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Questions And Answers.

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Questions And Answers.

Are you okay?
Are you well?
Why don't you answer?
Tell me what's wrong.

Why are you crying?
What's in your hand?
What are you saying?
Tell me,please.

What are you doing?
Take that away.
Tell me what's going on.
Don't go,please stay.

Why did you do that?
Throw your life away?
Why did you do that?
I need to know.

What do you mean,no one loves you?
What do you mean?
Don't cry,little baby.
Don't cry.

You really don't know,how much people love you.
You don't,you really don't.
Well,now I will tell you.
Now I'll show.

Everyone loves you.
Everyone cares.
No one wants to see you go.
No one wants to see you cry.

We all love you.
We all care.
We hate to see you like this.
We hate to see you cry.

So,please,don't do that again.
Please don't cry.
Just,rest and get well.
We'd hate to see you die.


That was for Liz,or Obsessive_Fangirl.
You guys don't know what really happened,none of you know how she felt.
She really had set her mind to it,she really did.
She hasn't lost love,we are all still there.
Kitty suggested we rate everything of her's up,and comment.
We have to show Liz,that love has never left her.
Rate and review...

xx Sadie xx
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