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Why Nikki Loves Liz (Obsessive-Fangirl)!

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I think the title pretty much explains this, no?

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How you 'met' Liz (you read one of her stories, she reviewed one of yours, etc.):
I'd read some of her stories, but I never reviewed... I don't know why. I think then, I reviewed some thing she posted, or she reviewed something I posted or... I don't know. I'm forgetful. Can you tell?

Hoverever, I did ask her questions like "Favourite accent?"for her Q&A (And was surprised that she knew my name). (Also, I'm surprised that I didn't ask her what her favourite colour is. I always ask that. Now I want to know what her favourite colour is... Is that even relevant? Am I rambling again...?)

What your first impression of her was:
Something along the lines of "She seems nice. I should talk to her. Or should I?"

Which one of her stories is your favourite and why:
The Runaway Returns. Because it's amazingly amazing.

Have you ever spoken to Liz personally (via email, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.)
Unfortunately not, but I'd love to. Really :3 And I feel bad for not talking to her.

Exactly why you love her:
Because she seems so nice, and awesome. And nice. And also awesome. And nice. And - I think my brain has just broken because of her awesomeness.

What you think would happen if you met her for real (or, if you have met her for real, what happened)
I'd probably stay away for a while and talk myself into going over to her. And then I'd squeal at her. And scare her. And then she'd run away. Because squealing Gazebosaurus are scary.

If she knows what a Gazebosaurus is now... Or if anyone knows... This isn't relevant either, dammit.

Crap, I'm so awkward.

Sorry for the awkwardness D:

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