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1. The Move-in

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Rachel's day at school is really average and the same as every other day. Bob saves her from her arch enemy bully yet again and walks her home. Only then does Rachel notice a family moving in acros...

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A/N: So thank you. For stumbling across this fan fiction. I won't keep you too long, I would just like to say that this story is a re-write of an oooooold story I wrote back in like 2006 (yes... I'm older than most of the people on here.. Shut up.). The story was called "The Hardest Part Of This Is Leaving You". I have since deleted that story off my account because 1) it was shit and 2) it was shit. But it had a really good plot line so I decided to re-write. If you'd like to read the original, please feel free to ask. :)

Also please, rate and review this story. I want to write something good and without feedback, I won't know what you're thinking. Chur.


I woke up to the sound of the rain hitting my window. I sat up and looked outside. What a shithole. I thought to myself. The street was lined with state houses that looked the same, brick by brick, three windows, two on the top floor, and one at the bottom on the side of the door. Every single one of them looked the same.
It must have rained hard overnight because there were pretty big puddles on the road and footpath that lined this street. It always rained here, in Liverpool England. I think it rains 75% of the time while the other 25% is barely sunshine. I looked across the road. A harcourts sign out the front was the only thing left on the property, “For Rent”. The lucky neighbours managed to escape this dark side of town, hardly anyone does. They’re all alcoholics, or drug addicts, or criminals. Nobody’s got their head screwed on right.
My name is Rachel Robinson. I’m sixteen years old, and I go to Liverpool High School. It’s a piece of shit school with pieces of shit for inhabitants. Except for my friends, they’re cool. It’s a place where bullies own and run it. I’ve been picked on my whole life, but not quite this bad. If I don’t hand over my lunch money, or anything that they want that I have, then they get in my face and just scare the shit out of me, though this is only when I’m alone. If I’m with my friends then the bullies leave me be. Thankfully I’ve never actually been full-on beaten up before. But I’m not counting my lucky stars that it won’t happen.
My group of friends are awesome. My best friend Bonnie moved from Compiégne, France to here when she was nine. We met on her first day at our Primary School, Broadgreen. We have been inseparable ever since. Bonnie is the funny one of the group. She’s very self assured so she comes across as stuck up to some people, but she’s really lovely and will walk the Earth for you if you needed her to.
Frank, Ray and Bob I met on our first day at Liverpool High. Frank and Ray are in our year class, and Bob we met through Ray; they’ve been neighbours since they were two years old. Frank is the angsty one, he’s always frowning about something and hardly ever smiles. He doesn’t talk about his home life much, so I think it's got something to do with that. Ray’s the sweet one, he’s the type to sit back and read quietly to himself but if he notices you’re upset, he’ll console with you and make sure you’re alright. Bob’s Bob. Bob does what Bob wants to do, and fuck the world if they have a problem with it. He’s got a wicked attitude, he's very staunch and he’s very intelligent. He outsmarts everybody, and on the odd occasion, he outsmarts the teachers.
School is my relief. I can go there and just hang out with my friends. Sure, I get picked on but it’s nothing new, I just deal with it. In class I keep my head down and work hard to make sure I get a good education, I’ll be damned if I end up like the good-for-nothing losers on my street. My parent’s aren't much better. My Dad is a drinker and a gambler. He’s the town butcher. He leaves my Mum his half of the rent and a little bit extra for food and that’s it. The rest goes on the pokies and the tab. Orly, his favourite pub, has slowly over the years become his life, his purpose, his existence. My Mum has an anger problem, if she’s in a bad mood everybody including the dry wall knows about it. She’s a cleaner at a hotel, she hates it so much. She comes home to wine, she doesn't get smashed every night, but she’ll down an entire bottle if the day has been that bad. Those nights are the nights I usually sit up on the roof, or sleep in the tree house. Even then I can hear my parents' spitting nasty words at each other, telling each other how much they hate the other, and that they've ruined their life. I’m best kept hidden. I learned the hard way not to interrupt. If I interrupt then my parents team up like Team Rocket to make me feel like shit on their shoes. I don’t have any brothers or sisters. Before I was born my Mum and Dad were expecting a little boy, apparently life back then for them was amazing, and they actually loved each other. Everything was going good, and Mum went into labour at the right time, she wasn’t in labour too long, four hours. But when Baby was born he wasn't breathing. During the birth the umbilical cord got wrapped around his neck. They managed to get him breathing and was put on life support, but the midwife and doctors said that the brain damage would be extensive and that it would be best if they let him go peacefully. Mum did. And since then, every time she’s had more than two wines, she tells me that story, and reminds me that I’m just my older brother’s shadow.
