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Hi there guys!

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hi hi!

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Hows you!

Me? I'm good.

So,last night,after my movie choise of the evening,I couldn't sleep.So,guess what I put on? Yep.Sleeping With Sirens.I played Roger Rabbit,and stared at the marvel that is Kellin Quinn.

Gerard:Wait..what's that mean't to mean?

Forgot I hadn't told him about...the ship...

Gerard:What ship? Our ship?

Oh shit this'll be hard.

Kellin:How about I tell him?

Oh god no.

Kellin:But why?

Well,he doesn't really know about you..

turns to face you guys

Can you tell Gerard for me? I can't face it,and I don't wanna bring other people into this..

So I joined Facebook.Again.

Me and Mia are friends on there.
Any of you guys got Facebook? I can accept your friend request.
Just type in the search bar 'Sadie Hobbs'.

Oh,and the reason for my profile pic as the Black Parade leader is so people at my school don't recognise me.
Although I did put my real name..

although,I'll just ignore the kids from school,except those with awesome music taste and who are just awesome.

I played two facebook games today,Sims Social and Village Life.
I got bored easily,so I left Facebook and I'm on Twitter on another tab.

I'mma upload a new romance oneshot,maybe I'll update MHAIBHD.
Still loling at Mia's review.


xD cracked me up so much.
Also,I'mma write a new poem too.
I'll also do my song thing,if I can't find the backing track I'll just sing along with the original.
Also still looking for people to be in my Bandslam fic.Those who audition,will be in Below Shameless,I'll just get rid of the classical instrument things.
AJ,you're gonna be lead guitar okay?
I'll create an OC too,maybe.
Or you guys could.
I just need a rhythm guitar and drums.

Right,now to fanfiction..
oh wait I'm already here..

Just gonna write a new romance oneshot.
It will be me and Kellin Quinn..
Either Kadie or Sellin,which one do you like best?

okay so...

xx Sadie
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