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Kind of Not!Fic

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"So you're like, my bitch now?" :FRERARD:

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Basically after my friend had emailed me this fanfiction I was looking for I told her that she had my undying gratitude and she had said "So you're like, my bitch now?" and told me to write a Frerard drabble about it. This is the product of a very late night and Twin Peaks. I am also way to lazy to think of a title. Enjoy

Kind of Not!Fic... I am normal

Twenty two year old, Gerard Way let out a girly squeal and pranced about the dishes adorned kitchenette, that he and Frank has shared for nearly three years, with a pathetically adorable grin stretched across his ivory features, a grin so wide it nearly split his chubby cheeks in two. He clutched his new prised possession to his chest so tightly as though he was attempting to transfer the ink from the signed by Alan Fucking Moore copy of Watchmen (Because, fuck yeah Frank is just that motherfucking cool), to the milky flesh of his oddly hairless chest (Frank had a strange suspicion that he may wax it, it would explain the extended amount of time spent in the bathroom when they could be watching fucking Texas Chainsaw Massacre in FUCKING 3D… or maybe he just puts in a lot of effort to jerking off. Frank is momentarily distracted by the delicious thought of the latter).

“OH MY FUCKING GOD, FRANK! YOU HAVE MY FOREVER UNDYING GRATITUDE!” Gerard screeches, like proper screeches, as though Frank isn’t standing less than two feet away from the other boy. Frank scowls for a moment at the ear piercing level of said screech, before grinning triumphantly at his boyfriend, who was currently still dressed in two day old pyjamas consisting of and oversized “Organize Before They Rise” zombie survival guide shirt and a ratty pair of Buzz Light-year children’s flannels.

The black bow that Frank had set of on an EPIC quest, that included dragons and his mother’s hot curlers and a motherfucking new found WAR with the cheese grater, to find to delicately tie around Gerard’s present, fell silently and unnoticed to the floor.

For a tiny millisecond it was silent and Frank (foolishly) thought that the storm was over and Gerard had calmed down. Ha, yeah good one Frank’s brain. But as Gerard gazed over at the smaller of the two, who was currently seated upon the kitchen counter, little legs dangling, his eyes were brimming with a steely determination that Frank had only seen one other time before when Gerard beat up that six year old girl at Comic Con for the last limited edition mint condition Heath Ledger as The Joker in Dark Knight twelve inch standing hand painted action figure.

Gerard gently lay the graphic novel down on top of a slightly teetering stack of unpaid bills that Mrs Way was too stressed out about having both Gerard and Mikey as sons to even think about helping Gerard figure how to pay at this particular juncture. He gracefully, well Gerard level of graceful; so only really stumbling no less than three times, crossed the room at loom in front of Frank.

Gerard either subconsciously or completely consciously (like the fucking little tease that he is) grazed his little pink tongue across his lips, Frank was pretty unconcerned because either way it was pretty fucking sexy. His dainty, artistic hands soon found their way to Frank’s black denim clad inner thigh.

“You are gonna get one hell of a reward for this Frank Iero” Gerard let bubble from his lips in a strictly “I want you to fuck me across this bench right fucking now” manner. Suddenly Frank’s mouth felt very dry.

“R-reward?” he stammered, mindlessly fiddling with the black, previously mentioned ribbon which he is not actually aware how it ended up in his hands, but with Gerard softly palming at his already half hard dick, he just couldn’t really find the will to care.

“Mhmm” Gerard bit his lip provocatively before taking the ribbon from Frank’s sweaty grasp. Gerard swiftly tied the ribbon in a loose bow around his lily neck and meet Frank’s gaze through his dark lashes.

“I’ll be my present to you” he smirked and nibbled at Frank’s jaw, to which Frank responded with a series of half chokes before he finally managed to compose himself at the truly lustful scene that had somehow unfolded before him.

“So you’re like, my bitch now?” he asks, a slight waver in his voice. Gerard’s devastatingly sexy smirk quickly morphs into a full-fledged beaming smile, tiny teeth and all.

“Something like that… Sir” Gerard bites the inside of his cheek attempting to keep himself from ravishing Frank right there next to the still halfway open fridge, where they are in direct danger of getting pancake batter in their hair.

Frank gulps heavily, his Adams apple bopping, because it seems to be the only thing he is capable of doing right now. With one last bat of Gerard’s eyelashes, Frank is sold and is hurriedly being dragged of in the direction of their bedroom.


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