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A Short Finale

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A short Finale before part two.

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Sorry about the weird formatting, ficwads html uploader will only upload half of the story and it deletes all italics parenthesis and bold.

The morning held a sense of peace. There were no ritual obligations of waking, dressing, being victimized by public school. I awoke to the sun glaring red through my eyelids, and lazily unwrapped myself from my new companion who remained lost in unconsciousness. I pulled my sketchbook, an orange, and a square out of my backpack and sat a safe distance from my sleeping boy. I had drawn him, many times before, carved pencil into page in the intricate designs of the patches he wore, absently, in some class we had shared. Now as I drew him, I observed the lines of his body, the curve of those almond eyes, the subtle pout of sleeping lips. But that beauty was not enough to drown my thoughts: How do I feel about F.I. the girl? How do I feel about Frank Iero the boy? What has he been through, to make him want to run away...with me?

The sun continues to rise overhead, counting down till it shifts over Franks eyes and my sleeping subject will stir. I win the race against the sky and finish this final picture. It is the twenty-seventh portrait I have drawn for Frank, with it’'s finality a new beginning is in the air, we will start our journey today. We will say goodbye to this two star town and board a train to anywhere else.

Frank, stirs with the sun and I am the first person he see’s when he opens his tired eyes.
Say something witty.
"Good morning" Oh, you are so smooth. My inner voice laments, but Frank smiles.

"Hi, good morning" He sits up, and lays back down.

"Sorry, how long have you been awake?"

"Not long" I lie.

He sits up again and nods, crawling over toward me. In the distance the rumblings of a freight shake the ground. Frank looks at me.

"We can get the next one."

"No, lets get out of here."

And I understand that for Frank, he is not only running away, he’s running.

Our things are already packed, and when the train begins to slink by we are ready.
I spy an open car about six links down and then I am scared, but this is no time for second thoughts.

"That one" He says, though he knows I'’ve seen it.

I take his his hand and squeeze and let go again. When the car is upon us we walk along, next to it, throwing our bags aboard. There is no turning back now, I hoist myself aboard. and then reach down to grab Franks hand.

We have escaped.


Thank you all for reading! please R&R I apologize for the weird upload, I've fixed it now. Also as tradition there will be a sequel, (I've been waiting to write this sequel forever!) and it should be posted on Friday, so stay tuned, thanks everyone.
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