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Why I, AJ, Love Liz, One Of The Best Humans Ever

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How I met the amazing chick, Liz(Obsessive-Fangirl).

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A good friend of mine, an amazing chick, is in the hospital.
Unfortunately, I feel very guilty, since I didn't review her fic that day since I normally don't really do that much stuff on FicWad as I used to. I always reviewed. Oh well. I just want her to be okay and drowning in self-pity wouldn't hep.

Before I begin:
Does anyone cut? Let me know if you do. I won't judge, I swear. I found out a friend of mine, a very close friend, cuts.

How I met Liz:
She left this review on a thingy of mine-
AJ, I don't know you very well (However, I'd like to get to know you :D), but I do have a few words of advice.

Then, she proceeded to give me a large piece of advice, which helped so much.
I did get to know her better, which is an honour that I'm proud to have had.

My First Impression Of Her:
I thought she was so very sweet. She wanted to get to know me, gave me advice, and this was all because she WANTED to. I thought/think she was/is amazing.

My Favourite Stories Of Hers:
The Runaway Returns. I discovered it and was like "Holy crap. This is amazing!". I love the sequel.

Have I Ever Spoken To Liz?
A lot on gmail. I love her.

Exactly Why I Love Her:
Because she's so sweet. Because you can run to her with problems and she helps out of kindness. Because she tries to help as much as she can, even if she can't. Because she's a fantastic author. Because she is very fun and silly. Because she's optimistic, even though she's been through so much. Because she's open minded, and considerate.
That's why.

What Do You Think Would Happen If You Met Her In Real Life?
It would involve either her or I going to New York or Australia. Either way, I'd hug her, and I'd ask to see my grandchild(inside joke) and I would probably get teary and dismiss it as "manly tears".

I love Liz. Axel, I know it's tough for you, having your friend/girlfriend in a coma. Hang in there, mate. We're all here for you.
I love you both.
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