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Final Goodbye.

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My love's final goodbye.

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Final Goodbye.

Dearest Love,
I have some things I have to say.
You may not like them,you might cry.
But,it's true.

This is my final goodbye.
Before my well-awaited death.
I'm not sick,I'm not ill.
Just pure suicide.

I don't want you to cry for me.
I don't want you to die with me.
I don't want you to try and stop me.
I just want you to live.

I know I cannot live without you.
I know you cannot either.
But,I'm sick of the beatings and sick of the lies.
Sick of everybody saying goodbye.

I have planned it all out.
And no one will stop me.
I will jump off the bridge,into the sea.
And watch as my life escapes me.

Tonight is the time of my well-awaited death.
Tonight is the night I use up my last breath.
You are most likely reading this now.
You are most likely crying.

But,don't cry little flower.
For things are looking up.
I'll still be here.
I'll never leave your side.

So,this is my last words.
I am now through.
But,one thing I have to say.
Is that I love you.

This is your lover's,final goodbye.

;_; raise a hand if you cried,or your feels just fucking exploded.
I really don't know where this came just happened.
I kind of got inspiration from Mia's oneshot,her most recent one.
Now,this isn't exactly a true story for me.
I've never had a boyfriend who killed himself,in fact I've never had a boyfriend..
Wow,that's depressing...
I'm rambling,me sorry.
Rate and review,or just review.
I don't know..

:) xx Sadie xx
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