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I am not afraid to keep on living

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A robot, he was a robot, but he felt so human. But can he prove to the sorcerer that he, Frank Iero can feel love?

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Linda Iero and Frank Iero senior stood outside of the small office like building, contemplating whether to go in or not. They stepped inside looking at the posters on the walls.

"Robot children, buy one today!"

It had been six months since their son, Jake, had gone into a coma and they wanted to be ready if he passed away.

A salesman came to them. He told them to sit down, and asked how old there son was.

"He's 17, almost 18,"

Linda almost sobbed. The salesman looked sympathetic and nodded, typing information into the computer. He then asked what they wanted their robot child to look like. What gender they wanted and so forth.

They chose a boy, short black hair, but that would grow like a normal child, olive skin and hazel eyes, much like Frank Senior. They would call the boy Frank also.

The salesman asked what kind of personality they'd like. Linda and Frank Senior looked at each other.

"Our own son was into all that noise, rock music, you know?"

The salesman nodded and smiled as he typed into his computer.

"Ok, your child will be ready, tomorrow for collection,"


Linda Iero and Frank Iero Senior went to pick up the robot child. They where greeted by the same salesman as the day before. He looked kind of panicked.

"I'm really sorry, but the springs in the legs have broken and he won't be much taller then 5 foot two,"

The couple smiled and said it would be fine. They welcomed the boy. He was perfect, thin lips that where a soft pink, pale olive skin, bright green - brown eyes that reflected the light and a mop of black hair.

Linda Iero welcomed him with open arms and Frank Sr shook his hand.
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