shit about the OTP goodness that was happening just feet away from them.

"C-C-Come on, I'm actually fucking cold." Alex whispered, swimming to shore with Jack.

"You know, we can just enjoy the moment; live as free as we can today. Act like nobody is around." Jack whispered, lost in thought.

"Sounds like a plan." Alex whispered, a feeling growing in the pit of his stomach.
This isn't what I thought it would be like, I thought dating him would be better than th-
No, I fucking love him

But then you turned your back on me
Your good intentions turned to greed
And now it's great to know that.. you.. have.. been..

"Dude are you sure? Like he has been treating you like shit lately." Zack asked, worrying about the happyness of his friends.

"I'm positive, like..this could fix everything." Jack was hopeful, that his plan would work; and that everything that was going on between him and Alex would be gone.
Magically go "poof" and everything would go perfectly.

"Or fuck you over and blow up in your face." Rian added, knowing that this may not be the best plan ever.

"What's going on?" Rian's girlfriend Cassadee walked in, looking as Jack's two friends tested how serious he was about going through with his plan.

"Well um, I want to propose tonight." Jack mumbled, only to have the girl smile and calmly freak the fuck out.

"To Alex?" She nearly squealed with excitement as Jack nodded. "That's fucking adorable!" She smiled, running over to give the guy a hug.
"You two are perfect together...and this better last, considering how long it took for you two to get together." She smiled as she took a spot next to her boyfriend.

"Yeah." Jack smiled as his friends shrugged.

"If you're absolutley sure, then we're with you on this."

His smile slowly began to fade. He knew better than to rush into this.
He watched as Alex slowly changed, and stopped loving him the same way.
As Alex took advantage of Jack's loving, trusting and forgiving nature.
As his intentions turned to greed and began to use Jack for what he wanted.

Jack bit his lip nervously.
Something VERY bad is about to happen

Swallowed up by the ocean
Swallowed up by the ocean
Swallowed up by the ocean
Swallowed up by the ocean
Swallowed ohhhh

Alex felt a sob shake his shoulders, no more tears.
No more fucking tears
Taking in one last breath, Alex walked over to the end of the pier.
Signs stating "No swimming" where posted, as the current would only drag you down and slam you against the rocks until, well you're fate was sealed.
Until you never seen another waking minute.
"I fucking love you Jack Barakat"
Right before he took the step that sealed his fate, Alex thought he heard someone scream
"Alex, I fucking love you"

The bluest skies turned into grey
Through tortured eyes I watched you change
A paradise went up in flames
And though I cried a thousand times
You didn't hear the lies in time
There's nowhere left to hide since.. you.. have.. been..

"Guys I have to go!" Jack mumbled, as Alex wouldn't pick up his phone after 5 phone calls and unrealistic amounts of text messages later

"Good luck." The three wished their nervous friend luck as Jack ran outside, and began the long, shaky drive home.

After 10 minutes of pure torture, and anxiety. Jack arrived back at the home he and Alex where living in.

"ALEX?!" Jack screamed, walking into the kitchen to find a note;
Or what seemed to be a suicide note.

"Oh god please no please no!" Jack sobbed, running back outside and down the street, mind racing as he could only think of one place where Alex might be.
The Pier

The already bipolar weather turned for the worse, as the normally blue clear skies where clouded over, covered by grey.

Huh, how suiting. The weather knows how my relationship is going

Jack had been there through it all, watching as Alex went from the happy 10 year old he became friends with back in elementry, to the devistated, lost boy when he had lost the person he looked up to, idolized; this person being his older brother.
Then to the amazing boyfriend he was when the two had just began dating. Only for him to turn out as a lying, asshole who Jack just realized was suicidal.
Tears fogged the guitarist's eyes as he ran, reaching the pier and watching as Alex stood at the end.
Ready to end it all.

"ALEX DON'T FUCKING DO IT! I fucking love you." Jack sobbed, pushing himself forward only to watch Alex suddenly dissapear from his sights.

"NO!" Jack screamed as he reached the end of the pier, looking frantically for any sign of his boyfriend.

Swallowed up by the ocean
Swallowed up by the ocean
Swallowed up by the ocean
Swallowed up by the ocean
Swallowed ohhhh

Alex felt a hard, cold surface hit him; taking his last breath away from him. He felt the strong current begin to grab him, pull him in every which direction.
Opening his mouth to scream and cry for help, to breath; Alex was only greeted by water filling his lungs, causing everything to blur out.

In an instant he felt someone fall in beside him; this person grabbing his arm and dragging him upwards.

Am I dead?

Your devastation took it's toll
As the waves came crashing to the coast
This sinking ship, I'm taking back from your control

Jack shook, as the pain and devasation Alex had been feeling, for any amount of time took it's toll on everyone.

His parents would be losing their son.
The fans would be losing a hero.
Those who Alex talked to would be losing a friend
Zack, and Rian would be losing a bandmate and close friend.
Jack would be losing the love of his life.

Jack shook, mind jumbling up as he watched the waves smash roughly against the shore.
Nut up or shut up
With this Jack dove into the icy cold water, swimming down until he saw Alex being dragged down by the current.

Fuck you! HE IS MINE! Jack thought angrily at the water who was fighting to pull his boyfriend out of the grip he was holding on the boy's arm.

Swimming to the shore was a challenge, for the fact that Jack had been fighting the current, while dragging Alex along with him.

"WAKE THE FUCK UP!" Jack cried, trying to revive the unconcious boy.

"Pleasepleaseplease, I fucking love you. You didn't do anything wrong. You made mistakes so what? I still fucking love you, I can't think of a life without you." Jack sobbed, watching as Alex just lay there on the beach, just laying still.
No movement whatsoever

It felt so good to cross my arms and renounce my faith in mankind
How could you ever be so blind to think that you survive

Eyes slowly opening, and focusing on reality, Alex leaned over; coughing up the water he had inhaled while being dragged down by the current.

Alex looked over, where Jack sat watching him, jaw on the ground.

"You're, you're awake!" Jack smiled, as Alex sat there, feeling terrible for what he did.

"I'm so so-" The shorter boy's sentence was cut off, by Jack slamming his mouth against his.

"Don't fucking do that again! Please, I don't think I could live without you." Jack whispered, pulling the equally soaked boy into his lap.

Swallowed up by the ocean
Swallowed up by the ocean
I hope you know that nothing matters
Now that you.. have.. been..
Swallowed up by the ocean
Swallowed up by the ocean
I hope you know this ship has finally come to rest
I hope you know this ship has finally come to rest
Oh, I hope you know someday this ship will be your end

"What would you have done if I actually died?" Alex whispered, as the two where curled up on the couch, under nearly 5 layers of warm blankets.
A few hours at the hosptial making sure no further damage was done; the two had agreed on curling up and watching movies all night.

"I don't know, because without you nothing matters Lexy." Jack whispered, stomach turning in knots as he watched the smaller boy nuzzle his face deeper into his chest.

"Aw, that's amazing, just like you." Alex whispered, placing a soft kiss against his boyfriend's lips.

"Alex? You know how amazing you are right?" Jack whispered, arm sliding out from under the blankets and over to the nightstand, where a certain box lay.

"Um sure why?" Alex looked up as Jack slid his arm around the smaller boy's waist.

"I fucking love you, so...will you marry me?"

I don't know, I love this song. And I don't like sad ending Jalex's!! So what did you guys think :3
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