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Is This What You Call A Family?

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Poem. Sad poem.

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Is This What You Call A Family?

I have a family,we all do.
A Mum.
A Dad.
And siblings,as well as ourselves.
All perfect,all smiles.
Not my family.

Mum,she is a drug addict.
She spent her money on drugs,alcohol.
She walked out on us.

Dad,he is violent.
He hits us,and beats us.
We try to help,but he never accepts it.

My brother,he is into drugs too.
He spends his time addicted to them.
Not getting any better,only worse.

Then,there's me.

I cry every night,cry over the pain.
I hate to see my family,like this.
They are getting worser and worser.
I try to help,but it never works.
I sit in my room,causing more pain.
I miss my mother,how she was.
I miss my brother,how he was.
I miss my father,how he was.

But,more importantly.
I miss myself,how I was.

Now,you see how my family is.

Is this what you call a family?

Inspiration came from:Sleeping With Sirens-A Trophy Father's Trophy Son.

I'm listening to it,and nearly crying.
I've never really seen my Dad much,the last time I saw him was during half-term.That was the first time in about 2 years since I saw him.
My brother,he actually does smoke.He is 17,and he smokes.A lot.
My Mum,she smokes too,and has a heart disease.
I spend every day,worrying about them.
Whenever Mum is ill,I try and get the day off to look after her.

I'm just happy you guys are here.
I don't need to worry much anymore,now you are here.

I love you,never forget it.

xx Sadie
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