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Chapter Fourteen:Dead.

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"She didn't make it."

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Chapter Fourteen:Dead.

Gerard's POV.

I heard Andy's call for help as I walked from the room.I then saw,with my super vision,Sadie fall off the sofa,looking limp.

"The placenta must've detached!"I growl,and run back to her,scooping her up in my arms and running at top speed to the operation room.I laid her on the table,lifting up her t-shirt to see her pregnant stomach rise and fall in a supernatural way.Mikey then entered the room,saw what was happening,and picked up the scalpel,ready to incise in Sadie's flesh.

"Mikey stop!"I order,grabbing his wrist.

"There's no time! The baby's dying!"He growled,trying to concentrate.

"Just get it out!"I heard Sadie scream as she was fitting on the table.Andy noticed this,and moved to her side to hold her down.Mikey then put the scalpel in her skin,then drew it out.He noticed the blood on the blade,then the open wound.Andy knew what to do.He let go of Sadie and pounced on my brother,carrying him from the room.

My breathing quickened as I watched Sadie writhe in pain.Andy quickly returned,and resumed his position as I began to open the wound more with my teeth.

Sadie's POV

I felt the large pain as the wound in my abdomen grew bigger and bigger.Andy had a strong hold on me,and my body kept moving around fast,writhing in pain.I looked around the room,for Mikey.He had been escorted out of the room,yet I needed the pain gone.I could feel the unconciousness overcome me.

"Sadie,keep going!"Andy shouted to me,as darkness grew thicker and thicker."Keep your heart beating!"

Andy gave pressure on my chest,to my heart,as my body was still writhing and the blackness of death was looming near.

I then heard the shrill cry,and looked up to see Gerard holding a baby,covered in blood.
Our baby.

"Esmarelda."Gerard breathed out her name,the name of our child.

"She's..."I breathed out,as my final human breath.

Gerard's POV.

I saw Sadie's face grow pale white,and saw as her eyes rolled inside her head.It was all over.

"Andy,take the baby!"I order,and he recoils in horror.

"Get that thing away from me!"He spat,before leaving the room and darting from the house.

"Gerard,give her to me."I heard my brother's voice,and looked up to see his arms held out.I hesitated for a bit,before he spoke again."I'm okay,I promise.Quick,whilst there's still time."

I then gave Esmarelda to my brother,and watched as he left the room.I then turned my attention to the corpse of my dead wife,then drew out a syringe.I winced at the sight of the needle,but I let my fear slide,just once,as I injected the venom into Sadie's heart.I gave it a few seconds,and saw no effect.I began giving CPR,and then I bit into her neck,shoulders,arms,legs,and ankles.Still no effect.I then heard the growl of werewolves,and I darted from the room.To my sight,I saw Kellin,Jacob,and Emery,fighting with my parents,in hope to find the killer child.I joined them,until Andy stepped in the middle of us and his former pack with an ultimatum.

"If you kill her,you kill me."

The werewolves stopped,and I knew what this mean't.

"Andy imprinted on Esmarelda.It is a law,that once someone has imprinted,no other werewolf may harm that person.It is the most absolute,werewolf law."

The werewolves understood the law well,and then they retreated far into the forest.I then turned to my parents.

"Did Sadie make it?"My father asked.

"No.No,she didn't make it."

"Have you given her venom? Bitten her?"My mother asked,stepping into the conversation.

"I've done both,yet there is no change.She's dead."I accept what happened.

"No,Gerard.She's being reborn."

So,now we lead onto the final Twilight film,where I'll be a vampire :)
BTW:The baby name is my Dragonborn's name on Skyrim :)

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