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Awh you guys!

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:) so happy to have friends like you!

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Awh you guys!

I read your reviews on my SWS fic,and you guys!

Yeah,that person is a troll.

I accept that she said it sucks,but she could have put some CC to improve on.

Also saw all the chapters are rated badly.Either OOC or Cliche.

Um,for those.

1.It's fiction,not real. (OOC)

2.I came up with this fic,and all the chapters,myself.The song in the third chapter,not the With Ears To Hear And Eyes To See bit,the song,I wrote myself. Well,Jazzy helped with the second chapter,she gave me the idea of FB. (Cliche)

Wait,now I get OOC is Out Of Character,so that means they wouldn't do what they do in real life..oh.

But,gimme a break! It is my first SWS fic,I haven't been a fan of the band for long (I think I've been a fan for a few weeks,I got my first song in Feburary,I'll find out when I downloaded it,but I know it's in Februrary.)

Okay,I'm ranting because my phone is charging and I have no music on.

Now,let me tell you about my day.

Tutor,we did silent reading.I should have brought in Kerrang! magazine (last week's issue) so I could read that,but I've read all the articles..

ICT,we did our own project for scratch,this thing where we can make animations and games and stuff.I'm making a Helena game,like the arrow game and stuff where you use the mouse to guide the character.Yep.

Geography,we watched a programme called Coast,while filling out a worksheet on sustainability.

Break one,I did doodles.People came over and sat by me,and I can't draw good when people look at me..

English,we got our Macbeth assesments back.I got a 6C woo! we are now gettin leveled based on the arguments on for and against Arthur being told who the Black Knight is.I'm against and have written 2 full pages as to why he shouldn't be told.

Lunch,I sat alone,before finding Ellie and Cei and another girl who sung Helena over by the basketball hoop.They were standing next to the cool crowd,two of them are lesbians.Cool.

PE,we did benchball.My team won 2 out of 3 games.

Science,we learnt about drugs and the effects that ecstacy can have on the body.

So,that summed up my day.I'm now sat here,typing this.No music.Got this weeks Kerrang! though.
Now,on I'll be your agony aunt :)
here's the link to my ask:

Just tell me any problems you feel like sharing,and I'll try and help the best I can.
You guys,you are my best friends and the best family ever.I'd hate to see you upset over anything.

:) love ya!

xo Sadie
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