My alarm clock started sounding. I hit the dial, rubbed my eyes and got dressed for school.
I quietly and swiftly walked down stairs and started looking for something for breakfast, nothing. Why do I bother even searching these days? Why am I sometimes surprised that there’s no food?
I grabbed my bag and walked to the bus stop down the road and caught the bus to school.
Bonnie and Frank were sitting on the grass together. “Hey guys,” I dropped my bag and sat with them.
“Hey Rach,” Bonnie grabbed her lunch box. “Have you had breakfast yet?”
I sighed and shook my head. I grabbed an apple out of her lunchbox when she offered. She’s been doing this too long, and shouldn’t have to be the one to feed me, that’s what parents are for.
“Thank you.” I took a bite. “What are you guys talking about anyway?”
Frank blushed. And Bonnie just looked around. I squinted my eyes and looked at the both of them, suspiciously. “What?”
“Nothing.” Bonnie said, trying to sound innocent. I hated it when she did that, like I didn't know her well enough to tell when she was lying.
“I don’t believe you. Were you guys talking about me?” I took another bite of my apple.
“No no no, of course not!” Bonnie waved her hands. “It’s just that…” She looked at Frank nervously. “Can I tell her? She’s going to find out sooner or later anyway..”
Frank thought about it. “Okay. Why not?”
“Frank and I have decided to start dating!” Bonnie said gleefully.
I faked a smile, “Oh, great news!”
“But don’t worry, I have already discussed this with Frank,” Bonnie grabbed Franks hand. “And we will not be making you feel to be this.. What do you English people call it.. The, the third wheel!”
I just looked at her and nodded my head. I took a bite of the apple. I wonder how long that’s going to stand for. Two, three days? I’m just being generous now.
Ray and Bob dropped their bags down on the grass next to me, I didn’t even noticed they were here.
“Hey Ray and Bob.” I said with a mouth full of Apple. “Frank and Bonnie are going out now.”
“Rachel!” Bonnie exclaimed. Frank frowned.
“I totally didn’t see that coming, no really. How about you Ray?” Bob said sarcastically.
“Oh, no. Never saw that one at all!” Ray exclaimed playing along. “Sooo wasn’t obvious!”
I looked at Bonnie, then Frank, then Bonnie, and then the ground and sighed. Apparently I was the only one who didn’t see that one coming.
The bell rang and everyone grabbed their stuff and walked inside. We went to our year classes for role call and general bullshit school news. I doodled on my folder, drawing pictures of black shadow figures in the corner of bedrooms, watching their victims as they slept.
“That’s really morbid Rachel,” Bonnie whispered to me keeping her eyes to the front of the room. “You might wanna go to the counsellor.”
I snorted. “Shut up, I’m just bored.” I couldn’t help but giggle. Not many people understood Bonnie’s sense of humour. People thought she was serious all the time but it’s just her French accent.
We walked to Science together, I hated Science. I never understood anything and to make it even worse, today we’re dissecting cows’ eyes. We sat down in our usual spots. Frank and Bonnie sat at the table behind me, and Ray and Bob shared a table in front of me, leaving me to sit by myself as I was the only one who actually tried to do the work.
“Good morning, Class.” Mrs. Nesbit walked in. Mrs. Nesbit’s really cool. She allocates us each two “lazy days” a term, which means that for two science classes in each term we’re allowed to fuck around and do whatever, the other days though we have to work. “As you all know, today we’re having a look inside the cows’ eye. If you’re a bit squeamish, I suggest you take a lazy day.”
I put my hand up.
“Yes Miss Robinson?” She clapped her hands together and sway back and forth on her toes and heels.
“I think I’m gonna take a lazy day. The thought of even touching a cows eye…” I shuddered.
“That’s a-okay with me. We’ll be dissecting at the front of the class so just stay there.” She grabbed a tray off her desk, which I’m presuming are the cows eyes. “Also students, listen up. Tomorrow we will be joined with a new student who has moved from New Jersey. He’s been living in London for the last week and a half with his family and they move to town today. His name is..” She looked down at the piece of paper on her desk. “Mr. Gerard Way. Please make sure to make him feel welcome and John, be nice.” She glared at him.
John Waller is the main bully in my year; he makes every body feel like crap.
Everybody went to the front of the class to pick at the cows eye except me. I just sat at my desk and continued to doodle.

