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Sing It Out For The Ones That'll Hate Your Guts.

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They've all gotten to me,they've all gotten to you. But,we come back even stronger,with words stronger than weapons.

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Sing It Out For The One's That'll Hate Your Guts.

They've all gotten to me,and they've all gotten to you.
Bullies,with those harsh words and mean faces.
The same old pushes in the same old places.
They taunt us,and weaken us.
We are their toys,to play with and break.
To snap and demolish.
To bend and fold.

We arrive back home with tear stained eyes.
Bruises on your soft,porcelain skin.
We are fragile like dolls,yet we are broken apart.
Our parents are concerned,yet we hide our true emotion.
We depart to our room,and cry.
We let it all out,let our feelings rain down on the world.

We unleash our pain on ourselves,in different forms.
We cut,and cry,then cut,then cry.
We burn and sob,burn and sob.
We scream as we slowly choke ourselves.
But,then that one song comes on,and the lyrics draw you in.
As you stand there and listen to those words ring through your ears.
You feel your power return,the preasure building up inside of you.
You find the strength,and that song saves you from self-destruction.

That next day,is the same old thing.
You encounter the bullies,and they taunt and tease.
It was what they were raised for,but you became the fighter.
You let out your words,shout and scream for a bit of hope.
You unleash those words,try and stop what they do to you.
You tell them,how you aren't their toy,and you can't be broken and discarded.
You won't be treated like the welcome mat,stomped on and ignored.
You won't be the school punching bag,nearly drowned in the toilet each day.
You won't be who they say for you to be.

The bullies change their behaviour,afraid of your threats and words.
You kill the monster inside of them,and tame the beast inside of you.
You watch with peirced eyes as they retreat from their place,and they leave you.
They accept what you say,and run away,scared and afraid like they was before.
You became a true fighter,and I am proud of you.

See,this is real.
It was inspired by a few quotes from Gerard,and also by the lyric in SING, sing it out for the ones that'll hate your guts in fact the whole song inspired me to write this.
We all have to be the fighter,we all have to show the world that we aren't just another face in the crowd,another punching bag or another toy that is easily broken.We have to show them,we are real people,and we aren't like any other person out there.We are unique,and we have all this anger inside of us,just boiling up.
Soon,it'll have to be let out,are you willing to?
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