The bell rang for end of school. Everybody in the class just immediately got up and left. I walked up to Mr. Gerrison, the English teacher.
“Mr. Gerrison?” I asked timidly.
“Hmmm?” He turned his head my way but kept his eyes on a piece of paper in front of him.
“Do you think maybe one day we could study Edgar Allan Poe?”
Mr. Gerrison looked up at the wall. He put the piece of paper down on his desk and he frowned, he looked at me with such wonder. “How do you know about Poe?”
“I found a book of his collection of poems and short stories in the library. I’m quite fond of the Black Cat. I find it interesting that no one actually knows how Poe died.” I answered.
“It is interesting, yes.” He sat down in his chair and put his hands behind his head. “I think it was alcoholism.”
“So do I, sir. I think Poe drank himself into a stupor too often and died from either alcohol poisoning or an alcohol related disease.” I sat down on a desk.
“Do you now?” Mr. Gerrison smiled. “I’ll see if I can get in a spare day where we’ll talk about Poe. How does that sound?”
“It sounds great, Mr. Gerrison!” I beamed. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
I jumped off the desk and walked out with a smile on my face. Very rarely did I get to do or study things that I wanted to study or do. I don’t have a computer at home and internet time in the library at school is very limited, so I was feeling pretty excited about this Poe day.
“How much is in your wallet today, Miss Robinson?”
I turned around. John Waller. Again.
“Nothing today, John. You know I never have money.” I hugged my books and looked at the ground. My whole body tensed up.
“Did Daddy blow it all on the pokies again?” John and his friends were laughing at me. “My Dad has seen your dad at the Orly. He says he’s a pathetic, sad, waste of life.”
I gulped. I couldn’t say anything. John was right but if I agreed it would piss John off, he wants me to feel the pain.
“Your entire family is a waste of life! You’re nothing! You’re fucking nothing!” John was getting my face screaming at me now. I started hyperventilating. I wanted to run away but I couldn’t move my legs. I just froze on the spot.
“Hey! Leave her alone!” Bob pushed John off me. “Fuck off now buddy or I swear I’ll make your life hell!”
“How much do you pay this guy to keep me off your case?” John grinned as he took some steps back. “But you don’t have any money so I’m guessing you get down on your knees and-“
“I said fuck off John!” Bob was storming towards him. John and his friends just laughed and ran off.
I was still shaking and still couldn’t move.
“Rachel, you really gotta learn how to stand up for yourself.” He pulled me in for a hug. “I wont always be around to fight them off for you.”
I nodded.
“I’ll walk home with you.” Bob put his arm around my shoulder and walked me to my locker to grab the rest of my things.
“But you live in a different area.” I said packing my stuff into my bag before closing my locker over.
“Beats not knowing if you got home safe or not.”
“Thanks Bob. You’re real sweet.” I smiled.
Bob shrugged. “Just being a friend.”
Bob and I walked back to my place. The cars weren’t out the front which meant that I would be the only one home. I offered Bob some coffee.
“Na, I better get going. Will you be alright?”
“Yeah I’ll be fine.” I smiled. I hugged Bob. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
As Bob left, I turned to walk through the gate when something caught my eye. I noticed a moving van pull up opposite our house. I walked through the gate and peered through the cracks of the fence.
“Just put the box in the hall, I’ll sort it.” A man roughly the same age as my Dad said. He had an American accent.
A car pulled up on my side of the road outside of my house. A woman who had long blonde hair and painted red nails jumped out the drivers set, she looked around the same age as the American man. Two boys jumped out of the car. I couldn’t see them very well so I tip toed to grab a glance over the top of the fence. One boy had mousy brown hair and cute geeky glasses. The other had jet black hair that hung down over his eyes, he flicked it out of the way and caught eye contact with me. I jumped down and smacked my hand over my mouth and gasped.
I hope he didn’t see me!
I snuck up the footpath to the front door and ran inside.
That must be the boy from New Jersey.
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